im really sorry im laughing so hard


Hong Jisoo in his class yearbook…

cr. chiagiaa


Kiramune Company | Namikawa Daisuke’s Kira-line | Theme: school

This part made me laugh so hard so I made a photoset! Translation isn’t 100% correct since it’s my translation lol

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CHristoph Kramer, my love!

my ribs really jus broke from how hard i laughed aiojgoeigje oigje, im so sorry but all i think of is his beautiful own goal,,.. in reality hes probably a bby angel or something Oo mghygod …,,  im really sorry about your Misfortune cris

send me a footballer and i’ll give you my opinion on them

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im a new fan so im lost on all the comments every1 is making but what vid r u talking about (jk making fun of the whites) lMAO i wanna watch it. also do u think they're kind of wary of all international fans or jus white ppl bc damn id avoid whites at all costs too

ion got di video on me sis !! sorry n i jus tried to find it but it was a lil video so it’s hard to find , but yeah basically at di fansign he was pronouncing “kimchi” really hard as a white person would then he laughed after n di fans laughed i wasnaizjajjdwjjfjs n they only acted that way towards their white fans (on di rare occasions that they do meet them) but poc intl fans or poc celebrities in general, they’re litty

Platonic Ship Asks!

-who is more often the shoulder to cry on?
-who enjoys hugging more?
-who is always the one to ask for relationship advice?
-who feels like they are the more dependent one?
-favorite thing to do when they hang out?
-do they have silly nicknames for each other?
-how do they make each other laugh?
-who is more responsible?
-the song they jam out to together?
-first to say “you’re my best friend”?
-who buys the other really extravagant gifts on holidays?


chat’s transformation pose is so ridiculous I LOVE IT SO MUCH but i couldnt finish drawing it because i was laughing so hard. im gonna draw him with a :3c face every time he’s chat from now on LOL 

also i really self-indulgently want a ccs au but it really… doesn’t fit… the closest i can think of is marinette being tomoyo and adrien being sakura (MARINETTE DESIGNING HELLA FOR ADRIEN OK!!! ITS CUTE OK) and i…. should never be allowed to touch my tablet ever again LMAO