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What about pre-shance where the two found other versions of Lance from other realities and they figure out that out of every Lance in the same room, only (canon)Lance is not in a relationship with Shiro?

Lance (A) is carrying a little girl in his arms who is later introduced to them to be his three-year-old daughter with his husband, Shiro (A), who is working as a police officer in their reality(Shance (A) can be a little older??)

Lance (B) is in his garrison uniform, which means he is already going out with Shiro (B) back at the Galaxy Garrison, but in secret, as Shiro (B) was just recently promoted to be a senior officer there.

Lance © is not only an Altean, but also Allura’s younger brother which makes him a royal prince, while Shiro © is a Galran/Human prince who’s betrothed to Allura © but is in love with the younger brother instead (discussed some bits of this AU with @bijellyfishy and I had a really great time~<B)

Lance (D) is…, I’m not sure how to explain this but his Shiro died???(Okay, originally this was supposed to be Shiro (D) with his Lance being dead while he explains that the team (D) especially he and the blue lion have been mourning over him. Idk how to sort this one out but I just love the angst it brings)

I’m not sure what other Lance(s) I’d wanna add to this but yeah, that’s the idea :) and also, I kinda thought of having the Shiro(s) from the Lance(s)’ separate realities to join them.


things i’d like to see in future seasons of skam, pt 1:

  • a girl love interest - so far the love interests has only been boys. 
  • someone who’s lesbian, representation matters.
  • and while on that topic - someone who’s asexual. they’re way under represented in general, everywhere! 
  • someone struggling with money - is everyone rich? like honestly. (i know isak stuggled paying his rent but then he just got more money from his dad.) maybe this is the upper class? 
  • someone wearing glasses. does everyone have great eyesight?! are there not any hipsters (except jonas & even) at hartvig nissen?
  • also i’d like to see the freaking trailer for season 4, thank you. 
5 Things Tag

i was tagged by the lovely @assleak and @papitati ily both <3

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5 things you’ll find in my bag:
~ mints
~ hand sanitizer
~ pepper spray
~ water
~ camera

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom:
~ lots of canvases
~ lots of cameras
~ a fully dressed male bodyform (his name is tim)
~ paint. everywhere.
~ post it notes :/// i have a problem :////

5 things I’ve always wanted to do:
~ tour japan
~ start nonprofit help orgs to benefit homeless and poor lgbt youth 
~ work in the tv & film industry
~ move to mexico
~ #1 thing i want out of life is a stanced bmw e46

5 things that make me feel happy:
~ videos of nazis getting their ass beat
~ drag
~ video games
~ painting
~ getting a new camera

5 things I’m currently into:
~ self care (it’s rlly necessary :///)
~ 13 beaches
~ ignoring toxic people
~ viceland tv shows (they really have the best shows man. hmu if u wanna know what i watch)
~ getting serious about my art

5 things on my to do list:
~ get prepared for school n college starting next week
~ pick up jeans (literally written on a post it note next to my computer)
~ edit photos i took last week
~ get adobe cc
~ call target about my job application (:////)

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