im really sorry if i forgot someone

so like

why isn’t keith x pidge called forestfire

and hunk x pidge called earthbound

and lance x pidge called plant growth



keith x lance called smoke (i thought about calling it steam but that would be too real winks at smut fanfics

keith x hunk called volcanic eruption

keith x shiro called suns and stars

hunk x lance called beach

hunk x shiro (i’ve never seen fanfic for them but whateva) called space debris

allura x shiro called black-hole (cause shiro always disappears and allura feels like a part of her missing without him there haha im so funny)

allura x lance called ice (allura is always cold towards him when he flirts ie. water freezes when it’s cold)

keith x allura called fossil fuels [allura had hated keith, but now she’s grown closer to him; both (presumably?) having lost their fathers or remnants of them from reality and they’re both aliens so]

i haven’t come up with one for shiro x pidge, allura x pidge, and lance x shiro yet

ALSO I DON’T REALLY THINK CORRAN WOULD BE SHIPPED WITH ANYONE NO OFFENSE BUT LIKE HE’S THEIR UNCLE/GRANDPA FIGURE (if someone makes an uncle grandpa joke im deleting my blog oh my god i hate that show im sorry)

but hypothetically, i think corran and hunk would have a platonic/friendly relationship with their shared love of cooking and it would just be called fossils bc ya corran is supposed to be ded n shit

but ok lance is corran’s favorite no one fight me on this also their platonic ship would be called crystal idk that’s all i got



they’re called handmaiden ;))) one giv the succ the other givs teh fucc

idek what that means im like half awake


Soooo… hello everyone!! I remade this blog couple of months ago and this is a way of saying “thank you everyone for following me” after the struggle i went through. As a lot of you already know, my previous blog got hacked so i had to restart and i tried my best even if i (unlucky) dont have a lot of time to dedicate to the internet and tumblr in general (´;д;`) 

Sooooo thank you to my old friends that are still mutuals with me and a big thank you to my new mutuals too!! (i love you all either way✧)

Im really sorry for the simple and shitty edit tho lmao

Soooo heres the list of the lovely people i follow!! .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+*

* = faves 

A - J

@aizawashoutah; @aizawashoutta; @akutagawaas; @akutagawah; @anime-diary; @asaiis; @atsumus; @atsushisnakajima*; @daiizume; @ekubou; @hitoshiis; @hiwazumi; @holy1verse; @hvnamiya; @itsclowreedsfault; @jaganchi

K - N

@kageyamastobio*; @kagyamatobios; @kamuisyato; @katsukieyuuris; @kawaizumis; @keikakus; @kireiharuka; @kishou*; @kkatsuki; @kmuiyato*; @koi—kun; @kougami*; @leafyapricot; @matsvhanas; @misakarose*; @miss-cigarettes; @nagihtos*; @nichinoya; @nicorobins; @nikifforovs; @nishincyas

O - Z

@ohlevi; @oiivkawa*; @oizumi; @okita-senpai*; @osafune; @oyatetsurou; @plissetski ❤ ; @ranpohedogawa*; @reizakis; @rvkiakuchiki; @ryuzakki*; @sakkaguchi; @sarukui*; @sasakishaises; @seihanndas; @shinpaci; @shotous*; @toshiiros*; @tsukis*; @tyki; @yamacuchi; @yoosvngs


(If i forgot or misspelled someone please let me knoooow!)

x-kit, how to block posts, etc.

hey! i’ve noticed recently stuff is not going too great during this lull before stormblood and i wanted to remind everyone that the ‘x-kit’ tumblr extension for firefox and chrome still exists! you can find it being continuously updated by new team here. … unfortunately i’m not sure if there’s anything similar for mobile devices at this time.

anyway! i bring this up because x-kit comes with a handful of very handy features that i find could help with a lot of the stuff going on lately– these are ‘blacklist,’ ‘postblock,’ and ‘mute’ which can be found in x-kit’s extensions page when you open the plugin. if you’ve never used anything like x-kit before, ‘blacklist’ allows you to block specific words and phrases, which then prevents posts with said criteria from appearing on your dash, while ‘postblock’ will allow you to block an entire post from ever appearing on your dashboard again with a simple click. ‘mute,’ on the other hand, will allow you to mute a specific tumblr user completely so that their posts will no longer appear at all on your dashboard, or allow you to mute specific post-types from that user.

with tempers running high and things being said to potentially stir the pot, it can help immensely to simply block out posts and topics you don’t want to see so you can move on with your day or eliminate sources of anxiety. there are times when something sort of… sets me off or rubs me the wrong way, and it has been incredibly beneficial to be able just block a post i don’t like or an argument i don’t want to see so i won’t be tempted to react or let it bother me more than it really should.

i hope this helps a little, and i’m sincerely sorry if this came off as… i don’t know, rude? or something? i’m really not try to invalidate anyone’s feelings or anxiety, i just want to offer up a tool to potentially alleviate some of the recent stressors going around. be good to yourself!

edit: oh, i forgot to mention, but x-kit is a great tool for blocking out those SB spoilers!

To Borrow #3

Jaehee Baehee Bestie right here <3 
Personally I always saw her as my bestie so I could never really make myself do her route or really see her in a romantic way but I can see how others may. Hopefully I didn’t massacre her too much as she is admittedly my least favourite character out of them all- maybe because I relate to her the most? Glasses and all O_O

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Hi nat, mind rec some mx blogs that post nice content like u? gifs/gfx makers would be nice too. thenks <3

Hello! :D No problem at all, I really like to recommend my favs! ♥

I was about to bold gfx/gifs makers but all of them post a lot of nice contents and that’s why I follow and love them: @beautifulmv, @babywoon, @bunnywonho, @jooheonypup @changkyuh, @cuddlywonho, @chamkyung, @channkyun, @changkyunsfw, @imchangki, @kyunarchive, @wonhontology, @wonhonnie, @wonhuff, @monstaxaesthetics, @shitwonho, @colourscribble, @hyungnu, @ew-wonho, @flawlesskihyun@94wons, @wildheoniepie, @jooheonster, @kihn, @laviette, @honeyvevo, @qooheon, @lostinmonstax, @moonxgi, @dorkyun, @honeyheonie, @ourwonho, @bryony-raylene, @kookihyunnie, @kihyunsbb, @minhyukfrost, @minhyukie, @minhyuksmelody, @jooheonbebe, @im-all-in-for-you, @1leeminhyuk, @melaninhyuk, @monsta-x-edits, @milk-hooney, @kihyuns-dimples, @ki-hyunit, @hotseok, @leeminhyyuk, @wonhosflower, @wonholes, @monbeboo, @93kihyun, @wonhour, @minpuphyuk, @kihyunnybee, @ksuu

There’s a lot of ppl but I probably forgot someone and I’m really sorry about that :( 

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🌷 = favourite blogs

@peachyqueeff @broccolinibitch @whatsupscoobs @softdnp @dawniel @helllointernet @oddvoices @daisysunsets @danqueray @cringe-attacks @glowinghowell @opaquehowell @bondange @planetarylester @sunshinememes @europeanmuffin @heckdan @dantea @phanperra @dnjhwll @flowerbabyphil @ingenue-phan @snugglyhowell @summerisonfire @coffeegalaxies @howellscrunchynuts @psychaze @greywick @philtrashblr @dantlers @princessdan @astronautdan

just to name a few !!!!! (sorry if I forgot to tag someone im really tired)

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do you do shout outs for other b99 blogs?? :)))

Hello!! I’m not sure if you’re asking IF I do shoutouts or if you actually want me to do it???

So I’m just gonna do it and share some of my must follow blogs (must follow because they have top quality posts and I love seeing them on my dash)

note: I talked to most of these people and I can 10/10 confirm they are really amazing

note 2: I know I probably forgot someone and im sorry

Anyway here’s the list


(I may do an actual shoutout of ALL the blogs I love now that my exams are over and I have more time)

dating nct doyoung!1!!2!1!

• he sometimes just loses himself and just stares at you and admires your beauty
• but when you look at him and you’re like “hm? something wrong?”
• he’s like “hA. nO. u KLUTZ. A PIECE OF UR HAIR ISN’T TIED UP IN UR PONYTAIL. here let me help u. ha. haa.”
• you guys take really awkward selfies it’s just, so cute. it’s the cutest. everyone loves them.
• “IF YOU GUYS DON’T FUCKING STOP RIGHT NOW- i wont babysit your child when y'all get married and have kids, so, keep being cute. ill be the best goddamn uncle ever. your kids are gonna be super cute with huge ass eyes” - taeyong…and probably yuta.
• kissing doyoung is always so quick and rushed bc doyoung gets flustered easily
• but when it isn’t rushed and when he’s got the whole “what do i have to lose?” or the “i love this girl so much” attitude, he’s super passionate and tender and sweet and gentle and ugh it makes you melt
• he once made you cry, like, a lot, once.
• not gonna go into extreme details but it involved him being stubborn and being too stubborn to apologize to you.
• that is until he found you in the practice room crying your poor little heart out.
• he gave you a super sweet hug and hugged you really tight and when you calmed down, he cupped your cheeks and kissed you super softly and said small “sorry"s in between kisses and you forgave him bc, how can you not.
• “let’s never fight again”
• “yeah. agreed.”
• but the next week y'all fought over green m&m’s so it’s like ???? but y'all still cute.
• “are u cold?”
• “no, well, maybe, im kinda numb”
• it was snowing and y'all started dating a few months ago but training and everything got in the way so y'all just got some time alone and decided to sit out on a bench, in the snow, in below freezing temperature, very smart.
• doyoung wanted to be cool and give you his coat or something but HE WAS COLD TOO. LIKE. SO COLD.
• so he just, used the next best thing
• he kissed you really awkwardly, like, he didnt even, move his body he just turned his head, but his lips were super soft but FREEZING COLD and you went all red and started burning up and freaking out, so in the moment, you forgot that in order to kiss someone, you gotta kiss them back.
• so doyoung really quickly disconnected from your lips and was like “IM- SO SORRY”
• and you were like “OH MY GOD NO I LIKED IT”
• and he was like “wait you did?”
• and you nodded
• and doyoung started smiling and laughing a lot and was like “then, uh, can i try again?”
• and you were like “OF COURSE”
• “are u gonna kiss back this time or-”
• he talks too much, so you just kissed him first and cut him off and his hands naturally wrapped around your waist and it was a really ejdjfjfk experience.
• his lock screen was a picture of himself. bc he didn’t want anyone to tease him for having you as his lock screen.
• SOOOO, you were his home screen :“)
• but johnny was like "dude you can’t do that you gotta embrace your bae”
• so his lock screen changed to a really awkward pic you two took together, but you looked good in it so he didn’t care or notice how awkward he looked.
• ohhhh but the other members did and they wouldn’t let the boy live his life in peace after that.
• but he was happy that you were now on both his lock screen and home screen.
• “who’s ur favorite nct member”
• “isn’t it obvious- it’s jaehyun”
• you tease doyoung a lot like
• he’d do something stupid like, put popsicles in the microwave instead of the fridge bc he was zoning out and you’d be like
• “this is why 부릉부릉 (booroong booroong?? idk the american name lol) was a failure.”
• you ask him to sing for you a lot and he’s always singing so he’s like “k.”
• his voice is so soothing that it helps you go to sleep.
• anOther. cuTE. stoRY.
• one time you woke up from this really scary nightmare and you were sweating and panting and you were about to cry
• doyoung woke up like “hoLY- WHAT HAPPENED ARE YOU OK”
• and you just hugged him super tight and asked him to sing for you
• and that’s exactly what he did, he hugged you back, layed back in bed, and sang for you.
• walks in the park
• it took him literally the longest time for him to get comfortable holding your hand
• it took donghyuck/haechan dressing up as a girl and pretending to be you
• donghyuck dressing up as a girl, pretending to be you, pressuring him to hold his hand, and all the members pressuring him, has traumatized him greatly.
• but now he loves holding your hand but, he doesn’t do it often, bc he’s still kind of shy
• kissing in public? lol who dis
• doyoung may not kiss you in the general public, but he does kiss you in front of the members, but they’re not, hardcore make out sessions, just cute, soft ones that are longer than 3 seconds.
• the members find it disgusting bc no one is a fan of pda that’s not coming from themselves and their s/o so they’re always like “GET A ROOM PLEASE Y'ALL GROSS”
• doyoung gets jealous but he doesn’t get too possessive or protective. he doesn’t become a mom, or make you feel uncomfortable.
• he very often feels insecure about you finding someone better and someone who’ll love you more than him, and when he feels like that, he becomes a little more affectionate.
• he’d all of the sudden start kissing your neck and you’d be like “why are you suddenly so affectionate?”
• “because i love you, um, duh?”
• doyoung tells you everything
• like, everything like
• “i’m so sorry but i drank your sprite.”
• he gives you all the details about everything when you ask him
• he loves talking and you love listening to him
• you guys have the funniest/deepest convos after 12 am
• sometimes you guys are so tired that you’re talking about why mice are attracted to the scent cheese
• and sometimes you guys get so deep that you feel like you guys figured out the secrets of the illuminati.
• you video chat doyoung a lot and he doesn’t want to be disturbed so he always goes into a quiet room, and if there isn’t a quiet room, he goes into the closet, or the bathroom
• doyoung sends the longest text messages, or the most confusing text messages, there’s no in between.
• it’s either “yes, i know but what if it’s not like that and it’s like this, like i said a thousand times before? ok look-” and continuing, or “mhm, yup.”
• you send him pictures of him that you find online, with heart emojis and he gets super flustered and gets into a good mood for the whole day
• one time you said, as a joke, that you liked rappers more than vocals.
• he stayed up all night learning how to rap.
• he got a kiss from you when he told you what he did and you were like “aw sweet baby u really care about me ily”
• it’s kind of like, when you’re both super happy, when one of you are super happy, when you’re both super in love, when one of you are super in love w the other, or the morning when y'all get up after sexy time ;“)))
• sexy time w doyoung is super loud
• and he wraps his hands around your wrist or, anywhere and everywhere.
• he loves it when you take over and you’re dominant. you guys take turns but he likes it more when you’re in control.
• you hang out w jaemin, jisung, and jeno bc THEY CUTE.
• doyoungs like "no don’t do that they’re all rude children, except jisung and jeno.”
• yuta is very supportive of you two, but he’s always like “SAFE SEX. DON’T GET PREGGOS. HAHAHAHA”
• “yuta stop” -hansol
• you wear doyoungs sweaters a lot and they’re all soft and big
• doyoung likes to hug you/cuddle when you’re wearing his sweaters bc you look so cute
• “doyoung ur skin is so ni c e”
• you touch his skin a lot like, his hands, his cheeks, they’re so soft and nice and smooth and, how.
• you guys laugh a lot at really stupid things that only the two of you would find entertaining
• “YOU REALLY DO LOOK LIKE A BUNNY” is the first actual thing you said to doyoung besides simple “hello"s and "how are you?"s before the two of you started dating.
• he fell in love with your laugh and your sarcasm and your kind little heart, and your confidence to yell at him saying that he really looks like a bunny before you two became close.
• oh yeah you’re both really sarcastic towards other people but really genuine towards each other.

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Who are your favorite gif makers?

im just gonna say some names i remember by heart cause these asks always give me trouble cause i always forget someone in the end. but anyways: @taendelion, @brandinator, @seuhgi@suhocean, @lawlliets, @kaibility@sonesource, @dazzlingkai@kwonyuri, @ninthwish, @seolangel@sebaeked, @3cbx, @1krystaljung, @sooyulti, @sehunsi, @topfied, @mochibaeks, @lunber, @kamikoy… there are more but like i said i really have fish memory so im sorry if i forgot 90% of my mutuals lmao but check my blogroll!! honestly everyone i follow that usually make gifs are good gifmakers c:

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hey!! can you rec me some baek or sehun blogs???? thank you :)

baek blogs: @sefuns @byunlucid (is like fybaekhyun but with memes) @bhyunq @byunchen @byunmongryong @byunvoyage @byeolks @ethereal-baek @etherealbbh @baehkkyun @my-bobohu @babyun @babyuns 

sehun blogs: @deararchimedes @sebaeked @sehunsi @senfinity @sehuntiful @ohhsenshine @oohsenun @flawlessohsehun @oohsehun-ah

im trying to rmmbr more but my brain is failing me atm >< sorry if i forgot anyone!! all these blogs are great and i love their content a lot! also you can check the blogroll on my navi page for more nice blogs!

I didn’t know they had tags outside of Wattpad, but I guess they do??? Anyways, I was tagged by @orvii so I guess I just do this

Put your entire library on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs then tag 10 people

1. Young and Menace by Fall Out Boy
2. Exorcism by Eyeris
3. Amygdala's Ragdoll by Ghost (Coru cover)
5. The Other Side of Paradise by Glass Animals
6. House of Memories by Panic! At The Disco
7. Housewife Radio by Ghost
8. Hyperdontia by Ghost
9. My R (English) by Hikaru
10. The Distortionist by Ghost


@gayindisguise @fernlom @stary-puppy @the90sfreshestdude @theartsyskeleton @ate-wapakels69 @river-of-broken-souls @callmetrash1 @pennystatic @gkatte

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I really forgot how it feel to be happy, but right now I am low key pretty happy. Its a kind of happines you feel when you spent some time with someone and you know that it made you closer to each other and you feel that you gonna be a good friends. i am pretty happy right now.

i hope ur still happy anon!! its been 3 months after all hhghg im sorry for the super late reply

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Heyy I was wondering if you have specific eliminated trainees that you write for?? I'm afraid I request something about someone you don't write for. I don't want to bother you^^ thank you and have a good day~~

omg I forgot to answer this i’m sO SORRY

I don’t think there’s really anyone who I would hate to write for, but the trainees who I can say I know best/am most comfortable with would probably be jung sewoon, ahn hyeongseop, kim samuel, all of nu’est, kim donghyun, huang justin, im youngmin, kim yongguk, and yoo seonho.

thanks for asking!!


Hello cuties! i’ve recently reached my first 1k yay! *throws confetti*, Honestly i’m so happy and i want to thank you guys so much so i decided to make a follow forever!

I’ve been on tumblr for years but it wasn’t until i joined the kpop fandom that i started to meet a lot of wonderful and lovely people and made my tumblr experience more enjoyable!

And i know it might not be a big deal for some people, but for me it really means a lot. i was not expecting to make friends from all over the world and that’s really amazing!

Thank you so much for filling my dash with amazing posts edits/gifs/graphics wow y’all are really awesome, and thank you for liking the stuff i make even tho i still need to learn a lot to be as awesome as you guys are!

Also, this is not just for the people that i follow and make my dash amazing but also for the people following me, you guys are really amazing, without you this blog wouldn’t be the same.

Also guys if you don’t mind checking and following these blogs because they are amazing :3

Networks: girlsqeneration taeng-s

Bold: mutuals♥ || italics: favorite blogs♥ (~ ̄³ ̄)~ 

°˖✧ # - C✧˖°


050807 0619pm 197ft aceoa aestaetic  ambrosaur allforchaerin bangminas beautifulgeneration blondeyoongieblosseoming  boxxsaltzbrandinatorcapttaeyeon chaelins choiswimming  cu-tae

°˖✧ D - H✧˖°


daisynous dorkyshidae eatmysoshi endlesslyiu entertaengme everyday-unnieday exidorks fanytastic801 favoun femaleidol foreverfany galxias girl-groups hayi-emoji honeytaeng hongbyn hyo-aholic hyo-edits hyons hyoris hyostagram hyyeris

°˖✧ I - L✧˖°


ibleedpastelpink ibsul-ui icepearls icesicales idolizesicat incrediyeol interes-taeng j-eti jessbiann jessicajungs jessicarjung jieunswifeu jinkiplz jinksus jjong joohyun-s joytiful jumataeng jungsooyeonssi justmyperfectgoddess kai-fanys kakkaiwa kangseulgih kmsjongin krystals kwonyuri kyungriee la-rosa-del-sur leaderirene lightiffany

°˖✧ M - P✧˖°


michishiqe mintyflame miy0ung miyoung-tiffany mumoos nalizzy nineli9hts ninepeas oh-sicas ohkrystals ohsehuntrash ohsojins okawaiidesu ot9s otsoshi panggoo papayaloving pilsuks pinklightstick ppanie ppanies pohroro pornshidae purelovefx

°˖✧ Q - S✧˖°


queenhyo queenqian qirlsday reinbei red-velz rubysica s1cas s-ooyoungs scjin seo-mate seoguma seolar seolhyunsdimples seotaku seouldestroying seulduction sicabrows smtownbaby sn-sd soehyun soijns sonuyhshidae  soojng soojunqa soonkyuism soonkyuyam sooyoungss sooyulti sooyyoung suelrene sulliyaa sunmiah sweetdelght

°˖✧ T - Y✧˖°


taeblush taecutie taeyeonedits taenghoul taendelion taengay taengisc taenggeum taengkims taengtime taeoff taeologist taepathy taeyeonies taeyeon tellsmeyourwish tiffanyssi tipannies tpani theseouless uglymaknae unnieverse wetchenwontaektv wu-fan yoonsics yoonvelyz yoonyvlyoungielove youngjisyuri-shiyurioppa​ 

blogroll :)

Hi guys :) To start off I just want to thank you guys so much for following and being the most supportive and kind people ever! I’ve met so many people on here and I hope you guys know that I love you guys so so much and that I appreciate every single person who has followed  ♥ Thank you so much for 5k, love you all xo (and sorry in advance if I forgot someone, I’m always end up messing something up :p)

*Bolded are friends/favorites 


@0utofthevvoods // @1989dancer 


@a-blank-space // @abiander // @aflightrisks // @afullonrainstorm // @all-too-well // @all-too-well-13 // @allaroundtaylor // @alltoofuckingwell // @almostthefool // @altoowhale // @andialmostdo // @andweweredancindancin // @anygreatloves // @apenandanoldnapkin // @apolaroidofus // @thejokeisonme // @ateamswiftie // @awkwardtaylorswiftdancing // @badbloodmadmadlove // @badsblood // @bananaofswift // @becky-loves-cats // @becomesofscuriousminds // @best-apologies // @bl-nkspace // @blood-runs-bad // @blqnkspace // @breakburnandends // @breakmelikeapromise // @bubblyswiftie13 // @burningflamesparadise // @butlovinghimwasred // @buttterfliesturnedtodust // @cant-make-them-stay1989 // @casualllycruel // @chainonyourneck // @chasingfortunes // @wideyedgazes // @colldasyou // @colorsinautumn // @comingeasily // @daerjohn // @dancinroundthekitchen // @diagon-alli // @dibblesswift // @drinkingmaplelattes // @drunkonnjealousy 


@en-chantedx // @eyesopen // @feariess // @fetusswift // @finallyc13an // @flashbacksandechoes // @flashingyourgreeneyes // @foreverclean // @fuck-sewingmachines // @gangstannie // @gay4tay // @gettinglostup-state // @gettingsweptaways // @gluegunscar // @grundleswizzle // @heldyourpride // @hellamaleswiftie // @himederejpg // @holygrounds // @howyougethegirl // @huggingtotoro // @ialmostdo // @iconfessbabe // @idkxtaylorswift // @illseeyouinmywildestdreams // @imfinallyclean // @imparalyzedbyitt // @its-a-swiftie-metafour // @jacobxswift // @jadesofwrong // @jg-1313 // @jtmaster13 // @julyninths // @kaleidoscopeofourmemories 


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And ofc… @taylorswift 

ilygsm bai

ok what i really want to see is the first years’ reactions to
  • eijun’s grab and shake habit on respectable captain, catcher and clean up  MIYUKI KAZUYA!!!
  • kurasawa wrestling antics
  • sawamura-senpai and his shojo manga life outside the field
  • sawamura-senpai worshiping someone called chris-senpa–OKAY OKAY WE’LL CALL HIM MASTER WE’RE SORRY!
  • sawamura and miyuki’s shogi battles with ex-captain yuki tetsuya (im look at you masashi)
  • the kanesawa brotp
  • nori-senpai’s cheeks 
  • kuramochi’s hyena laugh 
  • miyuki’s personality 
  • furuya’s aura 
  • furusawa rivalry 
  • sawamura’s formal japanese
  • oh and bantering

Baroxide’s Taeminide Taoxide first follow forever! (this has been in my drafts for a while now..)

so i hit an amount of followers and i thought is was time to put some of my fav blogs in the spotlight :3. Thanks for making my dash awesome! Also to my followers, thanks for following me and my shitty blog. I don’t know how you put up with me and my many spelling mistakes and drunk not actually drunk tags. ty ur all awesome!

(also note; i reblog with snownew (shinee blog) , joo-wiho (zico blog) and with i-m-still-young (and sometimes also with chenoxide)  bcs im trash and have like 5 million blogs) 

idk how you do this tbh, so i’ll just list my favourite blogs that i follow. i guess? yes? ok LEGGO

  • bold are mutuals, (if i did not put u in cursive its bcs i overlooked, if ur mutual ur obviously a fav blog :)) )
  • cursive are favourite blogs

we’ll start with my faves on this site:


alittlebitblockbbias (ultimate block b blog) // awwfuckno // b1a4rainbowblog // baby-fanfan // beenzi0n // blondetuan // b-bumb // bnior // channbunny // daesungstrash // daesungsdelight //


edyeolli // hobiwonkenobi // hobicakes // hzttus // flamingpuppy // girigay // hyphen-shawol-loyalsubject //


jiyongs-g-thong (follow for daesung love) // jwxngs (edits!!!) // jeonjam (art omg) // jonghyuns-flat-ass // jong-bum // itsonewday // kpopdevilishoranges // laygacy // minhos-sweaty-nipple (best url ever) // minseozi // jimincookies // j-holy // jackseonwang // kuopyo // leasianjunkie 


nerdsuho (follow if ur suho trash) // officialyanghyunsuk // onlyblockb (also ultimate block b blog) // presidentyeol // prince-hongbin // notyoongi // purrposeful // nom-nomato


rubmesomevixx // rap-son (the best rap mon posts) // tokkiteuk // seungripls // sehunsbubbleteabooty // sehuns-thick-dick  // sugatorirap  // shinee-eyebrow-game-strong // tomatono // skyeandevvie // soxciii-87 // topshouldstop // siousie // tachikawa // ukwno // the-markson-show // shyukerjunior // snstd


z-co // wuyifine // weather-chanyeol // wildandsexygot7 // yugyeom // zicosbae // zico-jar // zico-is-pimp // ziyahkookies // 17dad // 1junn

 i am so sorry if i forgot someone, or if you follow me with a side blog and didn’t bold u. i really sucked at making this, im truly sorry if i forgot you. :(

i also want to thank some followers who are non mutuals, but i see you and i appreciate you *gives brownie* 

1dleavemebreathless // monhmonh // hey-funny-hunny //  commanderdoorfox // myshineedreams // qvinner  (boob)

wow this is very long woops

Today, 30th June, my blog celebrates 5 years of its creation! And after all these years the only people I have to thank is all of you who have followed me during all this time. Every single one of you means something to me even if we never talked to each other. So, here is my follow forever of 2016. Some of you changed URLs or deleted and that’s probably why you are not here. I hope I haven’t forgot anyone and if I did, I’m really sorry! You’re still very special to me <3

my bitches: @queenmaximas, @royaltyfashion, @deprinsesser, @ladyperseverance, @tunnelslight, @thequeenmothershat, @duchakaladydiana and @zoobabystation

a-d: @aroyalargentinian, @allthelovelyroyals, @anythingandeverythingroyals, @atcam-is-back, @charlotteelizabeths, @dudeandduchessandspare, @duchesscambridges, @duchessofpennsylvania, @dirtyroyalconfessions, @dailyscands, @duchessofostergotlands, @dutchlovedove

e-h: @europesroyals, @estelleisnotamused, @flowerwreaththings,  @hrhduchessoflancaster, @hmqueenkate, @hrhduchessofclarence

i-l: @ifreakingloveroyals, @johnabradley, @littleworldofroyalty, @longliveroyalty

m-p: @margaretroses, @minimiddletons, @myroyalpointofview, @misshonoriaglossop, @maddeoneills@princess-ingrid-alexandra, @princessofsuffolk, @princelyprinceharry, @princessestelles, @pogglepoppy

q-t: @royalroundup, @royalpompandcircumstance, @royal-fandom, @royalkeeper, @royalwatcher, @royallysouthernsportsloving, @royaltyspeaking, @rememberdiana, @rebloggingroyals, @royalsgonewild, @ravishingtheroyals, @regallyswedish, @smrletiziaofspain, @sofiacarlphilipochalexavsverige, @sofihellqvist, @scandinavianroyals@thecrownsoutfits, @theirroyalhighnesses, @thecambridgees, @theroyalsandi

u-z: @vic-of-sverige, @video-et-taceo, @wombat-and-squeak, @whynotbritish@xoglitterbeauty