im seeing fall out boy in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wait what was their last rushed album ? lol im clueless

i’ll quote this one about folie a deux

“Initially, the album’s release date was reported to be November 4, 2008—meaning that it would coincide with the 2008 presidential election. Fall Out Boy later announced on October 13, 2008, that the early November date was in doubt, citing concerns over the planned election day tie-in. The band was stressed out and worked very hard on a tight deadline to get the album out on November 4. While on a promotional tour in Spain, the band realized that things were “spinning out of control”“

and it’s good to see them learning from past mistakes and not making them again. ab/ap was also written in tour and frantically after they released centuries as a single and believed it needed an album with it so they threw things together. a 7 month push back from today is significant and a very healthy decision for the album and them as a band

Ok I was tagged by @creepingdave to shuffle my playlist and to list the first ten songs. Warning something might shuffle and reveal my deep dark music past. Lol we will see.

1. The Unforgiven II - Metallica

2. She wolf - Megadeth

3. Madhouse - Anthrax

4. Roulette Dares (The Haunt Of) - The Mars Volta

5. The Sky Is A Neighborhood - Foo Fighters

6. Golden - Fall Out Boy

7. Champagne For My Real Friends, Real Pain For My Sham Friends - ha guess who

8. Bouncing Off the Wall - Green Day

9. Gridlock - Anthrax

10. Take No Prisoners - Megadeth 

Ill tag @theskywanderer and @elegyofemptinss