im running from myself

something ive learned on my journey to becoming more confident is that the way you see and talk about yourself determines how other people will see and talk about you

liswae  asked:

Are you still active snaj ? 😘



I can just imagine magnus trying to tell alec that he once defeated the dark lord and saved a school full of young downworlders from you know who and a bunch of death eaters because he thinks alec hasn’t seen the hp movies because he’s not really into mundane things and thought this story would really impress Alec. and alec is nodding along as encouragement and is concealing his smile whenever Magnus starts gesturing and really getting into it and by the time magnus is finished, Alec just smirks and says “magnus are you trying to tell me that you’re Harry Potter?” and magnus’ jaw just drops open in shock because how did Alec know the plot of Harry Potter and Alec just laughs and is like “c'mon, even I know that story Magnus, it’s a global phenomenon. I love that you wanted to impress me but babe, you don’t even need to try” and he just kisses magnus’ cheek and walks out the room mumbling “Magnus Potter” under his breath and laughing even harder at himself.