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Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs


VEPPer 1st Live Dancing in the universe is the day after tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to see them shine!!!!

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 fancy date :D

2. Thank You, Rain.

Genre: Fluff

Content: A fluffy bus ride with Minhyuk.

Word Count: 1188

Author’s Note: I had an ask pertaining to something along these lines (and decided I really need to take a break from writing angst for a moment) I hope you enjoy!

The lilt escaping Park Minhyuk’s lips was that of a tune both of you were more than intimidate with. Now, the hold on Park Minhyuk’s heart was something unknown to you. If you were to ask him, being a close friend or colleague, if he was okay; he would flat out say, the pain is synonymous to that of being struck. In which said friend or colleague would slowly back away or nod as if they had any sense of what he was talking about - which they most definitely had not. For it was a different kind of struck feeling pillaging Park Minhyuk’s thoughts and actions. The struck feeling of having affection for someone.

Your face was perpetually etched as clear as an oil painting in Minhyuk’s young mind. Bright pink cheeks with lips that his mind always ate away at him to kiss kiss kiss.. Eyes with pupils that never failed to lure him in and keep him there for ages, because after all, you were the bait and he was the fish.

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