im running off of two hours of sleep

does anyone else feel like when andrew pummeled neil with that exy racket in the beginning was meant to foreshadow for when we see aaron hold on to the racket neil shoved at him in the drake scene? or am i just reading too deep into this and really need some sleep.

I just typed this rant about Trump out that I want to post on Facebook, but my town is 90% conservative and I am concerned about the backlash. So i’m posting this here so I can use it later when/if i’m emotionally prepared to deal with these dummies:

Honestly, if you were actually concerned for the wellbeing of our country, you wouldn’t be supporting Donald Trump. There are like 50 other GOP nominees that actually know how public speaking is supposed to work. Trump has numerously thrown cheap shots at his fellow candidates, and proved his long track record of being an asshole through his comments about Megyn Kelly. God forbid someone asks questions that matter to others. Politicians are supposed to deliver responses that aren’t heinous, belittling, or just plain unprofessional.
If you just look up on google how many times Trump has been problematic, or hell just look at how many times he has gone bankrupt (4), and you still support him after actually looking at his history, then I think you should seriously reevaluate your morals and realize that this kind of behavior is that of a spoiled teenager. It truly truly concerns me that he is leading in the polls. If you care even a little bit about this country’s future and are conservative, please look into the other candidates. I’m sure they will also have the same political stances Trump has, without all the yelling, name calling, and ‘unpolitical correctness’.
Remember, this man would have to engage with other world leaders. His mouth will most likely get us into some trouble. Luckily our military is great, but we are spending trillions of YOUR dollars on war already. I really hate politics on social media, but I just want to help people realize that you don’t have to follow this weird trend just because Trump has been a household name for the past 20+ years. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

–Please someone tell me if this doesn’t come off too strong. I am just really scared of the people from my town because some have even been racist towards me and I don’t want to be thrown into a position of inferiority :/