im sarry ; ;


I am so sorry, he always does that! It’s so mean! *harry laughs in background* “He gets bored when I’m gone answering questions, so he comes and tries to embarass me by doing such ridiculous things and think he’s being funny when he’s not. I should bring toys with me the next time I’m on a red carpet, shouldn’t I?”

( bluerxses ) 

❛ I swear to God, Nolan. If you’ve moved the mixing bowl again, I’m going to kill you. I go away for three days and everything changes around here! ❜ She complained as she searched the kitchen. She’d been away on official duties for a few days and one of her favourite things to do was to come home and bake, alongside spending time with Nolan. Her home was one of the only spheres of any kind of normalcy. ❛ Come and help me find it, please! ❜ She whined, half from being completely tired and half out of frustration.