im really sorry im laughing so hard

Wait wait wait, did you just make a joke?

•I am in love with the idea of Keith making jokes so only hunk can really hear
•and they are GOOD
•Hunk has laughed so hard hes cryed over some of them
•one time Keith’s joke got him so good that he skipped the laughter and went straight to crying
•but Keith is sneaky
•and no one EVER hears him exept Hunk
•Hunk is loosing it™
•im sorry buddy but ??? Keith has literally never???
•Hunk looking at Keith
•hes so smug
•Hunk making the “im watching you” gesture
• Keith taking it as a CHALLENGE
•a challenge to get sneakeyer and funnier
•when they are heading to their lion
•right before they enter a room with everyone else
•as hunk is taking a sip of space juice so he does a spit take all over lance and pidge
•at the table when Keith walks behind hunks chair
•Keith is brutal with his jokes tbh
•they are always relevant to something going on
•"Are we sure Galra Keith isn’t evil??? I think he’s tring to make me laugh to death! Is that possible?“
•Keith is so happy to have a thing™ with Hunk
•he feels so proud of himself whenever Hunk laughs
•he did that he made him happy
•Keith would do anything to make that laugh and that smile stick around
•and he finds that making jokes like this is a great stress relief for both of them so thats a plus
•keith dosnt know when he started to automatically seak out Hunk when entering a room
•Hunk doesnt know when he started keeping a constant eye out for Keith
•really tho if you see one of them you probably see the other too and they are probably most definitely both trying to stifle a laughing fit

Felix: hey Changbin, are you a painting?

Changbin:… No?

Felix: Because I’d like to nail you against the wall

Hyunjin: oh, thank god, I thought you were going to say that you wanted to hang him


anon said: “consider this: coran being in a pearl-type love situation with king alfor. he was in love with him but in the end he fell in love with allura’s mother…alfor sacrificed himself to save allura and sent coran to keep her safe…coran loves allura like a daughter but there’s some underlying stuff down there (jealousy) and what i’m really getting at- it’s over isn’t it…but with coran (you don’t have to do it it’s just a cheeky suggestion)” 

i accidentally deleted the ask (nice going frog) but my askbox has been a bit off lately so i saved what they said. honestly any chance for overly dramatic voltron characters i’ll take pffft. enjoy a little not-really-storyboard i drew at 5am this morning! *wink*

Nct 127's reaction to their s/o being upset because they don't kiss her

Request: NCT dream or 127 reaction to their girlfriend getting pouty and whiny when they don’t kiss her

A/N: my heart is weak for this, it’s so cute aw- and i decided to do 127 unit, i hope you don’t mind!



Would apologise right away and feel bad but at the same time, find it cute that you wanted his kisses so badly. You’d catch him smiling slightly to him when you pout, but he does it so lowkey you hardly ever notice. But he finds it super cute that you get clingy like these at times and becomes 10× more affectionate to you, often showering you with hugs after you start whining or pouting.

“aw someone’s whiny today”

“i havent seen you in a week, i miss you and your kisses :-(”

“come here, i’d give you all the kisses you want”

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Adores it A LOT, and likes to tease you about it. Ends up giggling and smiling to himself because he finds it cute how you get upset over these small little things, and he feels loved and appreciated because he knows you love his kisses. His teasing could go on forever but he eventually always gives in because he’s soft for your pouting.

“ooo someone’s upset she can’t kiss me”

“shut up johnny”

“well if you want kissed you must be able to reach me first”

“you’re so mean-”

“/leans down quickly to peck your lips/”

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Becomes a shy ball and would be a little flustered at first, but internally he’d also find it funny as he’s the pouty and whiney one most of the time. Softens right away and like Taeil, would become even more affectionate than before. Although he doesn’t show it, he loves it when you act like that because it shows how much you love him.

“aw babe don’t pout”

“but you ignored my kiss just now”

“come here, let me make it up to you”

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Teasing you 24/7 about it. He isn’t afraid to show that he loves it and he’d purposely avoid kisses so as to see that side of you. And would attack you with kisses at the most random times because he loves seeing your expressions. This guy seriously Smiles non stop and would get all fuzzy and happy because he feels loved by you, which at the same time, makes him more cuddly than he already is.

“you want a kiss? no hehe”

“yuta you suck”

“oh… then all the more you don’t deserve a kiss /sticks tongue out/”

“so mean”

five minutes later and he attacks you with a big hug and pecks your face all over with that bright smile of his

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Would act like he’s annoyed with you and probably whines back too but in fact he enjoys it and finds it cute and adorable. Would purposely frown and act like his mad, making you feel bad but then he flashes you his gummy smile and hugs you. Tries to act cool™ by always avoiding your kisses when in reality he’s weak for them and his heart is beating like crazy whenever you do it.

“you’re so annoying, why are you so whiney today omg”

“you know why doyoung”

“what? i don’t know”

and when you glare at him, he softens and leans in to give you a kiss

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Brightest sunshine!! Giggles to himself a lot and won’t stop smiling at your actions, calling you cute and adorable. At times he likes teasing you and making you pout more but other times he gives in and ends up showering you with kisses, hugs and pecks on your face. Loves it most when you act like that because he knows you truly love him and his kisses, and he’d be more than willing to give you more.

“babe you’re so cute”

“yeah if i was maybe you shouldn’t have ignored my kiss”

“aw someone’s upset”

“come im sorry, let me give you all the kisses i can right now”

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Another shy ball and wouldn’t know what to do, other than just giggle and pinching your cheek as he finds it super cute. Only teases you occasionally but still manages to be the sweet person he is. Eventually kisses you and you’d notice how he’d blush and smile brightly to himself, as his eyes stare at you lovingly.

“it’s been two days since i saw you :-(”

“do you miss me that much?”

“of course, especially your kisses”

“hehe come here”

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This clueless bun actually thought you were genuinely upset with him, he’d apologise sincerely and it’s so adorable you end up laughing and giggling because how is he so pure??? But after time goes by he notices it a lot and finds it really cute, and as he’s shy, he doesn’t show it so he’d giggle to himself softly whenever he sees you pouting.

“goodness, im so sorry, i’ll kiss you now!!”

“really? aw”

“anything for my princess don’t be upset!!”

“im not upset omg you’re so cute-”

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Another one who would tease you for it and would also act like he’s mad but on the inside he’s all fuzzy and screaming because he loves it a lot. Would play hard to get like Yuta, but always end up failing because he gives in to your pouts- it’s one of his weaknesses. From time to time, he’d avoid your kisses so he can see you act like these, but most of the time he’s the clingy and affectionate one.

“someone’s being so clingy today”

“you’re like that too shut up”

“ooo there goes your kiss bye”

“i hate you”

“/giggles and pecks you on the cheek/ i lovd you too”

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Roma Dick headcanons <3

Ok but I love Roma Dick so much like.

  • Dick when he’s angry he goes silent but when he is pissed he switches to Romanian. 
  • Dick teaching Damian a little bit of Romanian because Damian asked and then they can have private conversations in public
  • For Holidays he makes plăcinte cu brânză dulce and there is never any left because it is so coveted for
  • Dick calls Damian “ pisicuță ” whenever he does a good so Damian gets really happy whenever he hears it
  • Tim making “speak English” jokes to Dick so he just flips him off and Tim laughs so hard his stomach hurts

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but aaron is scared of lady bits lo! think of the poor guy, plus this would be rebecca's lady bits of all people (where his husband has been) lmao nah that would be mean


but there’s a difference between touching a vagina for sexy times purposes (or empty misery sex purposes) and for BRINGING A HUMAN BABY INTO THIS WORLD BC OTHERWISE HE AND THE MOTHER WILL PROBS TOTES DIE PURPOSES







that’s absurd he’s a grown man and it would be a medical emergency and aaron is a good human being, he’d get over it and HONESTLY SPEAKING AS A HOMOSEXUAL, IF I HAD TO TOUCH A DICK TO SAVE A LIFE I WOULD TOUCH THAT DICK

(this is all moot bc it’s not happening but i still want to point out that aaron wouldn’t get like… ptsd because he helped a woman give birth, regardless of the larger situation at hand)


Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa

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I was wondering if you could write about Himawari getting seriously hurt and Naruto can't handle it because he was supposed to protect her? It can be short. I love your writing and everything that you bring to it!

It’s difficult to remember a time when Himawari had been vulnerable.

Naruto has flashes of her vulnerability stowed deep, in the recesses of his present mind. They flash by in swaddles of baby blankets and crib bars, in onesies and unsteady legs insistent on movement. He sees her blue eyes, so like his own, too big for her face, and the crinkles that appear at the corners when he makes her laugh; the weight of her in his arms, feather-light and celebrated, tucked into the inseams of his elbows, streamline against the iron of his forearms.

There was a time when she belonged there, tucked right up against his heart, sheltered in muscle and bone and warmth. His baby girl.

And a different kind of vulnerability when Himawari crested a mountain upon which adulthood peaked, and someone wasn’t careful with her heart. Himawari is a warm girl, bright and smiling, relentlessly peaceful and proactive. She’s all too similar to Naruto in that regard, actions always preceding words, and Naruto knows best how often that can lead to pain. She had not hidden her pain from him, but rather shattered against his chest, tears crystalline; raindrops against pain-stained glass.

The weight of her in his arms; the wet touch of tears against his chest.

Naruto does not scream, he does not move. He trembles, not from the weight of his daughter, hanging unresponsively in his arms, or the exertion of fighting an army to get to her. No, something insidious hisses from the gaping maw of his own weaknesses, not from exertion.

Rage courses steadily but so slowly, a thawing of feeling, sensation evaporating in increments through his bloodstream. Himawari’s blood stains his clothes and his eyes sharpen into pinpricks, his heart a war drum booming, booming, counting down the seconds before.

Claws pierce through the skin of his fingertips and curl around Himawari’s arm, pinpricks almost touching skin. Battalions close in on him from all sides, weapons flying, seals forming too quickly for the human eye to catch. Naruto feels heat at his back and doesn’t know if it’s a fire jutsu or the rage, peeling at the skin of his back, the wings of his shoulders caved in around the fading light of his daughter.

Naruto leans down and presses his lips to her forehead, the faintest of touches. Time seems to slow as he kneels, settles her unmoving body against the grass at his feet. Something pierces his side, jerking his body but not his attention, and he reaches out to run his thumb along Himawari’s sallow cheek. It comes back with dirt and blood and blood and blood.

Naruto feels the threads of his skin begin to unwind and a roar builds from the pit of his gut to the caverns of his lungs; his bones shift and shatter. The mangled graveyard of his vocal chords vibrates preemptively around a breath, and Naruto raises the necrotic cells back to life with a scream that tears veins from the earth around his feet.

Himawari hasn’t needed his protection for years, had advanced through the ranks quicker than anyone her age, and many above her. She’s as lethal as she is careful, except when she isn’t, and Naruto had failed her. He had failed her.

“My little girl,” he snarls, and the frontlines stutter and stumble, hesitation without control in the face of a monster so willfully unwinding.

He pulls the kunai from his side and crushes it to dust, to dust, to dust in the palm of his hand—the first time he held Himawari, so small and beautiful, two weeks sooner than she should’ve been born, she had fit in the palm of his—

Naruto’s pinprick eyes flash open and he teaches his enemies what it is to become a reckoning.

And it’s the earth and all her creatures that learn to tremble.

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omg can u please please do sayo x tsugu i cant believe they are so cute together bushimo is dragging me deeper into hell each event

i honestly really love them together too!! i feel like tsugu would keep sayo grounded and sayo would inspire tsugu to work hard and try her best (´・ω・`)

based from this 4koma!

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imagine ss link and zelda hanging out one day and they're laughing hysterically at a stupid joke zelda just told and link puts a hand on her shoulder while he wipes then tears out of his eyes from laughing so hard & zelda's wearing a tank top and he accidentally pushes the strap down and link stops laughing and blushes really hard & puts a hand over his mouth and he's like "OH GODDESSES IM SO SORRY THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT oh NO" and zeldas still laughing cuz what a dork calm down link jeez

Im sorry all i can think is zelda taking advantage of the moment to hit on him