im really nervous to post this

but really if we r mutuals im probably interested in ur life like if i see u post “im rlly nervous abt my spanish exam!!” ill check ur blog later in the day 2 see how ur doing. im a tumblr mom

okay so most of the things about this are crap - crappy keyboard, crappy lighting, crappy voice - but i spent all last night and all today writing this song (ft a bit written by straightwhiteteenageboy) and im kinda really happy with it. its nowhere near perfect and its really simple musical wise, but the lyrics are very personal to me and they mean a lot. im not a pro at this so some of you might think this is awful, but this is my song and i hope you like it xo

“My cat keeps breaking into your apartment next to mine so I tied a note to its collar to apologise and you write back so we keep exchanging cat notes and you’re pretty funny.”

Okay Hi so this is the first fic i’m posting on here and i know its not the best but hey i gotta start somewhere right? please enjoy <3

“Happy, i’m home!” He sang over the sound of his slamming door. where is that damned cat? he wondered pushing his pink locks out of his face, “oh no you did not do what i think you did.” The now blue feline stared innocently at him from the open windowsill, meowing in response causing him to drop the pink sock that was previously occupying his mouth.

stupid cat

“thats not going to wash out is it buddy?” Happy slightly tilted his head in response to his owners question, “of course it won't” he sighed scooping up his troublesome feline. “well i guess you’ll just have to go back and apologize huh.” he laughed looking at the cat with a smirk.

Dear owner of the pink sock.

My cat and i a very sorry about the mess he caused, well maybe he’s not sorry but i am, I also think he’s going to be permanently blue now so thanks for that.

-Owner of the shit cat

ps. here’s your sock back.

He scribbled the note out and tied it and the wrapped up sock onto the cat’s collar. placing the cat back onto the windowsill “go apologize you piece of shit.” he shooed off the cat who replied with an irritated meow.

Humming as she kicked her door closed Lucy expected to come home from a long day at work to her always clean apartment, what she was not expecting was to look up and see her floor covered in socks and is that

blue hair dye?

with a small, very blue, cat sitting in the middle looking rather proud of its mess. The girl sighed rather loudly as she stepped over the mess to scoop up the small animal noticing the small attached note in the process. she read the apollogy and smiled.

wow this guys really a dork she though as she grabbed paper to write him back.

Dear shitty cat owner

Your cat seemed very proud of his accomplishment but i thank you for your apology. And im pretty sure my floors going to be blue for a while too. Also i think you and your cat owe me dinner.

-Owner of the pink sock

ps. thank you i don’t know what i would have done without this back.

She happily wrapped up the note fastening it on the cat and again placing him on the windowsill. “go clean up cat, youre not buying me dinner looking like that.” With a happy meow and a tail swish he was walking along the sill back to his owner’s apartment.

it is okay to see dan and phil at the bbc

~before you have a go at me, please read and understand i am not encouraging it, i’m only saying that if you do go do not feel bad about it~

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To the people that are saying all of Vriska’s actions were due to her not having a moirail,

I have a special SIT DOWN aimed directly at you all.
Have we all forgotten that Kanaya was her moirail at some point, and she was ‘spider8itch’ to everyone at that point.
Kanaya was legit her moirail, and if anything her having the moirail just fucked shit up worse.
She didn’t need a moirail, she needed to be able to grow and mature (like everyone else, might I add) so that she could see the error of her younger self’s actions.
Her spirit right now is pretty much in ruins, because she finally has seen first hand what it felt like to others when she screwed up.

Well here it is!  @wormdelivre commissioned me to draw Winterhawk at their wedding. Clint with hearing aids and Bucky in a bun and military dress. I hope it’s to your liking :D I love drawing these dorks.

I swear it’s not steve I just figured clint would attempt to clean up for his wedding although let’s be real if they were really to get married it would probably end in some sort of disaster like at least clint catching his sleeve on fire or something but lets pretend this lovely moment happened before all that shall we

Incendio- day 1

ok pls

this is day one of chandra and jace’s 4th year at hogwarts

this fic is extremely self-indulgent (if you follow me you may already know how much i love gideon jura…) so idk if it’ll be interesting to read. I write fanfic a lot but i’ve posted any maybe once ever… but like 4 people asked to read it so

this story is about jace and chandra (it is NOT a ship fic for them though).

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Quality Time

Characters: Hyungwon (Monsta X) & reader

Genre: fluff

Word count: 1296

A/N: I literally haven’t written in 5 ish years so I apologize for the shitty writing and OOC ness. I just started writing this randomly after watching Amen like 10x.. so…(I never thought I’d actually post anything I’ve written though..  so im really nervous about this…)

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My witchsona yo

My witch was sent out to learn the (very solitary ) mind magic. But procrastinated to the point of almost forgetting about it (they never forgot. It just turned into an irratating nagging) and ended up focusing on their relationship with the forest. And well as catching fish and selling them to a market in a nearby small town. They have a junky cabin near a lake (on the skirts of a mountain) and have taken a liking to birds. As well as stray or wild cats that roam in the area. They’ve learned some mind tricks by accident and have learned how to see through the eyes of animals and influencing humans thoughts while negotiating. This has led to them being about to find fish easier, as well as easily stealing books, clothes, nick nacks, and art supplies (like clay) from shops in the nearby town.

swiftfoxgallux asked:

I've been reading your latest posts and got to the dr.Way imagine and was like u made my day so much. I love you so much rn and sorry but I'm really nervous rn like gawd I don't want to go into surgery I don wanna be cut upen *hides behind curtain*

Im sure everything will be fine, I hope it goes smoothly ♥ :)

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what can i expect from an intact male dog? im planning on buying a greyhound [puppy from a responsible breeder] to train as a service dog, mainly for psychiatric tasks but also to some extend for momentum pulling and counter balance so i wanted to wait to get him castrated so his growth plates can do their job, but ive only ever been around neutered animals and im a bit nervous about living w an intact male for a couple years

I haven’t really noticed a huge difference between owning an intact vs a neutered male.

I guess the biggest thing I would complain about is the smegma because it’s pretty fucking gross, and you have to inspect the area from time to time to make sure nothing bad’s going on with the balls. But Creed doesn’t have an overbearing urge to mark or mount, he’s a little more prone to drooling and chattering if a bitch smells good to him but can still be called off her relatively easily, and I honestly keep him much the same way I would a neutered male anyway. He doesn’t hump my things or my legs or my friends, he doesn’t piss on everything I love (though he does insist on pissing whereever any other dog has recently, however again can call him away from it if it’s annoying me)… he usually lifts his leg so he doesn’t pee on himself that much…

Yeah, the only real inconvenience with him is seepage, pretty much.