im screaming jamie this is so cute

vlamcake  asked:

headcanon: Blanka is kinda shy and tries to stand in the background, Jamie is pretty much the opposite. But when it comes to laughing Jamie has like a really small cute giggle and Blanka just sounds like a dying, screaming horse

yES!!!! and jamie is like so in love with her laugh, everyone just sees blanka laughing like ‘’uhhhhhhhh’’ while jamie is like ‘’911 whats your emergency iM SUPER FUCkING GAY’’

I saw Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx and Director Marc Webb skdjfjdjsj. Im still alive but im barely breathing.
SHES SO PRETTY AND ANDREW IS SO CUTE UGH AND JAMIE WAS HILARIOUS. I couldnt hear cause there was too much screaming but my friend who stood right behind Emma and Andrew said she told him “I love you” and he replied “I love you too”. STONEFIELD AUDBAHDJSHA
Emma’s ass was like 45 degrees away from me omg. So near but so far.
And at one point Andrew was trying to discreetly rebutton his shirt but we saw him unbuttoning and buttoning it anyway and it was a nice moment :)))
And Jamie was so much fun he brought his daughter and her friend up with him and he was dancing with them awwww.
AND THEN ANDREW DID A CUTE LITTLE DANCE AS HE WALKED OFF THE STAGE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. It looked like a failed moonwalk but WHOOP! Show us them moves, Spidey.
Ugh I shouldve just broken the rules and taken pics but omg this has been a once in a lifetime experience.
P.s Marc Webb was shaking everyones hands and he accidentally missed me :( WHY U NO LIKE ME