im reposting myself


Doods of wolf shifter Kiri and veterinarian Bakugou? I wonder how come the non-human one is always Kirishima when I draw this sort of AUs…



15 sept - i don’t have good lighting anywhere at home and it’s pissing me off sO MUCH. anyways here are some pre-lecture notes i wrote for my personality psychology class that i’ve been enjoying (surprisingly) and i’m pre certain i’m the only second year in that lecture :-(

‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO

Two months and a lot of procrastination/anxiety later, i finally finish the Septic Eye Sam Project Part 2!

While maybe not as big as the first one, it’s really cool that I was still able to include over 100 people (106 to be exact) from the community into the project! Like the last one, it was really cool to recognize some of the usernames from the jacksepticeye tag, while also finding new people there as well ^-^.

This month marks two years since i first made this blog, and I’ve said this countless times already, but I really appreciate being a part of the community here. This community has brighten my day many times, especially on those days where it just kinda seems impossible to do. And in general, we all continue to be here for each other, and that’s something that’s really rare to find in a group as big as ours, so thank you for that :)

Finally, I am going to Pax East this Saturday and Sunday, and I hope that I get a chance to finally meet Jack, and give both projects (totaling over 700 people), along with the hw 100 project and the 11mil fandom map, to him if/when i do. It’s kinda my way of bringing as many people from the community as I can, so that in a way, a bit of everyone gets to come along and meet that cool dude, especially those who may never get a chance to.

The community has always been there for me, so i hope that through this i’m able to give back to it just as much. So thanks guys, for everything <3

i consistently think about how the yogs fandom is like, slowly dying in terms of content, hardly much art posted now i guess, in comparison to how it used to be and like
i mean .. i understand Why but, i also feel like that drives me? (the lack of content not the reasoning lmao ppl made a good decision there imo)

i feel like. even though im not content with my art? im in the place i wanted to be years ago. improving. finishing more pieces and doing more than just shitty paint drawings to mooch off of humour notes.

like… im just better. ive gotten better. im still not at the point where other people were in regards to their art years ago but im getting there. i want to be one of the people who draws like, most of the characters, i need to branch out but there’s not really a lot of people anymore who’ll be like, “oh! lom!” or “oh! nilesy!”

it kinda sucks but .. idk. i want 2 branch out w more yogs but i can hardly find the inspiration for it. either way im happy im still drawing yogs. im trying to post in the main tag more. there’s more irl stuff than art now and i don’t want that to die out. i want to keep pushing to make this kinda content. i want to fill a million holes. i just don’t want to give up, i guess

I want to tell you a story about a man 
While everyone was laughing and drinking, he would just walk until he reached the exact same spot where he’d sit with his back toward those people; while he did everything he possibly could to signal to the world that he wanted to be left alone. More than anything, he hoped that someone passing would understand that what he really wanted was the exact opposite, and that this someone would sit next to him and strike up a conversation. I was that man, you were that someone.