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Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Little bit of Y/N & her boyfriend, other than that, nothing

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Summary: Y/N is Dean and Sam’s little sister (about 23 years old? maybe a little less) and shes been dating her boyfriend for about a year now but he’s been treating her like crap, but never got out of hand. Until one day.

Warning: Swearing, a bit of violence (not hard core)

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Notes: I’m sorry if this one sucks, its kinda late and im really hyper on soda right now sooooo it might be a bit all over the place. Don’t forget to like, reblog, or request something. <3 And tumblr wasn't working for the gifs for some reason so there is none but its okay. And Y/B/N means your boyfriend's name

Y/B/N was the perfect guy from the beginning. He was never really an angry person. But after he proposed to Y/N, he’s been really stressed. More stressed than her. With work, the bills, the wedding, and not to mention his car completely failing on him a few weeks ago, he just couldn’t keep all the stress in. He had to release it somehow. 

And with Y/N there all the time, he thinks that it would be a way to blow off steam. Not to mention he was mad that he hasn’t got some in a while, being that Y/N has been hanging out with her brothers more recently. So when Y/n got home from her brothers’ house today, he needed to diminish the pressure some way. But his plans were soon spoiled when they walked in right behind her. 

“Y/N, we need fu… Oh… Hey Sam. Hey Dean.” He laughed nervously not finishing what he was gonna say. “What are you guys doing here?” 

“Ahhh, nothing much. We just had a break from the job a bit so we just wanted to visit our special baby sister.” Dean replied hugging Y/N tightly. She giggled lightly and walked over to Y/B/N giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey babe. You were you saying some thing when i walked in?” She asked. She had a light smile on her face looking up at him. He looked at her and her brothers who were looking at him expectantly. 

“Um nothing. I’ll just tell you later.” 

“Okay!” She was in a cheery mood today. “C’mon guys.” She motioned to all three men toward the living room. Once they all sat down on the couch and chairs, her and her two big brothers quickly invested into a conversation talking about whats been happening lately in their lives, outside of hanging with each other.

Y/B/N started drifting from conversation, not really listening. Instead, he started thinking about how his night was ruined by a simple action of people coming over. He started getting angry and shifted in his seat. Y/N looked at him, worry on her face. He sighed silently and shook his head. 

“’ll be back okay Y/N. Excuse me.” He said, interrupting Sam telling a story. She nodded and he stood up and walked to the bedroom slamming the bedroom door hard enough for the walls to shake. A few moments after that happened, Y/N walked into the room.

“Y/B/N, what’s the matter? Why’d you slam the door?” She asked. She put her hand on his shoulder and he shoved it away. “Don’t do that?” 

“Do what?” She was confused on why he was acting this way and from the way he was sounding, he was scarring her a bit. 

“That. Do do that thing acting like you care about how i feel.” He didn’t know why this was coming out, but it just did. “For days, I’ve been acting like this and this is the first time you even said anything about it. Let alone noticed it. It just truly shows how much you care, doesn’t it?” With every sentence, his attitude got stronger and his volume got louder.

Little did Y/N and Y/B/N both know, Dean and Sam were both outside the bedroom door listening to on their conversation intently. And as Y/B/N tone got worse, so was their anger toward him. He had no right to talk to their little sister like that. Let alone raise his volume to her. 

Y/N was as shocked as her brothers wondering where all this anger came from. “What do you mean i just noticed it now? I’ve noticed for days that something was wrong with you but i just didn’t say anything because i knew how you hate it when i got in your business. You always say don’t worry about it or not to ask, so i respected your wishes. But other than that, i was always here if you wanted to talk. I was always there if you needed a shoulder to cry on like you did with me, so honestly don’t know why your complaining about me not being there for you when i clearly was.”

“Oh really? Where were you when my mother died last year? You didn’t even come in the same room with me to comfort me. Or what about that time i got fired from work and you didn’t even talk to me for that day! Huh?”

“I was there when your mother died! I asked you if you wanted to talk about it and you screamed at me to get out the room and to leave you alone. I respected your wishes as usual, and you were fine with it. And when you got home that day you were fired, i knew you needed time to process what was happening so i just left you alone to take it all in. Don’t even say i wasn’t there for you because of anything, you weren’t there for me.

“You weren’t there when my father died. You weren’t there when Dean was in the hospital.  You weren’t even there when my Sammy went missing for a year and every night i cried and prayed for him to come back. All you did was watch. Watch. You didn’t hold me, say things were going to be alright, or even say sorry. You just watched.”

“Don’t you dare turn all of this on me. You just cant help the fact that you’re a little bitch that doesn’t give a flying fuck about anyone el-” He didnt get to finished before he felt a sharp sting on his left cheek. When he looked at her, her eyes were wide and her mouth was in an ‘o’ shape.

The slap didn’t calm him down, if anything, it only made him angrier. He lifted his hand and whipped it down as hard as he can, hitting her in the face. The hit was hard enough for her to be knocked to the floor. 

Sam and Dean didn’t hear the first slap, however they did hear the second one. They barged in the room to see Y/B/N standing over Y/N who was laying on the floor holding her cheek. They both grew angry at the fact they he hit their little sister and clenched their fist. Sam was the first to speak up in the room filled with tension. 

“I’ll get Y/N to the car. Dean, you handle him.” He shoved Y/B/N out of the way and carried a crying Y/N bridal style in his arms out of the room. Dean watched them both leave the room before he closed the door behind them. he turned his tension to Y/B/N who looked frightening to be left alone in the room with Y/N’s eldest brother.


All three of the siblings were in the bunker library looking at each other. Dean still looked pretty mad about what happened but Sam was worried about Y/N and her state.

She was holding an ice pack to her face, the hit most likely leaving a bruise. Her mind was whirling with things she couldn’t done instead of hitting him. 

I shouldn’t have hit him.

I should’ve just tried to calm him down.

Its my fault we got into this argument. 

I was there for him, none of this would’ve happened.

I should’ve just kept my mouth shut.

You better not be thinking, what i think you’re thinking Y/N.” Dean said. Now he looked as worried as Sam, but the anger was still contorted on his face.

“What do you mean?” She acted confused, like he didn’t know what he was talking about.

“He means you better not be blaming yourself for him hitting you.” Sam said. She looked at both of them and sighed heavily.

“But it is my fault. If only i didn’t slap him first then we wouldn’t be in this mess.” 

“You had a right to hit him, he said hurtful things to you that you didn’t deserve. But he did deserve to get hit. You cant blame yourself for anything that happened.” Dean was always for one for violence. Including right now.

“None of those things he said were true Y/N. Especially what he said about you. You were right, You went through difficult things and he should’ve been there for you. He cant even say anything about you not being there for him because you came to us saying that he didn’t want your help and he didn’t want to talk about it.” 

She huffed and nodded. Y/N handed the ice pack to Dean so he could put it back in the freezer and rubbed her cheek lightly. It stung when she touch it, the bruise throbbing in pain. It was a bright red color on her light skin and her brothers both shook their heads looking at it.

“ I should go back there and fuck that guy up.” Sam said. Y/N giggled at him swearing and look at her eldest brother. 

“No need. Already did.” He winked and laughed along with both of them. Dean and Sam were right, Y/N shouldn’t blame herself for Y/B/N being a dick and for hitting her. If anything, she should be happy that her brothers were there so things couldn’t have gotten worse. She was happy that they were the ones who were always there for her.