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i really like the idea of prince!seongwoo so could you pls write about that?? ty ~

yes!! ofc !! 

Originally posted by woojin

- the definition of charismatic LMFAO ok but

- first glance at him, you wouldn’t think he is a prince

- mostly because how he constantly hangs around the public and interacts with them 

- super super friendly because he believes there is good in everyone and that he shouldn’t judge a person on their looks

- seongwoo knows that most princes or princesses wouldn’t hang around commoners bc he knows that their status means everything to them but for him, he doesn’t even care

- does lots of charity work and funding bc he believes everyone should have a chance to go to school or to eat or have supplies to get their needs met

- just because he is royalty doesn’t mean he wanted to act all mighty and cocky 

- treats the staff and everyone with respect 

- always asking if they need help w anything and even if they’re like ‘’ur a prince!! its ok!!” he always asks bc he feels quite bad that he can’t help 

- but also is that one person who order s O MUCH FOOD 

- and somehow eats it all 

- no one knows how he manages to eat it all bc he orders so much 

- but he somehow does it and the staff is just in awe LMAO 

- also he can be quite,,,extra at times 

- his bodyguard and basically his bff lmao daniel is always the one covering or pulling him out of the trouble that he somehow manages to get into 

- but also,,, 

- dance battles between daniel and the prince bc why the hell not 

- aka usually ending in a tie bc they are both equally talented but also bc no one can’t really choose a winner

- ok also tons of marriage invites from many princesses lol 

- doesn’t really reject or accept them either bc he’s afraid of hurting their feelings and not really looking for marriage

- his parents worry about him getting married bc hes getting older and he needs someone to be by his side while he runs the country

- but seongwoo doesn’t care?? lmao he’s perfectly content w living by himself and possibly ruling by himself

- until u came along 

- you, a florist who’s running ur own shop bc u need $$ to get by 

- and u care sm about the flowers lmao more than u care about urself if u had to be honest

- u take the best care of them and everyone can see it, and maybe its because ur shop is alive w the bright and beautiful flowers and people can’t help but be attracted to it

- and also u love to save the bees LMFAO 

- anyways ok, the queen likes to call u up bc she can tell that u care about the flowers - more than ur own life - and that she wants a bouquet of her favorite flowers bc spring is just beginning and the ones around her castle aren’t growing but she knows that u grow plenty 

- was going to send a servant to get it but seongwoo does it instead bc why not?? he needed to a change in scenario anyways 

- and then he finds ur shop 

- ur shop isn’t that big but he thinks its the prettiest out of the ones surrounding by yours

- and super cute bc once he walks in, it’s like walking into a fairy tale or something

- potted plants hang from the ceiling which are blooming a vibrant color and the leaves are hanging down and they tickle his cheeks as he walks by 

- different array of flowers are on the counter and there are so many different colors that seongwoo didn’t think was possible??? 

- he notices little cacti that are lined up on the window still and his heart basically melts bc they are so tiny and cute and sjdnfljdnjlfds 

- ok but also notices that there would be an arrangement of flowers shaped like a bunny for easter, and daisies shaped into a sun for the beginning of summer and seongwoo almost scREAMS bc its just so cute and how can a human being do this???

- finally walking up to the counter, he rings the bell and the sound of ur footsteps can be heard once u walk out 

- and his heart stops once he spots u 

- you, who was having a regular day, almost had a heart attack bc of the unexpected visit of the prince

- and ur freaking out bc??? what is the prince doing here?? u didn’t even know he was showing up today??? also why is he so cute?? 

- and unbeknownst to u, seongwoo is having a mental breakdown in his head

‘’why are they sO CUTE???” he would mentally scream, taking note of the cute apron u wore to keep ur clothes from getting dirty and that splash of dirt on ur cheeks or the remains of flower petals in ur hair and oh no

- he might have fallen in love even if he didn’t know u 

- ‘’uhh hello??” 

- and he would snap out of it once he realize that he was just staring at u for the past like 5 mins lol 

- and would adore the red the blossoms on ur cheeks before he would ask for the bouquet his mother has requested w a smile

- and u would nearly faint bc the prince just smiled at u??? his teeth u were white and straight u were lowkey jealous lMFAO 

- and u brightened bc yes!! the bouquet!! u scurry to the back room and come out with an array of his mother’s favorite flowers and u can’t help but beam at him once u hand it over

- ‘’these r my favorite!! these are the last ones, i hope ur mother enjoys these!” 

- and seongwoo pays for them and tips u generously ofc but he also can’t help but notice the longing gaze in ur eyes as u eye the flowers 

- and despite how cute he thought u were,,,he plucked one of the flowers from the bouquet and instead, tucks it behind ur ear with a beaming grin 

- ‘’there!!” he would say ‘’u said they are ur favorite and there is no more right?? now u can have one to keep u company!” 

- please protect this human being

- cue u blushing profusely and u could only stare at him in shock bc ??? the prince??? just did that??? 

- and seongwoo could only stutter out some unintelligible nonsense idk before he would basically run out lmao 

- and the only thing that was running through the both of ur minds was

- ‘’i hope i get to see them again,,,’’

Right as Rain

Written for Sickdays 3.0 day 6, I Have Some Regrets

Summary: Yuuri runs to the pharmacy to get medicine to stave off his oncoming cold, all whilst keeping his illness a secret from Victor. Then Yuuri gets caught in the rain, which doesn’t do good for his already-weakened immune system. How will Victor react when Yuuri comes home soaking wet and freezing cold, and how will Yuuri recover?

This fic goes along with some lovely artwork (1, 2, 3 and 4) by @kotyonoksnz. I hope you enjoy this!!

2000~ words

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hey!! i love your url a lot lol!! im running out of things to read, so what are some book recs?? thanks!!

ahh tysm!!! I love it a lot too, and tbh I don’t think I’ll ever change it

here’s an ask I just answered with book recs

and here’s my book recs tag

also here’s some more book recs:

  • the books of bayern series by shannon hale
  • the school for good and evil series by soman chainani
  • the finishing school series by gail carriger

I love all three of those series + they have really nice autumn vibes (some dark, some cozy)

send me asks for my autumnal studyblr sleepover, and I’ll answer them in my study breaks!

haha i just wanted to see what she’d look like if her clothes werent torn up lol. (i also tried adding some semblance of a bra since unsealed bazongas feel like someone tryin to rip off ur titties whenever u run and i dont want velvet goin thru that)

I changed my Skype name to Mugiwara (=straw hat) Satoshi because I’m weeaboo trash and a One Piece/Pokemon fanboy and my friend showed me this

I wonder, if Satoshi never won the Official League Cap he wore in OS would he still be running around with a straw hat?

But wait, there was more
My God it runs in the family

ALL THESE STRAW HATS. Is this a hint? Will Serena become family? Will the power of the straw hat convert me into shipper trash? Probably not but hey I’ll take what is canon.

yes its a sucky graphic but oh well ur lucky i didnt draw it in ms paint y’all know i just wanted to use boob kamui oKAY LETS START i was gonna have longer compliments but that fkin meme on twitter hecked my hand up so thats enough sweetness from me today its under the cut it still tags u rite or else ill kick my own ass NEVER MIND IM TYPING SOME SHIT if u dont read ur thing ur off the list, dot u’ll be the first to go uwu

also this tagging is being a bitch so like oops if nothing works

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Happy 24th Birthday my queen, Kristen Jaymes Stewart. I thank MamaStew and PapaStew for bringing such a beautiful person into this world.April 9th wasn’t that important until you were born. You are the coolest, the hottest, the cutest, and the most badass chic i have ever known. I would probably run out of adjectives to describe you as a person, but my dear Kristen, i would spend the rest of my day (not my life bcos i have things to do, yknow lol) to just express how deep and true is my love for you (and for Rob, ofc). Even though you will definitely not going to see this, i want you to know that you are my inspiration.