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The Revelation™

red vegeta vs saltsuke 


| A moment of stillness |

Sharing thoughts on fathers perhaps…

bunny mommy deserves to be happy


      “ —– do not tell me such things , tier . “ he speaks as calmly as god , despite being the devil himself . he had disappeared , gone away with time && sin for too long . his hand would not dare touch the ray of light she was , for be had felt as though he had betrayed her by leaving . instead , he steps closer for a moment before closing his eyes .

     “ —– it is rare when i come around company such as yourself . you bring me great joy . please , tell me what is on your mind . i only wish to save you . “

Pls be my friend. I will send u unmeasurable amounts of memes in the most inappropriate moments and also I can give u free apple slices and a bouncy ball. All I ask is for u to give me love in return.

“Don’t go to SeaWorld!”

- Harry Styles, giving some good advice.

Here’s a masterpost if you wanna know more about this whole movement!

@ people who think the new immersion scientist pic is ryan… I’m sorry but i will now tell u why u r wrong

First of all, ryan’s hair is not even that dark… and second of all..

his chest hair doesn’t grow that high or that thick thank u for listening.

anonymous asked:

Heyy!! Can i just say that i really really REALLY LOVE YOUR ART .. LIKE I FIND MYSELF STARING AT YOUR DRAWINGS FOR A GOOD PORTION OF TIME THEY'RE JUST SO GOOD .. sorry if that sounded weird i just felt the urge to say that .. Oh and can you provide any tips for drawing hands?? Because i love the way you draw thEM, AND PLEASE NEVER STOP DRAWING

ahh thank you!!

first off, resources like this can help with proportion and structure. and as for tips, these’re things that help me:

  • look at hands! look at ur own hands (or someone else’s if they’ll let u), see how they work & bend & flex, study how they move and see that what you’re drawing has volume
  • you know those 3d models where u can see the contour lines? try to picture that for hands
  • look at the knuckles, how they differ when the hand is flat or in a fist
  • look at fingers, how the lines dip and curve, and widen at joints
  • remember that the wrist isn’t flat, it’s more like a squished cylinder. it’ll curve, not fold
  • get familiar with the shape of the palm, that kinda uneven pentagon shape; it helps hands look more like hands
  • find the beauty in what you’re drawing :)

and finally, don’t worry about being 100% accurate – it doesn’t matter! what matters is that it’s close enough that u believe it’s a hand