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‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO

I want to tell you a story about a man 
While everyone was laughing and drinking, he would just walk until he reached the exact same spot where he’d sit with his back toward those people; while he did everything he possibly could to signal to the world that he wanted to be left alone. More than anything, he hoped that someone passing would understand that what he really wanted was the exact opposite, and that this someone would sit next to him and strike up a conversation. I was that man, you were that someone. 


hello darlings! towards the end of each year on tumblr, i make a follow forever to thank the people who make my dash such a lovely place. even though the graphic says this is my ‘first’ ff, i’ve actually been using this dumb website since august 2010 (yeah i know what even) and had over multiple ffs. over my five years on here i’ve had a total of four accounts that ran nine blogs (i think? i can’t even remember anymore). i’ve literally been in every ‘big’ fandom that you can think of; including some such as the harry potter fandom, glee fandom and yes even the one direction fandom.

however, i have never been apart of such a wonderful, excepting and loving community as the exo fandom. before i found exo, i started to hated my time on tumblr - it was like a burden to me… running a blog that had a good sized following just because i didn’t want my follower count to go down. i was so close to ending my time on tumblr, but then i watched call me baby and my life changed. over the four months i’ve been running this blog, i have changed for the better - i’m happier. and that is thanks to both exo and you lovely angels, my followers/this fandom.

never before have i been welcomed into a fandom with such open arms. i have gotten to know more people during my short time on this blog, than i have on all my other blogs that i’ve used for 5 years. to those who have taken some time to get to know me or to just chat, thank you so much - it really means a lot.

recently i reached 200 followers, which isn’t a lot i know… but in all honesty i don’t care about my follower count anymore. i’m here to enjoy my time. c: so i would just like to thank not just my followers, but also the blogs i follow for making my day and dash that extra bit special. i love you all very much!

ok so under the cut are the blogs that i follow! thank you for making my dash so awesome! <3

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