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Unpopular opinion

A character doesn’t need ~gray morality~. Having Pure Evil characters can be good and interesting. As long as our protags have struggles and development, we really don’t need it for our Big Bads. When you do make your characters previously stated as ~Evil~, and give them a Tragic White Boy Backstory, it fucks up your narrative. I don’t care that Blue is sad about her dead gf. Did anyone really ask why Maleficent was so bitter? No. All it did was screw with the continuity. Does anyone care about why Cruella likes fur coats so much? I know I don’t! I am so sick of hearing about how I should be glad that the homophobic colonizers are actually “precious babies who need to be protected uwu”. It’s tired and it’s played out. Give me evil characters, dammit!! 

I’m so tired of this, I really want Jooheon to go to the doctor, his eyesight is really bad and it can cause big problems in his life and with his performances (let’s be real that’s the only thing starship cares about) how expensive is an optician in Korea? I’ll pay for it, i don’t care about money anymore

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Picture on left June/2016 - Picture on right Decembre/2016

 21y/F/1.72m(5'6") SW: 118 kg(260lbs) CW: 91 kg(200 lbs) 

Since I can remember overweight issues were always a thing in my life. Tried and fail for so many times to fix it, but I was not consistent enough to stick to a differente lifestyle.

I´m a medical student, and having a healthy lifestyle it´s really difficult. I have always accepted my body as how it was, and was happy but physically I felt really bad. I would always feel tired, and with a headache most of the time. So I decided that if I was going to be a physician and promote good health, I need to put the example.  I started my journey 6 months ago with my mom. We went to a doctor and he gave us a nutrition plan. At first it was hard because I was not use to eating good quality and quantity food. With the support of my family and close friends was easier. 

I like these 2 pictures because my smile is the same, but my body isn´t. My lab coat didn’t fit and I couldn’t close it on the left picture. But the picture on the right  it is all buttoned up. 

Be confident, and take support on your family. Work on your own rhythm. And it is okay to eat a chocolate once in a while.

guy makes his whole team learn to use nunchucks. lee and tenten are both naturals, but neji sucks. and it’s the first time neji has ever been bad at anything around his team, so tenten teases him and lee is absolutely elated to be better than his boyfriend rival. after the first time, neji conveniently has Very Important Hyuga Business to attend to during nunchuck training

yoo so i was considering doing a fancy graphic or smth for this, but im kinda drained rn — & slowly fading back into seriousness — SO. no fancy graphic im sorry. maybe another time. buuuut —


basically, bc i’m anxious & weak, im really bad at ooc interaction & cant really read people especially via typing etc. sooo, this is basically a general call where u like & i have p much permission to send asks or ims / tag u in shit including starters etc whenever??

( ok i’m really bad at explaining things especially when im tired just uhhm. k im stopping now )


Day 6: Cops and Robbers Au

Detective Dipper Pines is on the case. getting his wallet stolen 

bonus after bill ran away:

not exactly a cops and robbers au but its close enough…i think. i just have a phantom thief!bill au lying around and it sorta fit. kinda.
obviously phantom thief cipher needs to learn that stealing from college kids will yield only 5 cents worth of profit 

Hey! Sorry for being absent, but I’ve been a little sick and ughg. I’m feeling better now, and hopefully everything will be back to normal in a couple of days :) 

Imagine Hinata and Mihashi being related, like cousins on their moms side, and they go to each others games when they can. Hinata is good at calming down Mihashi when he starts to freak out (which happens a lot when ever Kageyama is around whom Mihashi is terrified of at first).
Kageyama is very impressed with Abe’s skill and how he is able to analyze situations. Similarly Abe finds Kageyama’s game calling impressive and tries to get him to try baseball. He doesn’t see the appeal in it, but after some pushing from Hinata all four of them end up playing a mini game of baseball with a few others.
Hinata is surprisingly good at working bases, leaping after any ball that comes near him (he gets a few outs this way) and easily redirecting them.
Kageyama practically memorizes all of the signals in a single afternoon, and is pretty damn good at find a place the batter isn’t going to be able to hit.

They end up meeting ever other weekend to play games together. Sometimes Volleyball, and sometimes Baseball.


One time Mihashi walked into the locker rooms and saw Kageyama and Hinata making out against the far wall, and couldn’t look at either of them in the eye for the rest of the day.

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Hey, you doin okay?

i had a really bad meltdown last night and today im very tired and easily overwhelmed. its dads birthday so he and i wandered around down town so i could play pokemon and he could take pictures, and then we stopped for a beer, but being downtown at all really sucks the life out of me and im just absolutely mentally and emotionally spent on top of always being tired AND being exposed to several icky triggers today and im just empty sorry

thank you for askin ;;;;;

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something to think about: what do you think dipper does when he grows up? like for a career. same with mabel?

he mentioned wanting to make his own ghost hunting show in damvstf and i really like the idea of him having like. a ghost adventures style show

tbh i can also see him writing about conspiracy theories, monsters, cryptids, etc. kind of like ford did but not exactly like that (srry if this sounds dumb im really tired)

as fr mabel, uhh,, she’s really passionate about art and stuff, and i can kinda see her like. making a webcomic or smth (or a comedian, bc Joking to Cope)

i feel bad abt this but i really havent though abt mabel’s future career that much,, i dont have favorites out of the pines but i definitely feel more connected i guess??? to ford and dipper so i guess i tend to fixate more on them,,

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Tray pls answer so I need to leave for school in like 1 hour n I'm so nervous n I feel kinda sick n I really don't want to go bc im also really tired n being nervous sucks n like my anxiety is so bad now n yeah it's a new school btw but I've been there like 3 times already but idk if I want to go today but I also don't know if I can't go lol what would u do? Love u

sometimes u need a break tbh if ur really not feeling up to it stay home if u think u can make it thru the day i really really think u should go

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hey, i hope youre doing okay. i think you looked nice in that photoshoot thing and your animal stuff is really cool, i hope nobody is being mean to you because of it or anything else. i can always lend an ear if you need to talk or anything, be safe please <3

hey lucia thank you
i got tired of being called a furry even though its a joke and i dont think its funny anymore so i ended up feeling really bad about it and impulsively tossing stuff in a pile with the intention to get rid of it
then i was like. what if i regret this. and shoved it in a drawer. im not gonna take it back out until i can come to terms with myself here,,,

im just here to have fun and wear stupid shit u feel
and now i feel bad about having fun and im? ready for death

update on the flu situation, i akso have a sinus infection & i got meds for that. im doing a lot better overall but im still feeling really bad (for some reason i started crashing this afternoon). also im really really tired. holy shit

i have so much homework AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA