im really sorry 4 this

“I still remember your first haircut…” 

things you can do to make your posts more accessible to mentally disabled folk

  • dividers (like “————” between sections of long posts)
  • pictures make things easier and less of a hassle to read
  • bullet points
  • try not to use super hard words
  • make your paragraphs less lengthy (more spaces!)
  • titles
  • numbering

(personally i use a lot of emojis and short hand!! 😸)


I did another thing that I’ll be releasing today-ish? Either way, I kinda like it :P

Me trying to learn who's who in a kpop group
  • Me: *after watching a music video a billion times* okay I got this
  • Me: *watching another music video by the same group*
  • Me:
  • Me: wha
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: what the
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: who the shit are you

Finished the Robins! The first three sets are based off of pairs while the last was inspired by matchabot’s design. I was going to throw in a Chrom alt that matchabot also designed, but it was difficult to get the colors down…

1,2 - Tactician/Mark and Lyndis (FE 7 Blazing Sword)

3,4 - Hector and Eliwood (FE 7)

5,6 - Ephraim and Eirika (FE 8 Sacred Stones)

7,8 - Soren (FE 9 Path of Radiance/10 Radiant Dawn) insp.

If you have time, head over to matchabot’s blog and check out her work! Also have a look at my Lucina edits here, here, and here.

anonymous asked:

Have you ever talked about how weretiger!arin and the other were-creatures in your au were initially infected? Cuz they wouldn't have been born a were-creature, right? It seems like it would be a big moment in their lives

I had actually thought about this exact thing shortly after this au took off! Whether they were cursed to transform against their will or maybe they had this affliction transferred to them early in their lives I wasnt sure. But the idea of them having to face society and readjust to their previous way of life with this added burden of being so unnatural and different piqued my interest!

(This is actually longer than I expected it to be so im gonna put a readmore okay?)

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