im really really sorry!


C H O O S E  Y O U R  P L A Y E R !!! 

I got tagged by my sunny peach @kibaems to post some selfies from 2017!~ all of these are a different mood, and some are reused. I’ve found that I haven’t taken as many selfies this past half-year.

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Please tag your got spoilers! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I already saw many scenes from the leaked episode on my dash today, and I really didn’t want to get spoiled like this… 

I won’t watch the next episode until it officially airs next Sunday, and I know many others will do the same. 

So please be respectful to your followers and tag it if you post about it.

22k+ followers ♥

i still remember the day when the blog first reached 100 followers and was very happy back then at the thought that people liked this blog… i’ve been thankful then but i’m even more thankful now ;u; ♥ thank you very much for following this blog up until now and i hope to not disappoint with the posts~ i love you~! ♥ ♥

hey i just want to remind some of ya’ll, uh,

don’t fucking repost my art

i don’t care how old my art is, i don’t care what your excuse is, just don’t repost my art.
it even says on my artworks, in bright red words, that i don’t want my artwork reposted,

i’ve already had this happen multiple times on different social medias, especially on the batim amino. I even SAY on my posts that i don’t want my art reposted on both tumblr and my amino account.

Hell, i’ve had it traced, edited, claimed, etc. multiple times. i used to be so nervous and anxious about it now i just get angry whenever it happens.

its the reason why my watermarks are huge and noticeable now. Just,
don’t repost/trace/edit my artworks. period.

Some people??? Steal all seven of their ex’s keys and threaten to throw them into a volcano unless the ex brings current bf back from the dead?? To cope????

anonymous asked:

It's a annoying cause Liam's my 2nd fave and I don't want to shit on him or anything but MOST of the things he's said about Niall was when he was asked, and I know he genuinely means what he says but take away the stuff he said in interviews and you'll see it's about as much as Niall has done to support him, again not hating on Liam at all and I know he genuinely means what he says about Niall but it's just interesting to see you know?

no i get what you mean, and yeah, you are right. anytime hes “supported” niall, its been bc he was asked specifically about one other other boys, not on his own accord. which niall HAS done on his own accord. more than once. 

and like i said, none of the other boys have barely mentioned liam, let alone congratulated him for std (since they are SO butthurt about that specifically) so why arent they holding them to the same standard as they are niall? why is THAT okay, but bc niall didnt send him a “congrats” tweet, merely retweeted his std tweet (more than the others did), thats NOT ENOUGH?? 

i just do not get it at all.