im really upset ):


sorry for the intrusive, big loud post, but ALL of the Steven Universe “stevenbomb” episodes were leaked on the CN app!

I believe the episodes on the app are locked now, but even the screen cap for the locked episodes contain HUGE SPOILERS. 

The SU tags are FULL of giant spoilers and, depending on who you follow, your dash might contain leaked images, too. Episodes from the app have been ripped and posted on dailymotion, etc.


the most disgusting part of this is, america is really showing its true colors. everyone who says racism is dead can shut the fuck up. this is racism right here. this is a man in 2016 spewing this racist, sexist, islamophobic, homophobic shit, and he’s giving all the racist cowards here a chance to put white, heterosexual, male interests back into power. he is voicing all the things people have been to scared to say. thats why this took us all by surprise, bc people were embarrassed to say they were voting for him, these people are literally everything that is wrong with this country and they’re about to put someone just like them in power

well there is magic all around you, if i do say so myself
i have known this much longer than i’ve known you

my half of the witch harry art trade with @believeinbritboys (their half is amazing, seriously go check it out!!!!!) 

i wanted to do a lot more with this but my tablet broke right as i was finishing .. go figure.. p upset i couldn’t finish it- i even had to write my signature w my touchpad lmao but!! anyways!! here’s harry and a three eyed cat.. magically stirring his tea.. 🌝 hope you guys like it!

what she says: I’m fine.

what she means: I’m not ready for a 2017 without Running Man. It’s been my main source of entertainment, my stress-relief, my happy pill for the past 7 years. It has been a part of my weekly routine for a long long time, what would I do now when it ends.. I knew it would end someday but I didn’t think it would end this soon and in such a messy way. I took it for granted. I can’t find another show where the cast actually cares for one another, like a real family….. who have been through so much, from the ups and to the downs, they stayed together for as long as the could for the show, for the loyalty, for their bond.. and I’ve been with them through all that. I can’t believe someone had to ruin it all because of their greediness. I’m gonna be replaying each and every episodes, all from the past, replaying all their antics and inside jokes because I can no longer see new ones. Because some shit ass bitch had to be greedy for ratings. I can’t imagine never seeing Yoomes Bond, Race Starter, Haroro, Peaceful Gary, Commander Sparta, Ace Mongji, Kwangvatar, Monday Couple, Candy Alliance, Betrayer’s Club, Easy Brothers PIL! CHOK! CROSS! My Hyung My Dongsaeng, Kim Jongkook and the Two Kids, Jaesuk vs Jongkook Rivalry every again in my entire life. Thank you for working hard to give us entertainment. SBS, thank you for giving us this show but fuck you from the very core of my heart. STRESSSS!


                                thanks for the inspirational years                                                                                                                          cast of girl meets world.

the thing is: i love all SHINee members nd i really think they r so damn talented nd have improved a lot through all these years. so thats why i want SO badly that everybody sees that TAEMIN is more than a dancer this kid really sings well; that MINHO is not just a pretty face he can sing not just rap nd his acting skills r becoming better; that KIBUM isnt just a fashion guy for gods sake he can dance sing act is there anything this boy cannot do?; that JONGHYUN is more than a cry boy (or a sexy guy) he makes art he writes composes and produces his own songs he even wrote a book!; that JINKIs occupation is NOT break things with his finger (!!!!!!!hELp) his voice is pure honey his acting is amazing wth is wrong with those tv shows?! idk… i just wish ppl could hv more respect for who they r nd what they do. is there any sense in what im saying? whatever~


Hello Hi!

I just wanted to talk to you guys about something that’s on my mind for a while now. Please do NOT make an ask blog for Hitman Jones. 

I allow people a lot of freedom around him like RPing/Cosplaying/Edits/Videos because I too enjoy seeing them! But please… if you make content about Hitman Jones, link back to me as the origin of the AU. If you RP him, please state that you’re not affiliated with me. I’ve seen people ask where he comes from and if he’s just a character people use/draw sometimes too many times.

It really bothers me to see a character I made used as some generic fandom thing. He’s not a 2P that is a fandom’s interpretation of a canon thing. He’s my muse and my rotten devil child…

That being said, I am not stopping people from making their own criminal/mafia/assassin/hitman AU but please reconsider if you make your muse too much like mine.

Okay so the su critical tag never really brings up smokey quartz so i’m going on a mini rant

i’m a fat person and i’ve been fat all my life. ive never really seen fat cartoon characters that weren’t walking food jokes before. and su seems to PRIDE itself over it being “diverse” but then they shove amethyst, a fat character like me, aside for diet invader zim (aka peridot)

what was with smokey hating them self so much? the crew made smokey quartz feel like they were just a walking self hate machine. and they were never really brought up again?? literally when has smokey been mentioned last? everyone just fucking forgot about them. you’d think there would be more to the first steven + gem fusion but fuck me i guess.

I feel so angry I could cry.
Why WHYYYYYYYYY do people have to continue to make things hard for Yugyeom?? HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?!?! He is the most precious human being to live.
Can we talk about that hidden camera on Real GOT7 where he cried, not because of the prank but because he loves those 6 boys so much and he was terrified that they were going to disband and the thought of that WRECKED him. Can we also mention the stream where he freestyled to multiple songs and talked with fans and he was glowing. He was so happy just to be able to sneak away and dance for us on a live stream. It was beautiful. That smile on his face was so sincere that i cried. I looked truly so confident and so happy. What about the disaster that was his birthday?? He felt so terrible, so responsible for fans being upset to the point of tears. He spent his birthday UPSET for us because of something that was COMPLETELY out of his hands. HE LOVES US AS FANS. LOVES US.
Yugyeom has the biggest heart, and he has always been so good to us and only ever wanted our love and acceptance. SO SOME STUPID ASS PRICK HAS TO GO AND HUMILIATE HIM AGAIN????? If you are this type of person, this type of “fan”, don’t you dare call yourself Aghase!! It takes some kind of loser to humiliate such a pure soul like this and I’m so disgusted.
We love you Yugyeom. I’m baffled and I feel so devastated. I support Yugyeom, and every idol for that matter, in their privacy. I’m so sorry you’re hurting.
Idols are human. Living, breathing, FEELING, humans.
Remember that before you humiliate them, or anyone for that matter.

it just doesn’t make sense. why would a gay man, actively against queerbaiting, queerbait on one of the most popular shows in the world? why would he have nearly a whole cast of people basically in on this queerbaiting and hyping up and acting like a big “rug pull” would happen? why does none of this make sense? why did season 4 feel out of place, add stuff that doesn’t even add up, and basically change the whole course of the show? why does it feel so unecessary? what was mary’s real point in the show? why were many things added in this season at all? why aren’t loose ends all tied up? how did two writing styles change so drastically? how did they get so out of touch with bbc sherlock? when did “love conquer all?”