im riiiiight there

*Tommy’s cigarette wags between his lips*
Me: I wish I was that cigarette

*John twists his toothpick*
Me: I wish I was that toothpick

*Arthur smashes someone’s face in*
Me: I wish I was that face

*Alfie strokes his beard*
Me: I wish I was that beard

*Michael French inhales*
Me: I wish I was that smoke

*Finn snorts Tokyo*
Me: I wish I was that cocaine

*Isaiah sips his whisky*
Me: I wish I was that glass

Show Me The Money

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Show Me The Money

You were sitting at the back of the room, against the wall. There was just too much pressure watching all of the other contestants on the tv screen. Each time someone passed or failed you got more and more nervous.

You fiddled with your chain as you waited for your name to be called. How you managed to pass the first round with how nervous you were was a miracle. It wasn’t that you didn’t believe in yourself as a rapper, it was just that you understood the political aspect of Show Me The Money. Plenty of amazing rappers failed, and you knew they were better than you, on top of that women rappers didn’t seem to make it very far in this competition. 

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