im rly proud of this still tho


happy trans day of visibility! here to bless ur dash w my gay ass! even tho im only out to like 2 ppl irl I’m still rly proud of how far Ive come. I’ve gone from hating myself for ever even thinking I felt like a boy to chopping off my hair and buying a more masculine wardrobe! a year ago today i was still struggling with my gender and trying to accept myself, and if I told 12/13yr old me that this is what I’d be like in just a year, I don’t think I’d believe it. alrighty before I get too sappy that’s enough rambling, enjoy these fetus pictures of me (around 3-5 yrs old?) and me today [he/him!] :)


It’s official that the bonnies are rly fun to draw and that i’m gonna use that as an excuse to draw them more

I really like how they came out tho, proud of my work!

after all time time I’ve finally hit 1,000 followers and wow I am extremely grateful. So here is a (very long) list of really cool blogs and idk you should follow some of them

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