im running out of things to tag lol

haha i just wanted to see what she’d look like if her clothes werent torn up lol. (i also tried adding some semblance of a bra since unsealed bazongas feel like someone tryin to rip off ur titties whenever u run and i dont want velvet goin thru that)

yes its a sucky graphic but oh well ur lucky i didnt draw it in ms paint y’all know i just wanted to use boob kamui oKAY LETS START i was gonna have longer compliments but that fkin meme on twitter hecked my hand up so thats enough sweetness from me today its under the cut it still tags u rite or else ill kick my own ass NEVER MIND IM TYPING SOME SHIT if u dont read ur thing ur off the list, dot u’ll be the first to go uwu

also this tagging is being a bitch so like oops if nothing works

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I changed my Skype name to Mugiwara (=straw hat) Satoshi because I’m weeaboo trash and a One Piece/Pokemon fanboy and my friend showed me this

I wonder, if Satoshi never won the Official League Cap he wore in OS would he still be running around with a straw hat?

But wait, there was more
My God it runs in the family

ALL THESE STRAW HATS. Is this a hint? Will Serena become family? Will the power of the straw hat convert me into shipper trash? Probably not but hey I’ll take what is canon.

Happy 24th Birthday my queen, Kristen Jaymes Stewart. I thank MamaStew and PapaStew for bringing such a beautiful person into this world.April 9th wasn’t that important until you were born. You are the coolest, the hottest, the cutest, and the most badass chic i have ever known. I would probably run out of adjectives to describe you as a person, but my dear Kristen, i would spend the rest of my day (not my life bcos i have things to do, yknow lol) to just express how deep and true is my love for you (and for Rob, ofc). Even though you will definitely not going to see this, i want you to know that you are my inspiration.