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Admins's favorite fic in 2016!

omg sorry for the long wait!!! this took us half a year bcos it was waaaay tougher than we thought 😅 so most of us have more than one fic, hope it’s ok!

Admin Y: 

If My Yesterday is a Disgrace - (parallel universe au) i’m always impressed by w-anderingheart’s writing, but this fic surpassed all expectations. it’s an incredibly poignant work and broke my heart one hundred times over. 

Admin H: 

Quicksand - both ksoo and jongin are authors! (and rivals) i loved the plot, it’s simple and easy to read but the way the author had written it…touched a nerve (in a good way) so ksoo had troubles with writing and the conflicts/thoughts that he had rly spoke out to all the writers out there. and jongin, ‘his enemy’ indirectly helps him out and their relationship is the cutest!!

Steady Now - this was one of the best slowburn fics ive read in 2016 and oh my gosh, zerrin is brilliant. i’m a sucker for slow burn and this monster fic (69k) managed to capture everything, romance, fluff, a bit of comedy and angst. basically ksoo wants to save his orphanage from being bought (tada by jongin’s company) and he befriends jongin bc of that so go figure ;)

Admin J:   

The Loneliest Place to Be - poet/writer + model, friends with benefits au, the poems were the highlight sobs i love ;u; I admire strange-seas a lot and her works were the ones that left a deep impression on me when I started reading fics thus when she came with a new fic in 2016 I already knew I’d be a goner :)))

Smile - one of the best hurt comfort fics I’ve read and their love is just…goals. soo suffers from ptsd and doesn’t feel worthy enough for jongin but jongin loves him unconditionally *^* I came across this when I was randomly checking the tags on AO3 and i consider it as the discovery of the year lol  .

Wildflower - tattoo artist/florist au, idk but this fluff is just my style! i mean kd going on dates, help each other and just being supersoft together? yes pls. honourable mention to sleepydanceur because I think she’s amazing yet so humble and she deserves all the recognition  

Admin I: 

aberration - hs!au with photographer!soo and dancer!nini, how do i describe my love for this fic except for being ‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ every time i so much as think about it :’( the writing is so beautiful, i love the imagery and i just love the way the story develops. definitely one of the best of 2016!! 

dust to dust - post-apoc!au, the actual best post-apocalyptic fic i’ve ever read, ever. it’s very character based, which i love, especially kyungsoo’s character (and kaisoo’s development will make you cry). i love the hurt-comfort theme as well, it makes the whole thing feel very human~ as an apoc-lover, this fic is v special to me ♡

the third path - medieval!au, fantasy!au, this is definitely my fave fantasy fic i think, it’s so good and honestly speaking, we are blessed to have hojichadust in our fandom. the writing is magnificent and the ending still haunts me :”( 

Admin Q: 

priceless - my all time favourite college!au !!!! written by our lovely booboo, admin Y. As a student who’s main focus is english/literature, I absolutely loved this fic and the areas it covered in relation to how people feel about their majors! I’m kind constantly being told “your exams gonna be easy you just need to analyse a poem” or something like that and it rly upsets me??? bc my friends are the ones saying it but anyway READ THIS FIC!!! i love it and it’s so well written im babbling ok i love how accurately jongin’s emotions are portrayed as an english major being tease;;

tranquil as a forest - Our very lovely Jumpthisship wrote this! (during 10KFR) and I had the honour of being assigned to her and I remember how excited I was after reading her first check-in. Kyungsoo’s ongoing dialogue in his head was so amusing I screamed so many times while reading this. It’s a travelling!AU which i absolutely love! 

mine and yours - by thatweirdo!! Y’ALL this fic was so absolutely beautiful (and filthy ;–))) i loved it so much;;;; It’s a jongkaisoo + doll concept fic and I think those words together should be enough to reel you guys in (-:

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ITS THREE AM BUT I THOUGHT OF A THING!!! So when i get upset or something i just want cuddles rly badly n since the squip is in ur head he'd be able to sense (?) That and be like "Stop. Stop what you're doing. Go get on the bed. We're cuddling right now put that shit down." And no matter what ur doing he would just. Stop you. And then smother you with affection while you try not to think about what made you upset and end up doing it accidentally. That's just the kind of squip i would want ok,,,

that’s adorable!!!! so when youre getting too stressed squip is just like “ok quit whatever tf you’re doing im going to cuddle you now”

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ok but some of your friends ship sheith like pining-keith?? why would you post that ask when you know it probably upsets them?

i’m not friends w ppl based on what they ship?? we just don’t talk about it then? like i have friends who don’t like kl.ance and it doesn’t stop me from being their friend? plus alisha and i have been friends for like 4 years and she knows how i feel about she.ith soooo

also i can post whatever i want on my own blog what’s the purpose of this ask

i really just spent like 30 minutes convincing myself that two of my mutuals had blocked me and it turned out that one is deleting and the other hasnt been active since july 2017 so moral of the story is that its very unlikely your mutuals have blocked you if you stop seeing them on ur dash BUT you should probably pay more attention to them too

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so I saw that you said Dwyer's character was ruined in the localization, so you mind me asking how? I don't know enough about his original character in the japanese version to see any difference, but now I'm super curious


Ok so basically, a huge theme of this game’s character designs is that the characters don’t exactly match up to how their designs are.

Dwyer has an L like look to him making him look a little manic and messy and just like he doesn’t take care of himself in general.

Jakob and the players believe this to believe that this is because he is lazy and a bad steward. We’re led to believe that the reason he’s a healer is because he can’t fight because he’s too lazy to train.

In reality, Dwyer is a better butler than Jakob. Even though his appearance is shabbier than his Father’s, he’s very courteous, polite, and charismatic, and is an extremely competent as a butler because he’s always wanted to be a butler because that’s what his dad is. And - he actually does train. He’s extremely adept at hand to hand combat. 

Yeah, the mansion is in is dilapidated, but it’s implied to be because of the intruders laying siege to it, possibly for days, rather than fault of his own.

He even admits he isn’t particularly lazy. When he says that, Jakob asks him why he wasn’t fighting, and he tells him that taking care of others is his job, and it isn’t good to abandon your job. He’s dutiful to a fault.


Dwyer in the localization is legitimately lazy. He only wants to become a butler (for some unknown reason) after Jakob and company save him. When he defeats the enemy at the end, it isn’t a result of carefully trained martial arts, but because of….. whatever the fuck SLAPPYFACE is supposed to be.

And even more infuriatingly, his reason for not fighting isn’t because it’s his job to care for others…… He says it’s because it’s others’ job to defend him, and he wouldnt want to deprive them of their job.

Honestly it reads like someone on the translation team incorrectly attributed actions and subjects at that part, and reversed the entire meaning and then revised the paralogue to that.

You can read the original here.