im satan i know

so after my dad died when i was like 11 a lot of the teachers at my catholic school used my mourning to try n help me find god or whatever and one gave me a present and it was a manga adaption of jesus’s life and i ended up having a crush on judas from it so jokes on them

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What the heck is the florist au and why is everyone crying

disclaimer: i have no excuses for what ive done in the florist!au, i know ill burn in the furthest circles of hell, never forgiven, yes, i know

anyway its one of my 7274 billdip aus, where, basically, Dipper is a florist and Bill buys flowers at his little shop almost everyday. he also always purchases one extra flower, with a special meaning, and leaves it on the counter or somewhere for Dipper to easily spot. for example, larkspur means “beautiful spirit”, and yellow tulips mean “hopeless love”, if im not wrong.
as to why is everybody crying; its the reason Bill even looks at a florist’s (because lets face it, the asshole wouldnt just get flowers everyday for aesthetics) is Will.
as we all know, Will is the purest cinnamon roll, too good for this world, and, well, Will is dying. cancer practically chains him to the hospital bed, Cipher doesnt have much time left. the only thing he can do is make cold and unwelcoming hospital room warm and colourful and nice, and the easiest way is to decorate it is with flowers.
all Bill knows about flowers is from his twin brothers chatter. Dipper never gets to meet Will in person.

yeah i gave away pretty much everything, and made myself sad in the process
i swear i just wanted an aesthetically pleasing au with lots of flowERS TRUST ME

  • my dad: witchcraft is bad and you shouldn't do it
  • my dad: no one should do it
  • my dad: it's dangerous
  • me: dangerous? danger - omg, dad you've literally tried summoning satan before!
  • my dad: oh my god, that was ONE TIME

Im Jaebum because of you I have died A thousand deaths.