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wait are you and ana actually dating now? didnt you have a boyfriend? (sorry i know this isnt the politest but im confused and tired)

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Nah legit tho imma assume this isnt biphobia and more a genuine question.

I broke up w Tom in October or November last year, I don’t post all my personal life on tumblr and generally you won’t see me posting anything negative (unless I’m entertained by my own stress or i think i need help and interaction) cos it doesn’t do me or anyone else any good, so I didn’t mention that anywhere public I don’t think. 

I’m able to work backwards because Ana and I had a chat after a gig I’d been to, so I happen to know we admitted to liking each other on the 27th of November (probs 26th to her, which, Ana, means we can have two days straight of anniversary and we 100% should). There was a lot of slow moving developments then very fast moving and I dunno when it formally happened but yeah dating.  And it’s awesome we’re like 4 months in and I’m super happy all the time and she messages me before I wake up every day and I do the same for her and we skype usually minimum once a week and yeah :D

Callout for tumblr user @/megametensi4

Past urls: n1les, beyoncewiki, mitzoumi, ect

TW: for raceplay 

this is really hard to write so im going to get into the meat of the issue so as everyone knows clover dm name is pepper, pepper is asscioated with black people which have been into slaves, now normally this wouldnt be cause for concern the main issue tho is that clover has admitted to keeping his whites, and i quote “on a leash”

this all combines into some pretty scary stuff so i think we should unfollow him for the best stay safe everyone

@lesbiankarin ok but like tumblr au naruto would try to have a tumblr multiple times but not really get it and soon after just delete or forget his like email and password for tbh. later he joins and and follows both sasuke and gaara even tho he’s not into gore or guro but he’s supportive and likes all their personal posts. he also probs starts out a cheesy fandom/jokes/food blog and then gets really invested in sjw stuff. he doesnt like make his posts but he reblogs a lot and ads a lot to the tags like “holy shit this is a thing? i relate” and he then discovers he is not straight and also not cis and v mentally ill through a lot of resources. his blog kinda devolves into a lot of sj stuff, a documentation of his own terrible decisions, personal rants, and occasionally selfies (all of which gaara likes)

lee runs an aesthetic blog/studyblr probably

hey guys, i know i havent been posting a lot. ive just had a lot of emotional trauma the past month and its been taxing both physically and mentally. and posting the doodles and getting so little notes (even tho this blog is bascially dead and i cant expect people to want to like/reblog my shitty 10 minute doodles) has been really discouraging. i still love this blog and all of you tho, and im not planning to quit anytime soon ! but exams are coming up soon and its gonna be really hard to upload somewhat frequently. thank you all for being patient with me, reading your tags is basically what motivates me to keep this blog going. but really, thank you guys, i mean it from the bottom of my heart ♡


Climb, climb. Tower of beloved corpses.

They’re saps


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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So about that Outertale idea. Wicked space aesthetic? Gimme a HELL YEA!

Only then a thought came up that I couldn’t ignore. Galaxy Grillby, or actual burning star Grillby? Hhhhhhh I need them both in my life how could I possibly choose between such godsends  //weeps

But just imagine all those fancy space drinks. I think they’re mostly glitter.


I’ve seen heaven and it looks like parent AU Daisuga. 

This is the seventh installment in a series of book recommendations, all of which will introduce you to kickass women from mythologies around the world, all of them written by women. All books listed had to pass the following criteria: 

  • Be written by a woman
  • Be fictional
  • Have a woman as (one of) the protagonist(s)
  • Feature Russian or Slavic mythology

This recommendation list comes on the heels of the Asian mythology rec list, because I really wanted to include Russia (which falls under both Asian and Slavic mythology), but I wanted to keep the country as a whole in one post. @kostromas (x) and @lamus-dworski (x) (x) were kind enough to take some time answering my questions.

While I mainly looked for books ft. Russian and Slavic mythologies (I used this Wiki file as a measure to determine the Slavic region), I also include a few books with other origins, such as Norway and various Eastern European countries, because I think - out of all the recommendation posts I have done and plan to do - this is the one they would fit best in. 

Please note as well that there is a lot of overlap among most of these cultures, with different versions of a character appearing in many, so some of the below classifications may be rather arbitrary (I usually go with what’s 1) listed in the summary, then see if 2) the writer specifies a culture, or if 3) readers had helpful input).

UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that this post could do with some clarification and additions. To start with, I’d like to address the small number of books listed under Slavic. I don’t mean to say that only the countries listed are Slavic countries. The list is as limited as it is because I found it difficult to locate books that met all the above listed criteria, and an unconscious fifth - that they be written in English. If you take out any one of those criteria, a larger pool of books would open itself up, and I encourage you to consider that as an option.

While I understand that limiting these lists to books written in or translated into English is not ideal, I also don’t think I am the right person to judge which books written in Slavic languages should be included, as I am not Slavic and don’t speak or read Slavic languages. Readers should be aware though, that reading a book featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures, which are not written by someone who identifies as Slavic, may promote a stereotypical or otherwise harmful depiction of those cultures. 

Moreover, those authors who do hail from the relevant region are more likely to be published if they don’t push the envelope too much to be acceptable for a generic Western audience. Therefore, additional reading of books on and / or featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures can aid in understanding the context of these tales. I have listed a couple of books in the honourable mentions with that in mind, and I have decided to add an asterisk (*) to all works written by an author who is confirmed as hailing from the region their work is set in. Typically, I’ve listed one or two books per author, but do check for their other writing.

Finally, I should add that I might have made a mistake in including Russia in this list. This was done because I wanted to keep the country in one post, rather than splitting it between the Asian list and this one. The Asian one was sufficiently long I didn’t want to add it there, but I might have been better off creating a completely separate list for it rather than including it here.

With the above reasons in mind, I have decided to move the Slavic section up, I have added a number of entries throughout, and expanded the resources list at the bottom.



Other regions (not Slavic or Russian)

Undefined / speculative

Historical fiction

Comics & graphic novels

Some collected tales


Honourable mentions

Other lists you can consult

If you have any suggestions for other Slavic and / or Russian women who deserve more attention (and a corresponding book), or which mythology should definitely be in this series, drop me a line!

Other kickass women in mythology: women in Greek mythology | women in Egyptian mythology & historywomen in Mesoamerican mythologies | women in Celtic mythologies | women in Native American mythologies | women in Asian mythologies | women in pirate lore & history

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i just really felt some….nessian today


[singing though tears] Gotta get back,, back to the past,, Samurai Jack (watchoww)




It’s under the Edit menu and is called “Convert brightness to opacity” and I didn’t even know it was an option until I was trying to edit a thing I was working on and hit it accidentally!!!!

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