im serious everyone


I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.


Doodles from waiting at the bus stop, using only my sweet keychains as ref

no offence but when kirkspock authors write spock’s reaction to jim’s death, they always miss out nyota? what’s with that? nyota who openly teared up and had to hold her hand against her mouth when jim died? nyota who says: ‘go get him’ to spock with this calm vengeance, and you know she wants khan fucking dead. nyota who doesn’t have superhuman abilities, and only a phaser, confronts both the genetically enhanced superhuman + an emotionally unstable vulcan to preserve the only chance to save jim kirk. 

like honestly if you’re gonna ship aos kirk/spock but somehow platonic jim/nyota ain’t shit to you, where are your priorities


a loooot of doodles of an sm au. SAILOR TSUKKI ! 

the reason for the mask is that they double as glasses, and i tried to have everyone else fit the personalities of the soldiers rather than the colours but it worked out that way anyway? apart from lev. he’s Green and Tall

no genderbending or anything but i think thats obvious


milla + tv tropes

Me trying to learn who's who in a kpop group
  • Me: *after watching a music video a billion times* okay I got this
  • Me: *watching another music video by the same group*
  • Me:
  • Me: wha
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: what the
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: who the shit are you

Call out post for Hideyoshi Nagachika for being such a mom

Honestly he moms Kaneki all the time:

“Child pls eat more you look so pale”

Has this weird radar for when his child needs him.

Does the talk bc child is not good with people.

“I may look like i couldnt harm a fly but will track you down and wreck you if you dare to hurt my child”

Mind reader.

Oh but his mothering doesnt stop with Kaneki - no

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My professor: Okay, let me pick on someone who hasn’t spoken today—Ah, Naomi! Let me ask you this question…you know that Benjamin Franklin believed in moral perfection. He even set aside a daily schedule, specifying the exact amount of hours a person should dedicate to achieving that perfection. If you met him today, what would you say to him?

Me: Chill.

anonymous asked:

Did you read the recent vulture article hashing out the firing of Isherwood from the NYT?? Your thoughts??

um the dude is complaining about getting the shit assignments

he got cats

do you have any idea how many people in the theatre industry would DIE at the chance to write a review for Cats for the new york times

im serious

everyone has 5.6 million things to say about it

i would write the best review of cats

but anyways he was being unprofessional and he made a lot of enemies and im tired of him so bye

youtuber!bokuaka hcs

bc i’m a slut for youtubers and what better way than to compare them to my fav hq pairing!!! m suffering :-) (also, this is like inspired from @akaashikelji ‘s hqtube post bc i loved it so much aaa) oK

  • so whenever i look at akaashi, i just see marzia?? like he’s so the type to just talk about his fave book or movies and probably post a baking video (Akaashi Makes: Owl Cupcakes)
  • anD BOKUTO . i bet it’s just random stuff like?? it’s so random you don’t know his genre (Why Owls are Great! , Help With Mood Swings!! , Why is kuroo Such a Big Ass Nerd) buT THEYRE ALL CUTE AND FUNNY SO U JUS LOVE HIM
  • they both have separate accs and no one didnt even knew they were Best Friends after a meet up bc bokuto hugged akaashi and carried him and both of their fans are just ??? what
  • so after that , the Shipping started and all of the fans just demanded them to have a collab video 
  • of course they do a simple q&a where bokuto has started the infamous hashtag #askbokuaka !!! (@bokutowl: hey guys!! me and @AkaashiKeiji are gonna have a q&a!!! send us q’s! #askbokuaka) (m sufferin)
  • and its probably so Awkward at first but then we all see Akaashi Keiji laugh so hard after bokuto tells an embarrassing story and everyone, plus bokuto, is heart eyes emoji
  • ok so they came out with akaashi posting a video titled Boyfriend Tag (ft. Koutarou) and everyones like!!!!!!!!!!!! whO THE FUK–itS YOUTUBER BOKUTOTHEGREATHORNEDOWL (actually no thats not bokuto’s name its too long and im too lazy to think up of something)
  • and omg its probablu so cute like akaashi has this soft smile in his face and a small blush and theyre both so lovesick and :”””))) stop me from writing a fic right here right now
  • AND HAVE YOU CONSIDERED ?? PHOTOBOOTH CHALLENGE?? their video is kinda like melix’s video n i cry every time i watch this an fuckk its so bokuaka i ju .(watch the video pls)
  • AND THEIR COLLAB VIDS?? akaashi would probably help in bokuto’s videos where they talk about mood swings or gay rights and just basically helping their fans out jashdkjds 
  • they makea vlog where they just play volleyball with their friends

OK THATS IT – this is gettng Too Long and i have unleashed my gay now so if ur also suffering youtubers!haikyuu just send me a message so u can let me suffer too(: