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Imagine being the only one able to calm Theon down

prompt number nineteen requested by anonymous


Theon’s fist flew through the air, but the boy dodged it easily, laughing as he did so. You watched the fight from a distance, but as soon as you saw Theon was the boy about to get beaten up, you rushed towards him as fast as you could.

But you were too late. As soon as you approached the two boys, Theon was on the ground, cursing and muttering. The other boy, Jonos, spat at Theon’s feet.

“Better run back to Lord Stark, ward.” he said, flinging the word at him like an insult. Theon furrowed his  brow and got up quickly, running at the boy with fists raised.

You rushed to Theon, holding him by his waist so he couldn’t do anything stupid. “Theon! Its not worth it!” you shouted as Theon fought your grip. Jonos just shook his head and laughed, walking away and out of sight.

As soon as you thought it was safe you released Theon, out of breath and strength. You expected Theon get angry and curse you, but instead he just looked at you and said quietly, “Thank you. For holding me back.”

You sighed, “Theon, you have to stop getting into fights!”

Theon shook his head, “This one was important, though.”

You laughed out of spite, “What could possibly be an important reason to fight Jonos Karstark?”

Theon pursed his lips, his grey eyes meeting yours, “He insulted you.”

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Ah well! Uhm maybe n*18 of that writing a drabble post ("this is without a doubt the stupidest plan you've ever had, of course I'm in") and then like college AU? (you don't have to ofc I'm just weak for college AU luro) Honestly anything w college AU luro would be a blessing I was just looking at that posts Bc I'm bad w prompts lmao 😂 just do Whatevr you want I guess? I'm sure it'll be amazing either way 🙏🙏

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh-kay! This took a long time, and I’m really sorry bc finals, work and I was just generally exhausted bc im an anxious lil shit something but but!!! Here it is! 

I really hope you like it! It has no plot whatsoever but I think the interactions are pretty good and cute! First time writing Kuro so like, I tried??? 

Okay, I’m done rambling. OH OH, uh, not really beta’d at all. I apologize for any mistakes, hope u don’t cringe like agressively. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in” // Luro

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had, of course I’m in.”

Lance flips his boyfriend off before he drops to his knees and takes a small bobby pin from the back pocket of his jeans.

“Keep talking, Tadashi, and this is the last time I do something nice for you.” Lance threatens, his hands still focused on pick locking the door.

“Well, that doesn’t sound good for future horny me.”  The young adult mumbles before frowning, “And stop calling me Tadashi.”

“It’s your birth name, Kuro.” Lance replies, nickname rolling easily on his tongue, and waves him off with a shrug, “But fine, your wish is my command, babe.”

Kuro pouts at him and kicks him on the butt from behind, smirking when Lance yelps in surprise.

“How long have you been planning this, babe?”

Lance hums. “A month before you graduated last semester.”

Kuro’s eyes snap open in surprise. “That long? Babe, you didn’t have to do this, I told you back then that I was okay not getting a photo.”

His boyfriend scoffs. “Hell no. You graduated with honors, love, despite the fact that no one believed you could do it. You deserved to have your picture with the Black Lion, your career mascot! It’s a College Tradition!”

Kuro chuckles softly at the passion in the brunet’s voice. “The Director didn’t like me, we all knew that. I’m just glad I was able to prove them all wrong.”

Lance looks behind him over his shoulder to met his eyes and then he smiles softly. “Yes…you did prove them wrong and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Kuro flushes at the praise and looks away, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Oh, hush.”

“But still, babe! You didn’t get to have a picture flying the Black Lion! So, that’s why we are here for!” Lance grins proudly and Kuro snorts.

“To break into the Castle of Lions just for me to climb over a rock statue?”

“Heck yeah, we are.” Lance smirks and Kuro returns the smirk.

Director Zarkon won’t be happy with the fact someone climbed over his favorite kitty.”

“Director Zarkon can kiss my ass.”

“Ew, babe, no.” Kuro laughs, “Just hurry up, before someone catches us.” He urges, leaning against the wall nonchalantly besides his boyfriend.

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rimu-correia  asked:

Hi! I'm currently having trouble with a scene. So A is an introverted and awkward teenage male and B is his slightly older therapist. It has been about six months since their last session and B is trying to not make awkward between the two. Could you give me some tips/dialogue prompts that I could use? Thanks.

No problem. So I would start by researching what usually happens in therapy sessions, depending specifically on why your character is in therapy. If you have never had to a therapist then I definitely recommend you do a bit of research on what it’s actually like to see one. And its a bit hard for me to come up with prompts or tips for this without knowing 1. Why the boy is in therapy to begin with and 2. Why he hasnt been in six months, but I will try my best to help you out. 

So a few other tips: 

1. You should definitely know in full detail why your character needs therapy, and what lead him to the decision to get help. 

2. It could be helpful to know why character B decided to become a therapist. It could have a big effect on how he treats A. 

3. How long have they been having their therapy sessions? What do they usually include? What do they usually discuss? What kind of connection do they have? Do they get along well? Does the conversation flow naturally or does it feel a bit forced? 

4. A neat exercise for you might to be to write a couple of their more important sessions, even if they arent shown in your main story. For example perhaps thier first session, or a couple of sessions where they really had a breakthrough together. This exercise could really help you understand the characters individually(try writing each session from both perspectives!) and as well as give you a deeper understanding of their relationship! 

A couple prompts for you as well, since you asked: 

1. B:”Well, it’s been a while since are last session… is there anything important you’d like to catch me up on? A lot can happen in six months, anything you want to tell me..” 

A:”No… not really..” 

B:”If you have nothing to tell me, then why are you here?” 

A:”I dont know….” 

2. B:”You know you can talk to me, right? It’s sort of my job..” 

A:”Yeah, I know.. I just.. I just don’t know how to say this…” 

B:”It’s alright..Take your time..” 

3. A:”Can we… Can we talk about our last session?”

B:”Of course, What do you want to talk about specifically?” 

A:”What…What happened?” 

B:”What do you mean?”

A:”You know exactly what I mean…” 

4. B:”You’re my patient; This is a safe space for you, You can tell me anything. I’ll listen to whatever you have to say…” 

A:”Where was that during our last session?” 

5. B:”Im sorry, okay. I apologize. May we continue our session now?” 

A:”Wow, seriously? You know, for a therapist, you are really bad at reading the mood…” 

I really hope this helps, and if you need anything else, don’t be afraid to ask! 

Our Day Off

“Hiya!! So I was wondering if you could do 18.) delete that. Immediately. And 42.) are you bleeding from the 200 sentence prompts with Thayne Jasperson? :)”

okay, first off, I would like to apologize for being gone for so long. I got logged out of both of my accounts and it took me FOREVER to reset my password and get back in lmao. but now I’m back and I’ve got a couple new fics coming out soon!! im finally finishing requests because I feel really bad abt having left them for so long

i’m actually really excited for this fic because I’ve never actually thought of thayne this way?? so it’s cool for me to try and expand my horizons as a writer and write things I never really thought I would! thanks for the request anon :)

Send me a prompt + a person from this post! 
Askbox Masterlist

Prompts: “Delete that. Immediately.” “Are you bleeding?”
Warnings: Swearing, Descriptions of blood
Word Count: 1,401
Pairings: Thayne Jasperson X Reader

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Can u give me inspiration for a story? Like story plots or prompts ? Idk im just rly bad at this and i need something to spark my inspiration and ur stories r gr8 and u r inspirational so yknow

hmmm honestly i don’t think i’d be able to come up with any decent prompts atm, or at least not any that i don’t plan on writing :oo you’ll prob be better off with using prompt lists on here but if you really want,,,, PLEASE WRITE A STORY ABOUT HOW OC REALLY LOVES TAE BUT SHE CAN’T HELP BUT FEEL SOME SORT OF ~ATTRACTION~ TOWARDS JIMIN BC WOW I COULD RELATE TO THAT;;;;;;;;;;;

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top 10 newtmas headcanons/fave au's ?

okay so i have this really really really weird thing for au’s and i love coming up with them to bits. without further ado, here’s my top 5/10 favourite newtmas au’s (which accidentally turned into prompts i’m sorry):

  • parents au where thomas and newt’s daughter would stick out her tongue at newt every time she sees him and newt frowning in confusion before thomas snickers and goes “that’s what you get for not giving her another cookie last night
  • general au where thomas texts minho “HEY DICKHEAD“ (aka their usual greeting) only to find out he accidentally texted the wrong number when he receives a reply from a person he doesn’t know saying ”Bloody hell. Gally, is this you again?
  • high school au where thomas is whining to minho about how it’s the end of the world because newt saw his notebook with drawings of newt + thomas in little hearts during algebra
  • kids au where newt and minho would always play pranks on other kids except the new boy with brown hair because newt says he’s new and shouldn’t be brought into their pranking shenanigans but minho knows it’s because his partner in crime has a small crush on the new kid
  • war au where newt and thomas meet at training camp and immediately click on well together but can’t get too attached because they both know the possible consequences once they enter war.

    BONUS: newt ends up getting shot in war. thomas is frozen in spot, his eyes brimming with hot tears as he replays the shattered look on newt’s face before he died in his head. without realizing, thomas is laying on his back as well with blood pooling out of his chest. he doesn’t feel the pain of the bullet though because it doesn’t hurt as much as watching the person he never got to tell he loved die in front of him.

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Could you write a spideypool fic? Maybe Wade figures out that Peter really likes touch+affection (not specifically sexual or anything) and it just makes him really happy so wade decides to maybe cheer him up after a bad day? (im so bad at prompts im so sorry)

This prompt is really good, don’t worry! I’ll get to this soonish, I like the pairing, but I’ll definitely be aging Peter just a bit so I feel more comfortable writing it!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry u're having a bad day! If you want to read really really unknown deadfics lol visit my orphaned ao3 I'd love to know what you think of them! I actually found ur tumblr googling to find my old account & sent the song prompts. They might not be verygood because they are my actual first attempts at writing but if you want to u can Google 'I'm not me without you' (which is incomplete but my first proper fic so im very attached)by phantasticpheels on ao3 I don't think you can find them any

other way also if u want u can click on the name to open the profile & read ‘when a heart shatters’ inspired by when Phil’s unimate dies. Both of them aren’t really good but I’d love to hear what u think if you have the time &don’t have new fics to read! It’ll be fun knowing what some1I visit regularly can form an opinion about my failed attmpt at writing 😂😂😂 obviously u don’t have to if u don’t want to bt if u do I’ll look frward to hearing about what you think 😂myb I cn wrt agn dring hols 

omg i would love to read your fics! i will let you know my thoughts once i read any of them ( i have really hard time reading unfinished fics though, so maybe one of the other once <3 )

and thank you <3 <3 

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pynch prompts? oh twist my arm why don't you~ how about pynch + baby

hi! so! i feel like possibly you wanted kidfic and i’m really bad with kidfic like i can’t do it opal is hard enough to write so im really sorry about that. i did write something ridiculous and fluffy though, about pet names, because today is a day that needs happy things. i hope you like it! thank you for the prompt! thank you for reading!

The first time it happens it’s an accident. Adam is at the Barns, in Ronan’s room, on Ronan’s bed, holding Ronan’s hand, resting his head on Ronan’s shoulder. They’re not doing anything in particular; it’s a Friday night and Adam is back from school for the weekend and Ronan has been dreaming up forests all day and is reluctant to sleep again. Opal has gone to bed and the house is quiet, as quiet as the Barns ever is, just the sounds of trees in wind and crickets in grass and light curving around the moon. Ronan is tracing the lines on Adam’s palm, like he might pull something impossible out of his hands with the crook of a finger.

Adam had driven for hours to get to the Barns to see Opal before she fell asleep. He is exhausted and happy and he feels like the sun that came through the windshield during the drive has settled under his skin and will be there forever, soft and warm and unafraid.

“I missed you,” he says, eyes shut, mumbling the words against Ronan’s neck. And then he says, “baby.”

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the smallest box

genre: fluff? idk lmao

au: none/reality

word count: 440

warnings: bad writing/nothing really 

summary: phil gives dan a late christmas present: a box, in a box, in a box, in a,, you get the idea. its a ring cool !! its just the prompt i didn’t change it or anything lmao 

a/n: okay so i wrote a really shitty quick drabble so @ grumpy anon fight me heres a fic ,, its a christmas prompt im so r ry for that, the bad writing and stupid title aH !! i will be posting an actual full-length fic in january i think, though idk yet if its gonna be chaptered or not yet! it wiLL be better writing than this i swear i did this in fifteen minutes so :// i don’t know ahhh enjoy??

based off this prompt from @phanfic

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anonymous asked:

prompt: jehan developing a major crush on the cute person in the leather jacket with the killer red lipstick and because jehan is a major romantic who maybe takes things too far he breaks into said person's apartment (marius gives really bad dating advice okay?) with flowers and just wants to leave them there but the person is home and holding jehan against the wall with a knife pressed to their throat but really this person is rather impressed but really little bird that sweater is truly awful

aaaaaaaaaaaaa im so sorry this took forever but i got swamped and had to bust ass to do so much work for classes (which, btw, theres three more prompts in my inbox but idk when ill have time for them because i have eight EIGHT endnotes i have to write for workshops in two different classes cries

but anyway here it is 


It all started when Jehan saw them.

They were tall, and lanky, and wearing black heels with red soles, and a black leather jacket with a red tank top underneath and red lipstick like blood, and there wasn’t a single scrap of color on them other than black and red and it was striking.

Jehan had been struck speechless, mid-conversation.

“Are you okay?” Bahorel had asked, twisting in his seat to see what had distracted him. “Whoa.”

“Oh, boy,” Grantaire said. “Oh, boy, Jehan, you really don’t want to fuck with that. I see that look in your eye. You really don’t want to play with that at all. Montparnasse will skin you alive and eat you for breakfast.”

“But they’re so pretty,” Jehan said softly. “And striking. And- I can write so many poems about just this moment, I just- wow.”

Grantaire and Bahorel both groaned.

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