When Elicia grows up, her memories of her father slowly start to fade into the back of her memory, until she can’t remember what’s real about him and what she must have dreamed up. Even though she doesn’t recall much about him well, Gracia starts to notice her picking up her father’s mannerisms. Telling her friends about every single thing her kitten does. Forcing her ‘help’ on people she thinks are in need of it. And a seemingly unquenchable love for spinach quiche.

So I noticed a thing

Let’s talk about the plot of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder for a moment.

Regular not-rich girl ends up in a building full of rich people.

She accidentally breaks an expensive object.

This results in her being forced to constantly be around a group of attractive rich dudes.

Hmm I swear I’ve head this bef…