im revisiting the feels

I’m trying some stuff while Im working through this life funk. 

This here is an old OC I kinda revamped and added a toon twist too. Been calling them PricklePup. Theyre, well, a bit of a prick. At least they’d rub some folks the wrong way. Aheh. 

Hoping to revamp some other OC’s too. Kinda feel like if Im in a funk maybe revisiting some old concepts and breathing new life into them will be a good exercise.


Last day of Mercury Retrograde - twists, turns, eclipse energy fully integrating. Slowing Down is essential today, it’s always like getting off a ride at the carnival, the initial feeling will leave us discombobulated but it’s a sign of all the old energy letting go and fully releasing. What a ride it has been! Most intense month of the year so far. How you all keeping up?

Things I’ve been working through: 
- new financial transition for both my love and I
- Awakened State Business Coming to Life
- Might move to a new state in a month or less (for real!!)
- tons of old limited beliefs that no longer serve me
- revisiting the chakras
- feeling like im traveling between two worlds. The old identity and the new one.
- revisiting tons of energy work that I had going on back in 2011 - big heart shift happening. 
- seeing into different timeline choices 
- Stepping fully into being a Spiritual Teacher

It has been INTENSE. The vertigo has been crazy, so much in my life is moving and shifting literally and physically, thought i’d check in with you guys. 

What have you guys been working through during this August Eclipse Energy? 

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