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Well ... since jin is gone for prom , do you guys wanna hangout a lil bit ? It's okay if you can't cause I was kinda bored and I'll find something else to do (guys plz come with me i'm so lonely)

Hobi: OH! IT’S YOU! I remember youuu

Hobi: It was supposed to be Jin Hyungs other prom outfit but he didn’t wanna wear a dress so I made him the current outfit he’s wearinggg and fortunately, he was nice enough to draw him wearing the dress hehe here it is

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You are a mirage, a cool pool of water
In the desert, sand shifts under grey habits
My flaxen maiden hair, my sacred saintess
Solemn beauty like yours goes unperished

Your rhyme is archangelic, flown over men
A statue painted, and painted marble your head
Cross of iron and wood that binds in union
That which the inked paper says we should forget

Pagan poetry and holy art. Your face is
A cherished memory for a long travel.