im really liking these vines


i made a bunch of funhaus vines in my day. here they are

Sungjin: Okay, we have a lot of work to do.

Jae: Right.

Brian: Right.

Sungjin: And we’re going to do it.

Brian: No playing games.

Dowoon: Games?

Sungjin: No.

Wonpil: Games are fun.

Sungjin: Stop!

Jae: I’m gonna go.

Sungjin: No!!

Dowoon, showing game control: Here’s a game.

Sungjin, playing game: NOOOOO-

Me on tumblr at school
  • me: lets see whats going on *opens app*
  • me: *catiuously looks around if anyones watching*
  • me: *can't play music, videos, or vines in fear of it playing out loud*
  • me: okay, whats this *laughs out loud*
  • me: *exits out of tumblr forever*
  • 10 minutes later
  • me: *back on tumblr*
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My reaction tbh

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You guyz, why don’t we ever talk about this interview moment? can we just take a second to appreciate this please?

Interviewer: How’ve you got two books out? By the time I was sixteen, I would mostly watch porn, watch more porn and went to bed.

Harry: That’s what Niall does!

*Niall laughs agreeingly*

*Harry giggles at his stupid joke*

*Louis comes in out of nowhere with this question…

Louis: What is porn?

Interviewer: uhhhhh…

i just… idk man, i miss the days when they looked like little lesbians *siigggh*