im screaming in frustratiON


mark is suffering

I’m in my second major writer’s block I’ve ever had and I HATE IT, Writer’s block SUCKS. And it’s funny, because I have writers block now because I post my fanfics to tumblr and now for some reason nothing I write is adequate and the only other time I’ve had it was when I was gaining popularity on deviantart. Huh. That’s the deal I have to be writing for ME because otherwise I know my writing will be compared to stuff out there and I have to explain headcanon elements and and all that fucking shit, and I hate it because now it’s so hard to go back to writing for myself because I don’t even know how. I’m too tired to type out the rest of this vent and it’s not gonna help anything anything anyway.

oh my god. oh my god this is happening and he said yes and i can take my online schooling and he better not change his fucking mind because i need these courses and i need my fucking AP placement im about to scream im frustrated and tired and very happy and excited

ok i have to start getting ready for work….. i dont have to close today but i start school tomorrow and i have to skip my second day of classes because of the funeral and dslkksdja;lfkds