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Lotor and the Generals, finally!

They would have full armor and everything and I’ll figure that out one day, but we’re appreciating the patterns and bodies here, so


For all I know
The best is over and the worst is yet to come
Is it enough?
To keep on hoping when the rest have given up?


  • Me: It's okay to be unsure of your gender/sexuality!!1! It's totally cool to be figuring yourself out!
  • Me @ me: except you bc u need to get ur stuff together and figure out what the heck u are right now immediately

okay petition to scrap julie andem’s current script for this season and replace  it with sana joining the hijabi squad. they’re all sitting together in sana’s room while jamilla and the other girls are watching sid and dina youtube videos, sana is facetiming eva asking her which hijab she should wear for Eid. the boy squad and even are sending wayyy too many ramadan memes to sana on the facebook groupchat. sana is relaxing with a face mask on and a carrot, banana, strawberry smoothie in one hand. shes laughing along with the hijabi squad on the latest meme “is your name hira becaue bismillah hira rahman nir rahim” and only they understand it. jamilla insists they listen to only beyonce but sana keeps changing it to destiny’s child because old is gold. chris is in the living room with mutta and they are binge watching aziz ansaris netflix series. sana is at peace. her mom comes into the room and offers the girls banana bread. elias calls everyone for prayer. we see elias making dua for his little sister and family.he feels so much better after he talked to sana about everything he was going thru. yousef is no where to be seen. everyone prays together. hijabi sqaud looks beautiful in their abayas, jeans, skirts and hijabs..all pastel and summery. adam says ameen really loudly and mutta tries hard to not giggle.  chris and mikael snapchat the whole thing to eskild. 


vilde aged 20 years because of her racism and islamophobia. no one knows what happened to the pepsi max girls..legend says they were eaten by the lochness monster. Noora comes to terms with the fact that shes bi and got offered a position to work at teen vogue norway. sana is her #1 on her speedial. 


“You’re not going to break up with me, are you Tweek?”

“No promises”

this is where craig and tweek were during the huge break up scene at the end of Skank Hunt: confirmed

hey if someone’s child acts violently towards people then the immediate thought is “how did their parents even raise them” not “this kid needs to be euthanized” so could we not do that to dogs and other forcibly domesticated animals? if you think that lowly of animals then you should at least think of how easily impressionable they are by their owners

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carolina she’s my lady

anonymous asked:

I feel like you haven’t had sex before or something because some of your reactinons aren't very realistic. If you're unexperienced why even bother writing?

Although I’m not comfortable with revealing the extent of my experience on here so publicly, I feel as though a lot of people hold a similar mindset and it’s something that I know holds a lot of potential writers back. So therefore to validate your assumption, no I have not. I don’t think you personally need to have experience to write what is categorized under as fan fiction despite it’s mature content. If you have the drive and desire to write, write. Regardless of what it is and whether you think you can follow through with it well, be it lack of personal experience or just underestimating your writing ability. That being said, yes, while I understand that my lack of experience might at times reflect in the reactions I write, I’m not simply going to stop writing. There’s a fine line between constructive criticism and outright discouragement and negativity. I appreciate you pointing out that my reactions may sometimes lack in being realistic as that is something I have been working on but saying I should stop writing is going too far. I’ve already seen how toxic Tumblr can be and quite frankly, I don’t want that negativity on my blog so please refrain from sending similar anons to me ever again, to anyone. It’s just downright rude and negative in every sense.