im really...happy w how it came out

Spotted today in the zones, a new slaughtermatic crew of killjoys known as The Youngbloods, dropin’ dracs and takin names. Word on the wire is they’re working with the fab four, but, you can’t always trust what the pigs are squealin. From left to right: 

Anarchy Angel, Splinter Static, Soul Punk, and Toxic Shock 

(known to their friends as Andy, Pete, Patrick, and Joe) 

! designs are my own ! 

“i thought i loved you / it was just how you looked in the light”

fall out boy creations challenge | @cocoamocha

↳ theme: song lyrics

(click and drag - he’s transparent :0)

commission infoget this as stickers and phone cases !

bonuses to include: 
she’s a lover of comics and fiction
she suffers from anxiety
a bit plump although i didnt draw her that way bc i forgot and im mad
she has a cornish accent (although its not extreme like the sterotypes)
is a bit crude when it comes to humor (by crude,, i mean, crude in an 11 year old way–)
she just formally goes by abi
she is 11 years old