im seeing aliens

Hello again! Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive as of late, but I’ve got some cool things cooking!

I’m designing a series of irish dance solo dresses based on my favorite characters from all types of media. I used to be a competitive irish dancer myself, and although I don’t dance these days; I still love the sport.

I’m starting the series off with a Ms. Marvel inspired solo dress!

More to come soon!

WHO has information on our wonderful officer here??? because I LOVE her and I would die for her and I need a NAME 


,, he has an xiety edith u gotta stop

but on the other hand krupps gotta stay in his lane cuz she is a lunch lady

she knows what shes doing

(A HC by @rabbitybabbity and i that edith has a unique cooking ability)

I’ve been avoiding alien: covenant spoilers aggressively for weeks because i haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet but i just stumbled on a photoset of robot micheal fassbander kissing a clone of himself and I’m not even mad because I’m pretty sure if I had to watch that scene unprepared it might trigger my fight or flight response 

iiiiiiinktober day 1!!!! just starting out with some doodles to get into things. my theme for myself this year is half life caus for one of my all time favorite things I have /not/ drawn it enough. so, here’s some vortigaunts

I don’t understand why s/u fans (im not using st*ns since the word was ruined for me via another fandom…) keep saying “oh this alien is blue there not even real they can’t be white or black its just A KARTOON!”

Like have y'all seen how aliens are portrayed in our media? Hell look at Superman his story is practically an immigrants story trying to find were he fits in a new world that does not accept nor celebrate his heritage.

Or Martian Manhunter literally survived a genocide by those who saw themselves superior to the Green martians. Who also changes his own body in order to please humans.

Jazz from tfs is coded black ALL THE TIME. I love him but in G1 he was obviously the hip black guy with the moves, groovin. Just listen to him talk. And even years later he’s had a panel dedicated to him protecting a black child from being shot by a cop. Tfs rid 2014 if you want to find it.

Also just take a look at Arthur in general that whole show is coded anthro animal looking people. Actually all shows with anthro animals are technically coded so yeah there we go.

[There’s a ton more examples of this type of thing feel free to add any]

And not even just aliens even fantasy creatures portray REAL events that affected minorities in there story go ahead I’m sure you can think of a bunch of media that have used “x creature is racist or xenophobic towards another creature in this fantasy world”

Also let’s not forget distinct features (not just noticeable lips/etc.) that can resemble features or even clothing, languages of EXISTING cultures on these characters.

So now you all can stop with this character can not be coded mess because there made by HUMANS [like you and me :)] who use others cultures to make things “seem” alien for there viewers. Honestly if you can tell a character was inspired by a certain style or even person/etc like 70s/etc You shouldn’t be saying an alien can’t be coded as black. 😘


part-time mechanic, part-time engineering student, rey’s been a legend since the day she found out she was pilot luke skywalker’s daughter; though, technically, she’s always been a legend in her own mind.

i see all these funny textposts for bts but when i scroll down to read what it says for taehyung it’s always the same fucking thing; /alien/ like okay, i get that it’s a joke and it was funny for awhile but now it just irks me ??? because why can’t you say something like his deep voice will haunt you in your sleep, or that his blurry selca skills will never allow him to become a detective or that his charisma on stage is sO ON POINT ??? or that his smile and just HIM in general is so captivating ????????? just something other than him being an alien and searching for a way to speak to aliens idk man

So I was just on the Surgeon Simulator 2013 wiki, looking up who the other alien organs were named after, and I found this.
Alright, which one of you fucks did this?


Ben 10 Omniverse: A New Dawn

This was the best part of the finale