im really not that fat

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What do you think would happen if pishtaco Aron drained one of the guys Too Much

They probably would end up at the hospital

Or if he feeds too much they could possibly die

Im not really sure bc i know that if you run out of fat your body will start using muscles and organs to try and keep itself going


not erasing trans guys who
•dont have a chiseled jawline/features
•arent skinny
•arent the typical “most acceptable” skinny white androgynous kid with cut features
•arent Conventionally Attractive™
•seriously god this is so annoying and makes many others and myself feel like shit

shout out to fat boys though…fat cis boys. fat trans boys. fat boys that are just a little chubby. really thicc boys. fat trans boys that dont pass because of big breasts and wide hips. fat boys with big thighs and big arms and thicc waists. fat boys covered in stretch marks. fat boys with round faces and double chins.. you guys are all so perfect. just shout out to you guys. you are all so beautiful and handsome and you deserve love and validation like everybody else.

when ppl say part 1 jojo is so boring im like ????

did we watch the same thing?

so much happened in such a short amount of time its so fast paced and its bam! tragedy! bam! tragedy! like a soap opera. none of the characters had a chance to catch their breath and the situations kept escalating

listen girls with tophats and tuxes are too powerful. i dont care your body type if you are a girl with a wellfitting suit and a tophat you are instantly the most attractive person in the room nothing can stop you

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I have this pouch under my navel. And it's fucking annoying. Like I've tried dieting/exercise (I even lost like 5-7 lbs) but it's still there and it really bothers me. I mean, im not even fat. Like my bmi is 23... do you think that skinny tea works?

Okay listen up ladies because this is important. I have the tummy pouch, my friends have the tummy pouch, and most women have the tummy pouch. It’s completely normal to have it, and it doesn’t mean you’re overweight or fat. I always thought it was fat, but I’ve heard that evidently most women have this because your uterus leans against your abdominal wall. I’m not sure how true that is, but it also has to do with the way that women store fat differently from men. Some women don’t have it, but that’s a combination of extreme excercise and genetics. No matter how much weight I lose, I’ve never had a flat stomach. Even through eating disorders I’ve had the tummy pouch. I firmly believe that tummy tea is a scam, and ig models only promote it for the sponsorship. The tummy pouch is just one of those things that we all need to learn to love about ourselves, because some women just can’t get rid of it.

  • my cousin: *has fair skin, thin nose,really skinny, doesnt gain weight when she eats, and eats more than me*
  • my mom: wow why are you trying to diet? you're so healthy and thin :) also hows your day?
  • me: *has tan skin, """""ugly nose""""", and has a belly*
  • my mom: wow you're so unhealthy go diet or something, also why are you so fat? be like your cousin, and also you should go take skin whitening because dark is ugly and boys wont like you :( :( :(

Marco who, after months or training, can kick some ass during hand-to-hand combat, and I mean like throwing someone down and holding his own pretty well against two people.

Or Marco who can probably drop and give you fifty with no problem. And someone smol like Annie or Krista or Armin sitting on his back.

I just reeeaally like the thought of Marco being really fucking toned and strong and able to kick ass.

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this might sound weird but im really glad you responded to that uterus fat pouch thing because as a trans man that post has made me dysphoric on and off for months but knowing that anyone of any anatomy can have it makes me feel so much better


Honestly it’s just so…. i feel like at this points everyone’s lives could be improved immensely if we had proper sex ed everywhere, or AT LEAST good anatomy lessons. 

Also general PSA: if there are any strange squishy bulges on your body in the stomach area that you have noticed just recently, please a doctor because hernias are a thing that exists and they need taking care of by a professional.

(but seriously it’s just fat. You can tell by how when you tense your stomach muscles - and all your organs are UNDERNEATH that - the squishy part remains squishy. Because it’s fat deposits between your skin and your muscles)