im really good at words with friends

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.

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I know that you don't do requests but I was wondering if you would be willing to draw Cicero saying something that would cheer me up...... I've been depressed and anxious lately...

Here you go! I’m sorry if it’s not the best, but I really hope you feel better. I suffer from anxiety and depression like crazy too, so I know its hard to pick yourself up from it when it hits hard. Whatever is bringing you down and troubling you, I hope it passes soon. <3

Also, because I was having a hard time trying to think of what to say (from one anxious depressed person to the next, I’m honestly terrible with inspiring words) I thought of something that would make me laugh from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia… it cheers me up too so here it is :’’’)

(Also I’ll share this because if you’re like me you love hearing his silly voice)


Hi everyone! The four of us are working on a V Zine and we’re still in the drawing/planning phase, but we’d really appreciate it if you could help us spread the word ♡

About the zine: 
The zine will be presented in a visual storybook format, so there will be short poems to accompany some of the illustrations. The zine will focus primarily on V, but Jumin will be appearing in a good portion of the pages as well–they’re best friends!

Where profits will be going:
This is a non-profit project. Revenue from sales will go towards printing and merch making for the zine. The remaining proceeds will go to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. 

Follow us on Tumblr and Twitter for updates, previews, and zine giveaways in the future~

Artists: @tarotealeaf @vergiliaux @vess-hs @xeraeus

My Fanfiction Recommendations for DEH


Updated: 8/14/17



Title: Stop Being So Cute
Author: howboutinotdothis
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Everyone Lives AU
Rating: G
Words: 1.5k

Title: can’t find my way to you
Author: nosecoffee @nose-coffee
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Spider-Man AU
Rating: T
Words: 2.5k
(Has a prequel oneshot. God I’m so gullible for Spider-Man fics, save me. I really want more of this. Please????)

Title: I Think I Loaf You
Author: salemjune
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Bakery AU
Rating: T
Words: 2.5k
(Has a sequel oneshot. This???? Is???? Too?? Cute???? Ah fuck my cold heart can’t handle the fluff. But I really hope there is more of this, it’s really cute.)

Title: The Electrified Third Rail
Author: EmeraldAshes
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: College AU
Rating: T
Words: 3k
(Has a sequel oneshot, but this is really freakin adorable just sayin.)

Title: let us go then, you and I ( when the evening is spread out against the sky )
Author: wearealltalesintheend @wearealltalesintheend
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Hogwarts AU
Rating: T
Words: 3.3k

Title: Inked Flower
Author: Piper_Emerald @piperemerald
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Soulmate AU
Rating: T
Words: 3.7k

Title: it’s like i don’t know anything
Author: nosecoffee @nose-coffee
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Fake Relationship AU
Rating: T
Words: 4.5k
(Has a sequel series!! And it’s really good!!!! I love this fic a lot. I love the humor and I love how Connor and Evan just get to know each other and it’s hilarious and cute and ahhhhh.)

Title: Bind
Author: Piper_Emerald @piperemerald
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Soulmate AU
Rating: T
Words: 5.3k

Title: Tree Tattoos
Author: sleepysweaters
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Soulmate AU
Rating: T
Words: 7.1k

:MINIS: (2-4 Chapters)

Title: one a.m.
Author: Piper_Emerald @piperemerald
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Coffee Shop AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 3/3
Words: 4.5k
(I kinda wish this went on for a little bit longer? But, then again this author already has ANOTHER coffee shop AU (that you’ll see) that is really good.)

Title: On Cacti, Adult Braces, and Sunshine
Author: yukiawison
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: College AU
Rating: G
Chapters: 2/2
Words: 8.7k
(Fuck, fuck, fuck. Why are these all so fluffy??? And the braces????? Ahhhhhhhh.)


Title: Headline News
Author: TheaterTherapy
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Thespian AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 10/10
Words: 12k

Title: Small Hot Chocolate, No Whip
Author: yukiawison
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Coffee Shop AU
Rating: G
Chapters: 6/6
Words: 20k
(Coffee Shop AUs are popular as you can see. But I enjoy them too, so whose complaining? This one is short and sweet and full of fluff!! (With a little angst but with Connor… y'know.))

Title: Stopping Time
Author: JustYourAverageFanboy
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Timer Soulmates AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 24/24
Words: 29k

Title: Pretending
Author: Piper_Emerald @piperemerald
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Fake Relationship AU
Rating: G
Chapters: 16/16
Words: 33k
(As you can maybe tell now, I’m quite a fan of this author.)

Title: Stars In Our Eyes
Author: HamiltonTrash
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Soulmate AU
Rating: M
Chapters: 16/16
Words: 42k
(Has a finished sequel as well. I very much love this one as it was one of my first DEH fics and it’s pretty good for it being one of the first ones I read.)

Title: While You Were Sleeping
Author: Piper_Emerald @piperemerald
Ship: Tree Bros minor Galaxy Girls
Type: Based of the Movie
Rating: T
Chapters: 17/17
Words: 43k
(I don’t know the movie?? But I still really loved this fic. It’s kinda like a role reversal kind of fic, but not really. Idk but love it!)

Title: Black Hole
Author: aliensinflowercrowns @aliensinflowercrowns
Ship: Tree Bros minor Galaxy Girls
Type: Band AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 35/35
Words: 50k
(Has an ongoing prequel series. I’m so glad that the author and I talked and that they told me about this fic. Because it’s really great! Also… BALLET CONNOR OMFG ILOVEIT)

Title: Life Vest
Author: Piper_Emerald @piperemerald
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Coffee Shop AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 21/21
Words: 54k
(Ah, yes. This one. I really enjoyed this one. Especially with Connor’s character with his struggles with Zoe. It's… just so good. Read it.)

Title: Words Fail
Author: r_287
Ship: Tree Bros and Jared/Zoe
Type: Kinda??? Everyone Lives AU
Rating: NR (Major Character Death)
Chapters: 55/55
Words: 56k
(I’m not really, at all, a fan of the ending of this fic (I mean, I get what they were TRYING to do but it just made a lot of the story useless) but I really liked the beginning and such. Only read if you like sad endings I guess?)

Title: The Desperate Type
Author: chchchchcherrybomb @chchchchcherrybomb
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Everyone Lives AU
Rating: T (Violence)
Chapters: 22/22
Words: 88k
(Has multiple sequel oneshots and a prequel series. This. I just, I love this fic. SO MUCH! This was my very first DEH fic and I love every minute of it. If you haven’t read you must!! If you have, RE READ IT! I’ve re-read it so many time now I just love it.)

Title: Pain
Author: faraandmera @faronisisioni
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Everyone Lives AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 56/56
Words: 89k
(I do like this one, I think Evan recognizing Connor is like him like Connor does (maybe) in the musical and decides to not give up on him. Idk. I like it when Evan battles his anxieties. Cuz it’s hard and it’s just really admirable.)


Title: This Isn’t The End
Author: aliensinflowercrowns @aliensinflowercrowns
Ship: Tree Bros minor Galaxy Girls
Type: Childhood Friends AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 2/?
Words: 3k
(I was super happy to see this appear on Tumblr. The story so far is very good and I really cant wait to see where it all leads to.)

Title: All My Hope
Author: Piper_Emerald @piperemerald
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Kinda Ghost AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 3/?
Words: 8k
(AHHHHHHHHH OMFG ITS ONLY THREE CHAPTERS SO FAR AND IM ALREADY SO HOOKED!!!! This is why they are one of my fav authors. Such an original idea and I can’t wait to see it play out!)

Title: You Saved My Life Once
Author: Alchemized_Angel @anatoleisaslut
Ship: Tree Bros minor Galaxy Girls
Type: Everyone Lives AU
Rating: M (Violence)
Chapters: 13/?
Words: 19k

Title: Between the Pages
Author: AriMarris @arimarris
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Librarian!Connor AU
Rating: E (Smut)
Chapters: 1/3
Words: 22k
(I’ve been following this fic since BEFORE it came out. I just fuckin love it okay? And I’m just waiting and WAITING FOR MORE!)

Title: The Accountant in the Blue Suit
Author: TheaterTherapy
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Office AU
Rating: E (Smut)
Chapters: 7/?
Words: 24k
(Fuck, fuck, this is too cute!!!! Ahh!! I thought it was gonna just be all angst (though it hints at it later) but this is actually really cute???!!!)

Title: All We Do Is Run
Author: Ann_Knightley
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: College Roommates AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 21/?
Words: 25k
(I don’t really like the direction that the fic is planning on going (love triangles aint my thing), but before then it’s the best roommates fic I’ve read.)

Title: The Wrong Murphy
Author: HayleySykes_FandomQueen @theoperaghostsstudent
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Everyone Lives AU
Rating: NR
Chapters: 6/?
Words: 26k
(This is cute! It is slow on updates but it’s worth it! Just… I like it a lot k?)

Title: Night Talks
Author: smokeandwhispers @nb-connor
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Sorta Telepathic Bond AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 13/?
Words: 30k

Title: Chromaticity
Author: The_Forgotton_Nobody @scarlett-ice
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Soulmate AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 10/20
Words: 31k
(This is really cute. I really love where the story is going right now.)

Title: Jump
Author: bazwrites @transjared
Ship: Tree Bros minor Galaxy Girls and Jared/OC
Type: Everyone Lives AU
Rating: M
Chapters: 27/?
Words: 54k
(This is the most popular Tree Bros fic and it really deserves it. The writing is wonderful and I can’t help but just love it! I’m happy every time it updates.)

Title: Reinvention
Author: AceSparkleGirl @tearezicryrope
Ship: Tree Bros
Type: Connor and Evan were Friends Everyone Lives AU
Rating: T
Chapters: 31/?
Words: 60k

Title: Light
Author: adrawnangel
Ship: Tree Bros Minor Galaxy Girls and Jared/OC
Type: Everyone Lives AU
Rating: M
Chapters: 29/?
Words: 78k

les mis characters as things jules (@enjolra-s) has said
  • enjolras: *apply to shampooed, towel dry hair. After 5 mins rinse thoroughly* me: *mixes shampoo with the hair mask* time is money
  • grantaire: that's how bi people work. we are straight today, and gay tomorrow, and we cry on wednesday
  • combeferre: we need to start a gay mafia because we have some good opinions and ideas
  • courfeyrac: the only good reason to be homophobic is because the gays are attacking you with their beautiful faces
  • eponine: our motto: Mother Nature is single too
  • cosette: *talking about vaginas with teeth* vagina dentata
  • bahorel: me, explaining why you should always sleep in your socks: baba yagas babe. they eat feet.
  • feuilly: *sent a voice message reciting the entire first scene of bee movie in polish*
  • musichetta: me drinking three cups of tea with six tablespoons of sugar: BE HEALTHY
  • bossuet: make memes not discourses
  • joly: do you sometimes just go to tidy your room and twenty minutes later you're wearing a bralette and revolutionary waistcoat with badges and sunglasses
  • gavroche: lol ur like 12, go to school
  • jehan: *talking about their house ghost* i hope they're hot
  • marius: i'm not a bonapartist but i'd fuck napoleon II
  • montparnasse: self care is taking pictures of your face and sending them to your friends
  • claquesous: sell him your kidney, he likes kidneys
  • javert: i've just had a history exam and our teacher only said "remember that cheating is sinning"
  • jean valjean: do you sometimes just. talk to that one person and they do something rly normal, like idk bake bread and you realise how gay you are-
Rich Love Part 3; Tom Holland/Harrison Osterfield

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

  • pairing: reader x tom holland / reader x harrison osterfield (triangle)
  • warnings: 14+ (?), some sexual undertones
  • words: 3900+ its long but its good 
  • summary: being harrison’s best girl (friend) (?) has some perks, one of them being you get to spend a lot of time with Tom and you really want nothing more than to confess your attraction for Tom but something always gets in the way, most times that something ends up being his own best friend
  • a/n : this is a chaptered fic, part 4 to come soon
  • part (1) + (2) + (3) + (4)
  • request something or ask to be on the taglist here

TAGLIST:  @davros2004@cynderros | @manyfandomstohandle | @aussie-mantle | @honestlypeter | @clairesrainbow | @kennedy-christl | @bitchybaeeeeeew

It’s not like you wanted Harrison to spend the night. 

It wasn’t even a thought that had crossed your mind.

But after you parted from your embrace last night, you invited him up to your flat for a few minutes. Unfortunately, the two of you lost track of time and it didn’t help that neither of you bothered to plug in your phones when they died. You had gotten so caught up with reconnecting with your old best friend that checking your phone wasn’t something you felt obligated to do. 

Which would have been fine if he hadn’t promised Tom that he’d be back in twenty minutes to help clean up his place and then crash.

Clearly, that didn’t happen.

You awoke to the sun shining in your eyes, which confused you because the sun never woke you up. Your bedroom curtains were always closed and you woke up from your alarm. If the sun shining through the glass was waking you up, then that meant you weren’t in your room.

You blinked a few times as a yawn escaped your mouth. It took a few seconds for it to click in that you were in your living room. You looked to around and saw Harrison sleeping on the couch beside you-or more like under you.

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Be the person you’ve always wanted to be.
—  Ten word story: it’s never too late.
Want You (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 3,815

Warnings: Swears? (IDK) SMUT LOTS OF SMUTTY THINGS. (im going to hell come join me)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait! My classes have been kicking my butt recently but I’m glad to be back! PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT OR WHATEVER YOU WANT! I LOVE TALKING TO YOU GUYS! I HOPE YOU ENJOY! I LIVE TO PLEASE YALL SO SEND ME FEEDBACK!

Modern Laf x reader at a high school or college house party with the squad and laf and reader were just really good friends but the gang tries to get them together because they’re like perfect for each other

-Same anon from the modern house party laf x reader here again! btw I will be very okay if it’s a little smut ;)))

Could you do a Lafayette x reader where the reader always flirts with him but he just thinks they’re being friendly so it gets increasingly risqué and finally the reader just gets fed up and is all “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” Not those words exactly of course lol (I did use these word exactly and I’m not sorry. It was too great not to use)


You sat at the desk trying your best not to close your eyes. You leaned on Lafayette’s shoulder and let out a sigh. “Are you tired mon ami?” he questioned still looking up at the professor. You nodded, and Lafayette’s big hand went to caress your cheek. You let out a sigh and sat up once more rubbing at your eyes. You knew it was a bad idea to stay up all night but you had procrastinated on your homework, and instead thought about Lafayette. Your eyes started to droop down when you got elbowed on the side by Alex. You glared over at him only to see him wiggling his eyebrows motioning at you and Lafayette. He knew that you had feelings for Laf, and he was relentless with trying to set you two up. You elbowed him back and turned your head to Lafayette. He was gorgeous, how could you not have feelings for him? You had been flirting with him for the past month but alas, you had gotten nowhere. Either he didn’t like you back, or he was utterly clueless. You were caught staring when Lafayette turned so he was looking at you, he chuckled. “What are you looking at?” he said. “Oh, nothing. Just enjoying the view.” you said winking at him. He laughed it off and returned back to his notes, leaving you defeated once again. You sighed before you turned to your empty notebook and began doodling. You heard Alex stifling his laughter at your rejection but you continued to scribble in your notebook.

The time came when your class was dismissed and you finally felt like you could breathe. You quickly gathered your things and tried to rush out of the class to your apartment when Alex stopped you, Lafayette trailing behind him. “Hey, Y/N. There’s gonna be a party at mine later tonight. You and Laf should come.” he smirked. You internally screamed at his effort, and before you could decline Lafayette replied for you. “That’s fantastic! We’ll be there.” he said moving so he was next to you, intertwining his fingers with yours. You felt electricity jolt up your arm at his contact. Alex practically ran out of the room to his next class, leaving you and Lafayette just standing there holding hands. You were the one to tear your hand away. You used it to tuck a hair behind your ear before turning to Lafayette. “So, I guess we have to go to a party?” you laughed. “Come on Y/N. It’ll be fun! Maybe you’ll meet somebody special there…” he replied, raising an eyebrow. “I already have somebody in mind.” You said raising your eyebrow hoping that he would catch on. “It’ll still be fun.” it flew right over his head. You sighed in defeat turning to walk away. “I’ll see you there!” Lafayette said, giving you a half smile. You turned around and felt your heart melt. You gave him a slight wave and walked away with your heart pumping.

You arrived at your apartment to see your roommate sitting at the table. “Hey Y/N” she chirped. You had no idea how she was so happy all the time. “Hey Eliza.” you said heading for the couch for a nap. You face planted into the soft cushion and relaxed against the plush furniture. “You’re going to the party right?” Eliza asked stirring her tea. “Mmhhmm” you muffled, your head still in the cushion. She laughed slightly before walking over to you. “Laf is still not picking up?” She questioned rubbing your back. You moved your head so you weren’t suffocated. Your pout answered her question. “Well, I guess we’ve just gotta show him what he’s missing.” she said. Eliza was the first person to know about your feelings for Laf. She accidentally told Alex, and Alex told everyone, and everybody knew within a few weeks. Everybody but Lafayette. It was frustrating to see him flirt with other girls, other girls flirt with him, and him giving attention to girls. Girls that weren’t you. Your usually flirty nature did not break you out of the friendzone and you had virtually tried everything. Physical contact? Nope. Pickup lines? Nope. Flirty conversation? Nope. Suggestive comments? Nope. Eliza pulled you off the couch and into her room. You groaned, being dragged across the apartment. “Please Eliza. I’ve tried everything. There’s no reason for me to look nice. I just wanna sleep.” you rolled your eyes, before trying to rub the exhaustion out of them. “Nope.” she smiled, popping the P. She dug in her closet before pulling out a black silky fabric. Your eyes widened and she just smirked at you, handing you the dress. Both of you knew what that dress was. It was your “desperate dress”. You guys had bought it as a joke after seeing it on a mannequin but it had come in handy. It brought boys over at the bar like nobody’s business. You and Eliza had promised to use it only in emergency situations. She had worn it once at a party after Alex had cheated on Maria. He came crawling back like a lost puppy after seeing her. You held the dress in your hands, your mouth open. “I don’t know if I wanna go anymore.” you began. “No. no backing out now. We got the dress out.” Eliza replied sharply. “Well… go put it on!” she clapped, pushing you into the bathroom. You resisted slightly before finally being shoved in the bathroom. You slipped out of your sweats and t shirt, leaving you in your underwear. You pulled the dress over your head and it hit mid thigh. It was essentially a lingerie slip, but it was marketed as a dress making it “socially appropriate” to wear out. You looked in the mirror and let out a frustrated groan when your bra straps were clearly visible against the thin string straps of the dress. You shrugged before you unclasped the bra and tore it off. It wasn’t like Laf was even going to notice. You walked out of the bathroom to see Eliza there, eagerly holding a pair of mary jane pumps in one hand and a deep red lipstick in the other. You laughed at her efforts and took the heels and sat on the edge of the bed to strap your feet into them. “There’s no way he’s not going to want you now.” she cheered. You giggled with her. “I hope so.” you said crossing your fingers. She sat you on the floor and pulled out her curling iron. You two sat there while she curled your hair, you didn’t know what you would do without her. “So if he wants to tap that, would you let him?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows. She was so crazy when she was inside. “I dunno…” you mumbled, a blush rising to your cheeks. Eliza looked at you through the mirror before her eyes widened. “You totally would!” laughed. Your face turned red and you slapped her arm. “Shut uppppp” you said hiding your face in your hands. “Don’t worry girl… Just use protection.” she just couldn’t help herself. You groaned into your hands and just shook your head. After sitting on the floor for 30 minutes she helped you up, and before you could adjust, she dragged you into the bathroom once more. She spent a good chunk of time trying to teach you about makeup while you just stood there clueless. In the end she handed you the tube of deep red lipstick and nodded for you to apply it. You pulled the tube and leaned in to the mirror to apply a precise, bold lip. You leaned out again to be surprised at what you saw. “I…” Eliza looked at you with unsure eyes. “I… I look so hot.” you finished. A look of relief flooded over her face and she nodded in agreement. “Get ready for him to be begging for you.” She smirked and you smirked back in response feeling confident.

You two arrived at the party, and the minute you stepped into Alex’s apartment all the eyes followed you to the dining room where Alex was talking to John, Herc, and Lafayette. “Hey babe.” Alex said, snaking an arm around Eliza’s waist. John and Herc were looking at Eliza and Alex, but Lafayette’s eyes were roaming all over your body the minute you walked over to him. You looked over at Lafayette, feeling his eyes, but when you looked he was looking into his drink. You frowned and moved closer to Eliza. You slowly integrated yourself within the conversation and John and Herc finally looked over at you, only for them to drop like flies. “Holy shit Y/N.” John said, practically drooling. You giggled flirtatiously, slapping his chest. “Oh shut up John. It’s not like you notice me anywhere else.” you said rolling your eyes. “I didn’t know you were so hot.” Herc blurted. You laughed and just shook your head. You looked to where Lafayette was standing, but he was off with a leggy blonde flirting with her. You frowned and turned back to the group slightly disappointed. Alex and Eliza both followed your eyes to Lafayette and were also frowning when you turned your back to him. You slightly sighed before leaning against Eliza, completely hopeless. “Go talk to him” She whispered. You looked at her. “Do I have to?” you questioned like a little kid. She pushed you in his direction and you cursed under your breath before walking over to him, fixing your dress.

“Hey Laf.” you interrupted his conversation with the blonde. She looked at you, unamused but Lafayette turned his attention to you. “Oh hey Y/N. I’ll talk to you later Kelly.” he said to the blonde who walked away giving you the stink eye. “You look hot.” you said adjusting his collar for him. He didn’t even flinch. He just took it like every other girl did this for him. “Thanks Y/N.” he said casually. You let your hand linger on his built chest for a little while longer while looking at him, batting your eyelashes. “I’m hungry. Wanna go see what they have in the kitchen?” He asked killing your vibe. You dropped your hand and followed him into the kitchen utterly defeated. He began to dig in the fridge and you leaned against the counters frustrated. “Laf..” you began. “Hmm?” he questioned, head still in the fridge. “I need to ask you a question.” you said. You were stumped beyond belief and you just needed answers from him. He turned around so he was facing you, his eyes searching your for some kind of sign as to what you were going to say. “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” you blurted before you could stop yourself. You shot a hand to your mouth and he looked at you wide eyed before a dark look fell over him. “I dunno mon ami, that would be nice.” he smirked. Your hand fell to your side and you looked at him, shock all over your face. You opened your mouth to say something but no words came out. “Why so quiet Y/N?” he taunted moving closer to you. “Cat’s got your tongue?” he backed you up so your hip was pressed against the counter. “I- “ you tried again but nothing else came out. His mouth was so close to yours and his hands were on both sides of you on the counter. He was the one to initiate as he fiercely pushed his lips onto yours. You immediately kissed back, adrenaline pumping through your veins. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. Your bliss was cut short when Alex walked into the kitchen. “Hey guy-” he stopped mid sentence when he realized what he had just walked in on. “Oh um sorry. Continue” he said before dashing out. Laf pulled away and looked at you, and you just looked at the floor blushing. “I- I gotta go.” you said before ducking out of Lafayette’s arms and out into the busy crowd that was in the living room. You left Lafayette in the kitchen confused and hurt. You didn’t know why you ran away. Maybe it was because you had only thought of what it would be like to be with him not what the reality would be like. Did you like the thought of him or the real him? You found your way to the small bathroom and locked the door behind you. Your head was spinning and you looked in the mirror. You ran a hand through your hair and counted to 10 breathing in and out to get your heart rate somewhat normal. An abrupt knock on the door pulled you out of your thoughts. “Sorry! I’m coming out.” you said pulling the door open and walking out only for you to run straight into a body. You stumbled before a pair of strong arms helped you steady. “Are you alright Y/N.” It was Lafayette. You looked up at him and nodded slightly. “Listen, I’m sorry I was so aggressive. I just. That dress just. I-” he tried, you had never seen him at a loss of words. You smirked before you pulled him into an empty bedroom. It was in that moment you knew. You wanted Lafayette, whether he was just as good in real life as you had imagined in your day dreams you’d have to find out for yourself. But you were willing to take a chance on him.

“What-? Y/N?” he questioned when you locked the door behind you. “I’m going to take you up on that offer” you said walking over to Lafayette who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He didn’t know what you were talking about until you sat on him, facing him. Your legs straddling him.  You began to slightly grind on him. His hands immediately went to your hips, gripping them tightly helping you move on him. You used your hands to push him back onto the bed so he was lying down. He looked up at you in awe and you began to undo the buttons of his shirt at a rapid pace. You wanted him here, and you wanted him now. “Eager are we.” Lafayette smirked. “Awe babe, you’re gonna regret that.” you shot back now fumbling with his belt. You stripped Lafayette of his pants and underwear leaving him in the nude. You climbed on top of him and began to kiss his neck. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” he moaned out while you sucked on the skin of his collarbone. “Then why’d you never say anything.” you said in between sloppy kisses down his abs. “I never thought I could get you.” he shuddered when you got to the base of his length. “Ahh, so you want me?” you teased, your thumb swiped at the tip of his member before you wrapped your hand around it beginning to pump up and down slowly. Lafayette’s eyes closed and he let out a deep groan from his throat. You stopped moving and he shot his eyes open at the lack of pleasure. “So you want me?” you asked you hand stilled around his length. “Oui, I want you.” He said making eye contact with you. You slowly began to move your hand again. “Who?” you taunted again moving a bit faster. “Y-you.” he moaned out. You gradually picked up speed. “Who?” you asked again. “Y/N. You. Y/N” he breathed out, his eyes shut and his head thrown back onto the mattress. You loved the way he said your name, the way it rolled off of his tongue. “That’s right.” you said before you bent down so that your mouth was around his member. You began to suck at the tip lightly before taking all of his length at once causing his leg to jerk in pleasure. “Ooo-ooh Y/N” he moaned at the new sensation. And there it was again, the way he said your name made you more turned on if it was even possible. You continued to suck on his length, making sure his length grazed the rough top of your mouth just to hear him moan your name. You stopped instantly when you felt him twitch inside of your mouth. You gave him one last suck before moving back up so you were face to face with him. “Y/N…” he whined. You took his hand and put it between your legs at the dripping wet fabric. “That’s what you do to me.” you said and he instantly stopped whining, his eyes wide. His hand tore from your heat to the black slip dress you had work to the party. “This dress…” he began. “As much as I love it, I think it’s best it comes off.” he said lifting it above your head. That left you hovering over Lafayette braless, your boobs inches from his face. You could’ve sworn his eyes popped out of his skull. You left him staring at you as you rolled off of the bed making your way to your purse. You made sure to sway your hips a bit more than usual. You pulled out a condom and made your way back over to him, his eyes never left your body. You slipped out of your thong and crawled back onto the bed. He instantly tried to lay you down onto the mattress but you pushed his chest so he was against the silky bedspread. “Not today.” you rasped, leaving Lafayette to look up at you with nothing but love and lust. You tore the condom out of its wrapper carefully before you used your hands to roll it down onto his hard member. You teased him by moving back and forth so that the tip of his dick moved between your folds. Lafayette let out a frustrated groan, involuntarily bucking his hips up at the contact. You lifted your heat from his length. “Y/N Please.” Lafayette moaned. You slightly lowered yourself so that his dick was making contact with your entrance. “What was that?” you were going to drag this out as much as you could. “Y/N. Please. I want you.” He was begging at this point. “Huh?” you questioned before you eased down so that just his tip was inside of you and you pulsed around him. “I want you. I need you. Y/N please.” he practically shouting, the frustration evident in his voice. You slid down his length fully, throwing your head back in pleasure. You stayed for a second getting used to his size before moving. Your knees were pressed to his sides and you began to bounce up and down. You started by moving up just half of his length before going back down, but eventually you pulled away fully before slamming back onto him. “Ohh my god Lafayette.” you moaned, your hands pressed against his chest. His hands made their way to your hips and helped you set a steady fast rhythm. “Ah-haa. Y/N” Lafayette shuddered as you slammed back onto him. “Lafayette. I’m- m so so close.” managed to moan out, your legs beginning to shake. At that Lafayette began to thrust upward to meet you. His hands gripped tightly at your hips as he slammed up into you. “I’m gonna… oh my god… please.” now it was your turn to beg to him. “Come on baby. You’re doing so well.” he purred, still slamming into you at a fast speed. He felt you tighten around him and he slammed into you harder, “OH My-” pleasure washed all over you as you began to see white. Lafayette continued to fuck you through your orgasm following not long after. “Y/N, Ahh-hhahhh” he took a shuddering breath before he released into the condom.

You got off of Lafayette allowing him to dispose of the condom before making his way back to the bed only to see that you weren’t there. You stood in the corner getting dressed unsure if you had messed up a perfectly fine friendship because you were sexually frustrated. You stood staring at the corner as you pulled the dress over your shoulders when a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist. You turned around to see Lafayette with a sheepish grin on his face. “Listen I get if you don’t want to be friends anymore. I pushed you into this because I couldn’t contain my sexual desires, and I’m sorry.” you said trying to hide your embarrassment. “Well of course I don’t want to be friends after this.” he said. Your heart fell to the floor and you looked at your bare feet. He used his hands to cup your face so that you would look at him. “I want to be more than friends. And not that friends with benefits bullshit. I want more. I want you Y/N. I wasn’t lying when I told you that.” he said, you blushed remembering what you had made him do and say just minutes ago. “Really? I don’t want you to be with be just because we had sex…” you began. “Non. Never. I want to be with you because you’re a beautiful person Y/N, inside and out.” he said with a crooked smile. “Okay.” you said returning his smile. You both got fixed up and left the party hand in hand. Eliza raised an eyebrow at you when you were leaning into Lafayette’s chest when he was explaining to Alex that he and you had to leave. You just blushed and shook your head. “Ok, you guys can leave. I’m only letting you leave because you guys are together though. This has been months in the making.” Alex sighed patting Lafayette on the back a smirk plastered on his face. He was clearly satisfied to see you two together.

You sat before class leaning into Lafayette’s shoulder. “So what’s our next date going to be?” Lafayette asked. “Hmmm… What about-” you were cut off when a fuming Alex ran into the classroom making a beeline to you and Lafayette. “Hey Alex-” you said worried about his behavior. “Don’t hey Alex me. You two had sex on my bed at the party didn’t you.” He spat, his face red. You turned to Lafayette with wide eyes who looked at you with the same expression before bursting out laughing. “Oh my god that is disgusting.” He said. “On my bed?” “Hey it’s your fault.” Lafayette said wrapping an arm around you. “WHAT? How is this MY fault?” Alex asked. “You’re the one who’s been trying to set us up for months. And like in true Alexander Hamilton fashion you got what you wanted.” he said pressing a kiss on your forehead.

Dirty Laundry

Request: Can I ask for Sidney Crosby ? where you guys got married have one lovely boy and everything going good till Sid accidentally cheat and you want to divorce (during that you also found out you will have baby girl) then you guys make up please ? Ps. I dont know how can you be so good at writing but im appreciate it😍💗

A/N: Ok, this didn’t turn out exactly as requested. (Ish) I won’t say much because I don’t want to give it away. But I think It works. Also, I love you guys. 

Word Count: 1401

Warnings: Pregnancy, cheating, probably curse words? (I really don’t know anymore)

Up Next: Jamie Benn (There’s three. Two requested and one was a request from my best friend…that one might be pushed back.)

You’d been together since you were 20. Six years later he proposed. Three wonderful years of marriage and a beautiful son later, he did this.

You didn’t know how he could do something so horrible. Not after 9 years of being together.  9 Years of making the distance work. The fans. The puck bunnies. Not once did he ever stray. And now? It’s like he just threw everything away.

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Here’s to Happiness (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 3,126

Warnings: swears and angst…

Authors Note: i know its been a while yall and im really sorry! its almost been a month. I had finals just this past week and i was so drained but i managed to milk this fic out! enjoy, and let me know what you thought!!

Summary: He deserved to be happy, but so did you. 

Dedicated to: @hamilton-noodles because she’s a super good friend of mine and makes me happy.

Not requested


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PIP: you’re really going? i mean, i know Sulo was building a rocket but… i just didn’t think you’d ever go! i thought we were going to grow old together, Mei!!

MEI: i’m sorry, Pip. you know i absolutely loved living here and i really would stay here forever but… i need to move on. just… thank you for everything you’ve done for me, Sulo and Song!


KASPER: so, i guess this is good-bye, huh Sulo? it’s been… really nice having all of you around and… i just want you to know that i c-consider you a good f-friend! i-i’m not crying, i swear! *is totally crying*

SULO: i, too, have enjoyed our time together. as much as i have enjoyed the waterslide and chicken buckets. which is a lot.



hey yall!!! im russ and ive been on T for one month! its something i never really thought would happen so i just wanted to share the good word ;0
hmu im always game to make new friends!

Teach Me - Jack Maynard #1

Warnings: None 

Words: 1175 

Summary: Y/N is speaking to a guy she really likes and is afraid he will want to do something either, she’s very inexperienced and admits it to her close friend Jack who offers to teach her everything she’d like to learn 

This is a mini series about Jack Maynard, im not sure how many parts will be in this but id like to thank @buttercreammaynard in advance for all the help shes given me so far


Next Part >

“How’s it going?” Jack asked as you walked through his door smiling at him 

“Good, you?" 

"I’m good” He spoke as you both walked over to his sofa taking a seat, turning to face each other 

 "How was Croatia?“ 

 "It was fun, I got a nice tan and the boat was gorgeous” he had a grin on his face as he spoke 

 "I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, I feel like I haven’t seen you for ages" He let out a light chuckle at your reply 

“I was only gone for a week" 

 "I know, I just felt like I haven’t been able to see you properly over the past few weeks from you being in LA and then Croatia" 

 "Well I’m here now” You smiled at him 

 "So, meet any girls in Croatia?“ You laughed at your own question, of course he did 

 "None that is keep in contact with, how about you, have you met anyone?” You smiled slightly at his question, a blush rising on your cheeks 

 "I may be speaking to someone" Jack’s eyes lit up when you spoke, a small smirk gracing his lips 

 "Who is he?“ 

 "His name is Oscar and I met him a few weeks ago, we’ve been speaking for a while and well we we’ve went on about 5 dates now, two of them I stayed over at his for” His eyes widened at your words, clearly taking your statement wrong 

“Have you had sex?" 

 "NO” He laughed at your reaction 

 "Have you done anything with him?“ You shook your head 

"Do you plan to?" 

 "Well I- well I haven’t you know” You took a deep breathe before continuing 
“I haven’t had sex before" 

 "Wait really” a shocked tone filled up his voice 

 "Well yeah" you spoke, a blush rising on your cheeks again at his reaction 

 "Why have you never told me?“ 

"You never asked" 

 "Fair enough, but I thought it would’ve come up in some conversation" 

 "Why are you so surprised?" 

 "Because you’ve dated a few guys in the space of our friendship I would’ve thought something would’ve happened” you simply just shook your head 

“Have you done anything with these guys?" 

 "Jack, I’ve done nothing full stop” His eyes widen again 

“So your like completely pure?" 

 "I guess, why are you so shocked?" 

 "I mean I just thought you would, I’m kind of surprised that you’ve just freely told me" 

 "Well he’s been hinting recently that he wants to do something? but I’ve kind of just played it off like I didn’t catch his hints or I would just laugh when he’d say something sexual” You sighed 

 "Are you willing to?“ You took a moment to answer, taking in a deep breathe before replying 

 "Yes, but I guess I’m just nervous" 

 "What makes you nervous about it?" 

 "What if I’m bad at it? Like what if I do something wrong?" 

 "There’s not a high chance of that happening” He laughed, a small smile appearing on your face 

 "There’s still a chance though, it would be me doing something I’m inexperienced in, something I know nothing about" He sat for a moment, speechless even 

 "What if he tells you he wants to sleep with you, or at least do something?“

 "Then I’d do it but I don’t know how comfortable I’d be because I’d have to tell him I’ve never done anything before" 

 "So he doesn’t know” You shook your head, Jack sighed
 "I don’t think it’s something you should be stressing over" 

 "I can’t help it" You frowned

 "Would you be more comfortable doing it with someone you can trust first?“ You mouth opened slightly but no words came out 

 "Wh-what do you mean?" 

 "What if you tested it out with someone or perhaps were taught how to do certain things" 

 "What are you implying?" 

 "Nothing nothing” he spoke quickly
“But if you felt comfortable enough and wanted to then I could help you” It took you a while to reply, the pros and cons of such a situation going through your head 

“It wouldn’t be cheating, your not even together” That got rid of one of your worries 

“Just take your time to think about it tonight, come back over tomorrow and we can talk about it, I understand if you don’t want want to” You smiled at him and stood up 

 "Thanks I guess" He laughed, standing up with you walking to the door and opening it for you, leaning on it as you walked out 

 "Don’t forget to think about and come and see me tomorrow" You simply smiled and said goodbye, walking off to the lift 

On the way home your mind was filled with thoughts, once again going through the pros and cons of this situation, it would bring up your confidence a lot and you’d be less nervous about doing anything with Oscar but something that screamed out at you was what if this changed your friendship with Jack Once you got home you got ready for bed, it being past midnight and you were extremely tired all you wanted to do was sleep 

Once you got into bed and got settled your phone buzzed 

 ‘Hey’ Looking up slightly to see the name tag saying Oscar, a smile growing on your face  


 'How do you feel about going out on Friday?’ With it being Monday today you’d have a week to prepare if he was to ask you to stay at his 


 'Great I’ll see you then' 

You replied with a quick night before placing your phone on the bedside table next to you sighing loudly 
You hoped you would come to a decision before seeing Jack tomorrow but right now your not too sure 

 The next day came around quickly once you fell asleep, getting up and realising you had to go to Jack’s soon and you still didn’t have an answer for him
 If you said yes you would have until the end of the week to 'learn’ everything he was willing to show you and you could do that, right? 
 Right looks like you have your answer 

 Soon later you found yourself in the same position as yesterday, sitting facing Jack on his sofa as he sat waiting for you to speak 

 "So I thought about it and I mean if you didn’t mind, you could perhaps teach me a few things" As you spoke your voice got quieter, Jack’s eyes lit up slightly when you finished 

 "If your 100% comfortable with it, then yes I will" He sent you a comforting smile 

“When would you like to learn these things by?" 

 "Friday” His eyes widened as a little chuckle left his lips 

 "Well perhaps we should start right now then" he stood up taking you hand and pulling you to his bed room, sitting on the bed next to you
For him he wasn’t sure if it was the fact you were going to make him come at least twice or if it was something deeper, either way it excited him

anonymous asked:

namjoon and yoongi wrote spring day for each other? i thought it was about them but with other people? (since they have talked about breaking up with friends before) like idk isn't it weird that the song is about missing each other but they're together everyday? lol

sorry for answering late ;; also im terrible at words so im just gonna say the exact same thing my good friend @minpdyoongi said bc i really agreed with her

okay so namjoon and yoongi said that the song is based on their shared experience right ? meaning they both went through the same thing, so it’s not necessarily directed @ each other but their similar sentiments abt a hardship they went through. when yoongi said it’s based on us, he meant on what they both went thru together, their shared memories and experiences that affected them. so the song isnt outlining their relationship itself, it’s most likely directed at something that hurt them both and the way they dealt with it was by reminding themselves they aren’t alone and finding comfort in each other

which is why the only verses where i personally think they directly reference each other are these two parts bc it specifies “friend” and “best friend” 

here it’s only winter
even in August, winter comes
time passes in my heart
the train through snowy country** is all that remains
I take your hand and go to the other side of the world
I want to end this winter
if the longing comes down
just like snow, will spring come?

you know it all
you’re my best friend
the morning will come again
whatever darkness, whatever season
will not last forever - trans cr; papercrowns

and the fact that he says that he wants to reach the end of winter with them and “you know it all” bc they’re both are sharing the same hurt

and about missing you part of the lyrics, i feel like if you listened to some of their other songs where they reference their experiences as trainees, idk i feel like it’s a bit easier to understand ?? 

there’s 2 ways they’re using “you” one is the “you” that’s with them, experiencing the winter (hold your hand, you’re my best friend, etc) and the other is the “you” that they miss, resent for leaving, the one that seems to be the past but there’s a future “you” that they wanna meet

so to me it was like an introspective song about how they changed, from their past, present, to the future they’re awaiting, the past that they sometimes hate bc of baggage (dirty laundry) & they wanna forget it, the present that feels lonely & neverending at times and the future that they’re missing/anticipating but they have to get through this winter to meet the future where hopefully things are better and they’re just comforting themselves with thoughts like “you’re not alone in this” bc they both feel that way

IT’S NOT DEFINITE but this was just one of me and my friend’s interpretations of what the song could mean to them ;; 

was talking to an elderly family member who kept using “Retard” to describe mentally ill patients in a hospital. I finally spoke up to say that it was really disrespectful and patronizing to call handicapped people that. Their response was “But that’s the term! That’s the word for it, that’s what I grew up with. People need to stop being afraid of labels, this is ridiculous. There’s a new word for everything every few years because they keep claiming things are ‘derogatory’ when they’re really not.”

Fed up, I mumbled “words will stop becoming derogatory when people quit using them like insults” and a 60 year old family friend heard and clapped her hands and grinned at me and said “great point!!”

Bottle of Time 2

A new series about Peter and his best friend. (For all races, especially POC)


(Y/N) and Peter where best friends, they literally spent every waking moment with each other. They were extremely close and didn’t help that they bonded over each others mutations.

It was the 70s and high school couldn’t get any worse, it sucked cause of the shit you had to put up with. You new they were just jealous cause Peter was hot and seemed to only pay attention to you, but that didn’t excuse their horrible behavior. But one day like every other you were chilling in Peter’s basement (you were there literally everyday except Sunday’s, your mom wanted family time) when three guys came down the basement asking for your help in doing something highly illegal.

Peter was all for it but it did take some convincing to get you on board. And you were off.

Warnings: This whole story is a bit NSFW read at your own risk. Mentions of sex.

“And Peter, drive slow,” Charles said tossing the keys to your best friend. After you guys broke in to get Erik you used your power to pulsate energy through the air and knock out the guards in the hallway. Peter used his power to control the situation in the kitchen. And now here you were parting ways, “(Y/N),” Logan said motioning you to come closer. “Look, in the future I’ve known you for a long time and this magazine is the start of some very dangerous habits that completely ruin a relationship with someone you love,” He whispered. “Thats someone is everything you have, please don’t give up and hold on,” He pleaded.

You nod at the cryptic information. You step down the stairs heading towards the car you both just received. “What did he say?” Peter asked. “Just some stuff,” You replied. “Does it have to do with the book he handed you earlier?” He continued sliding into the car. “It wasn’t a book,” You replied.

The car ride was silent and full of tension, you and Peter always made it a point to communicate when you had issues. But this was something you couldn’t talk to your guy best friend about, hence why you had your girlfriends in the first place. Plus you didn’t want Peter to see the picture, you would never be able to live it down.

When you parked outside his house Peter had had enough, he had time to think and it was killing him. What was so insane about a stupid little book that you had to shut down. He knew you were going through something right now that you didn’t want him to know about. That also made his bones grind, the fact that you thought you couldn’t talk to him. So he did something completely out of impulse hoping to see what you were hiding, he stole the magazine from your bag and sped to the house.

Completely off guard is what happened, one minute you were about to exit the car the next your best friend violates your wishes. You ran as fast as you could, but you knew Peter had probably seen it, read it, probably had time to make copies by the time you would reach him.

There he was, face was red and in more shock than you. His mouth tried to form words but it couldn’t. Then his eyes lifted off the glossy paper to look up at you then back to the magazine. “Pete-” You tried before his finger shot up telling you not to say a word.

He swallowed hard then placed a hand on his hip. “So a Playboy model? Huh,” He said. “Always pegged you to be a business mogul, definitely not a model,” He said trying to bring a little light to the situation instead hitting your insecurity. “Why? I don’t seem like I could ever be a Playboy model?” You asked crossing your arms. Peter didn’t see the simple sign and kept talking not hearing his own words. “I mean yeah, you scare guys away not invite them in. I mean this picture, its sooo” “So what Peter? Scary?” You asked anger building inside you.

You could be brash sometimes when it came to boys, but they were so stupid sometimes. “No, its just its-its hot like really hot. Like I can’t even focus on my words cause of how good it looks,” He explained. “Tell me, do you have a twin sister I don’t know about? Cause this-” “Cause what Peter? Cause I so unattractive? Cause Im so hideous that that picture could never be me? Im sorry Im so scary, I’m sorry that nobody wants me. Not even my extra horny best friend believes that I could be even remotely attractive,” You screamed with a voice crack at the end. You felt a tear stream down your face and you wiped it away as fast as possible.

“Is that whats been going on?” He whispered. You closed your eyes trying to gain composure. “You think your not good enough?” He asked. “Pete-” “Babe, I didn’t mean it like that,” He said walking closer, you liked it when he called you that. “Then what did you mean?” You asked. “I meant that I could never see you in a place like that, not that your not attractive no. Your fucking gorgeous, you just have a strong personality that always seemed to have a path for success,” He explained. “But thats just it, I’m not strong Peter. Did you know I’m the last virgin in my friend group? Also I miss out on all the group activities because everyone brings there boyfriends and I end up being left out,” You explained.

Peter never thought you of all people could suffer from low self esteem. It literally baffled him, he wasn’t honest about his ‘friends’ talk he heard at school. What really happened is that he tried to ignore all the disgusting questions being thrown at him about what is was like to fuck you. Somehow those dim wits thought that you guys being friends equated you both having sex on the daily. That wasn’t the story, much to their demise. He finally had to nip it in the bud eventually when they started asking things like, what you sounded like when you screamed his name or how good you tasted in his mouth. They all thought you must’ve tasted like cinnamon but Peter thought it was more of a cherry flavor.

Now when he saw the picture, it confirmed everything he had ever thought about your body. That is was absolutely stunning, more then he could ever imagine. He almost came at that moment when he saw you. He was trying his best to play it off but that clearly turned to a completely new direction.

Another thing that picture did was make him think. Think about you, he already thought about you, a lot. He new he had emotions for you but he was not the type to deal with emotions. So he let them sit there, on the inside, growing. Until he could barely breath just by your existence. You occupied his every thought, he was even buying Playboy’s with girls that looked like you. He often stared at the pages wondering what you would look like in those skimpy outfits. Today he found out, what you didn’t know was that he had slowed time when he took the magazine. So it felt like seconds for you, but he had a good hour to process the information.

In that hour he had grown completely flustered and straight up horny. I mean, shit there you were, his best friend on the cover. You looked better than anything his imagination could conjure up, thats for sure. He almost licked the paper, what made it even worse was your expression. You were in mid moan fingers draped lazily around your mouth. Eyes staring back at him and back arched perfectly. It was driving him nuts, his mind started flooding with thoughts, and not the good kind.

He wondered back to the ‘friends’ talk, questions he often asked himself too. What did you taste like? He asked him self. Yeah, definitely cherries. He reassured. His mind dived deeper, thinking about how amazing it would be to hold you down as you came in his mouth. Shit-he could feel the pre-cum lacing his already throbbing dick.

He needed to cool down quick, sure he could slow time but that doesn’t mean it stops moving.

So here he was holding your head in his chest muffling your sobs, you were the most attractive person Peter knew. The fact that you had these insecurities showed that nobody was safe.

You sat down and explained to him about Amanda and how you had been comparing your self to her and the rest of the girls. How you wanted a guy to not only date you, but give you the sexual satisfaction you desperately needed. “Your the most amazing girl ever, don’t compare your self to others like that. And don’t change yourself to please people, your perfect the way you are and if they can’t see that fuck em’,” He finished.

Peter was so sweet sometimes. He would make a good boyfriend You thought. Would you ever date him? Of course you would. Peter was the best guy you knew, but your were just friends. That was all you could ever be, you were sure he didn’t have any feelings for you. That was until you felt his hot lips on yours. Yup, He leaned down interrupting your thoughts and planted one on you



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{ iwaoi / bokuaka fic rec }

i was recently thinking about making a fic rec and then!!!!! an opportunity struck!!!! here’s a nice, incredibly long fic rec, dedicated to @seijhoe !!!

bolded = faves EVER


general audiences+

10 ways iwaizumi hajime has said i love you || daisugass || word count: 15,894 || this one made me SUPER EMOTIONAL lol,,, but it’s about the little things iwaizumi does that say he loves oikawa and its …. so good


Freckles || starlitcities || word count: 1072 || in which iwaizumi counts all of oikawa’s freckles. pure fluff. it’s wonderful.

Like Perennials || tothemoon || word count: 35,523 || oikawa and iwaizumi can time / space travel and !!!!!! i cried a LOT at this one thats all you need to know its just so good and so ,,,, pain

kiss || buu || word count: 2289 || a collection of kisses from iwaizumi and oikawa. fluffy and Good™

Press ‘1′ To Get A Call From Your Drunk Best Friend || parasolghost || word count: 5400 || iwaizumi is drunk, calls oikawa, and theres a lot of descriptions and oikawa in complete awe :^0

lips like sugar || ohhotlamb || word count: 8064 || oikawa gives iwaizumi kissing lessons. this is one of my personal favorite fics of all time. the writing style is really soothing and aaaaaaaaaaah

falling slowly || commovente || word count: 3670 || oikawa and iwaizumi falling in love over the years. it’s really beautiful.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not || parasolghost || word count: 8763 || oikawa’s a nerd and decides to use magazine quizzes and a magic 8 ball to help him figure out if iwaizumi likes him back or not !! honestly this one is so cute and fluffy and aaaa

new phone, who dis (unfinished) || meruemsthighs || word count: 32,007+ || oikawa texts the wrong number and accidentally starts a really hilarious friendship. there’s a lot of ‘your mom’ jokes and i’ve laughed and cried through this whole fic. it’s truly one of my favorites

By the Time You’re Eighteen || ricekrispyjoints || word count: 4219 || oikawa swears that if iwaizumi turns eighteen and he still hasn’t had a first kiss, oikawa will do it for him. 

I Choose You || TripsH || word count: 9315 || soulmates au where you have a timer on your wrist counting down to meeting your soulmate, and iwaizumi’s has always been at zero.

Timeless ( We Have 30 Days ) || glass_owl || word count: 12,341 || before death, a number shows up, like a tattoo, counting down the days until the actual death will occur, but oikawa hasn’t told anyone, and there’s only 30 days left. i cried so hard at this fic that i was shaking while writing the tags oh my god

how to let your planets align || tothemoon || word count: 15,894 || a girl who has had a crush on iwaizumi hands him a list of things she planned on doing with him before they died, but the apocalypse is here, and she cannot do them anymore. iwaizumi does them with oikawa instead. i cried a lot at this one too oh my god its so good

mint || tothemoon || word count: 18,801 || iwaizumi comes over for a three day visit (or maybe 2 ½), oikawa’s face is on a billboard, a fight, some tofu, and the sound of me crying in the background

then fall back together || seabear || word count: 3907 || more kisses through the ages !!! super super cute


Prelude || Moami || word count: 3696 || oikawa’s missed iwaizumi quite a bit and is very eager to have him back in his grasp. theyre both too much for me here and now im Super Gay™

Always, My Pillar Of Strength || starlitcities || word count: 16,609 || in which iwaizumi gets a boyfriend and it takes a lot for oikawa to get over it. in all honesty i’ve never cried more over a fanfiction and to this day it’s my favorite piece in the world


blush || greymadder (whatisausername) || word count: 8002 || hONESTLY @seijhoe I KNOW THIS IS A REC FOR YOU BUT ,,, I HAD TO INCLUDE THIS ITS MY FAV,,, i love friends with benefits fics and this is a really good example of that

No Touching Allowed || starlitcities || word count: 10,478 || oikawa gets set up with a private dance from iwaizumi and is completely turned into a mess by just how hot our favorite iwa-chan is :^)


(there’s a small enough amount of these that i’m not categorizing them)

4AM || talonyth || teen+ || word count: 13,448 || akaashi drunk-calls bokuto and there’s a lot of cute conversations and aaaaaaaaaaa its good

third wheel || arsenicjay || teen+ || word count: 4533 || kuroo knows more about the relationship between akaashi and bokuto more than they do and its hilarious

Insomniac Olympics || Aetherdrive || teen+ || word count: 20,087 || akaashi is an astronomer, bokuto’s a colorblind artist, and the two of them get along after a long trip from home and a need for inspiration. this is also one of my faves and it’s really really sweet

heavy heart, a love apart || kepetin || explicit+ || word count: 7004 || akaashi and bokuto break up, but continue to visit, bokuto hasn’t moved out, and there’s a lot of messy emotions.

i will dream of you, you’ll dream of me too || orphan_account || not rated || word count: 4295 || akaashi discovers that he’s in love with bokuto. beautifully written.

have fun!!! woah this took an hour to make

anonymous asked:

im turning 24 & now picking a major in computer science. i never had a passion for anything (bc i never had the chance) i had to take on the responsibilty of caring for my little brother) & it took me so long bc anxiety/depression + being unsure of anything. cs seems like a good field & it was the only interesting major to me. but idk i still feel so unsure & behind in life. my friends all graduated or going for their masters & theres me. i feel like a failure and im just so tired :(

Hey! You are definitely not a failure, not in any sense of the word. There is absolutely no age limit on learning so you really shouldn’t let being 24 stop you from feeling proud that you’re about to start your major. Computer science seems like such an awesome degree - I think it is an excellent choice, especially if it is something you enjoy. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to pursue and that is completely normal. I started with one major and changed to another. Similarly, my sister is taking time off between high school and university because she isn’t sure the direction she wants to go. Lots of people struggle to find their passion, especially one that has a potential career involved. You definitely shouldn’t compare yourself to your friends and how they are progressing. You’ve had very different circumstances and that shouldn’t be something you feel bad about. Everyones education journey is different and yours included a minor detour for a good cause. Caring for your brother and your mental health is more important than making sure you start university with other people you know. I am sure many people would agree (like this if you do!) that you aren’t a failure for starting at 24. I’ve had numerous classes with students ranging from 24-30! I think once you’ve started and settled in you’ll realise that being 24 might even be better. You’ve got that little bit more life experience and self awareness. I am sure you’ll do great once you start. Don’t sell yourself short because of your age!! All the best xxx

                                                   art credit! and first of all:

      this is a huge excuse for me to give a big shoutout to the people who have been a joy to write with, to chat with, to simply see on the dash, and make my summer so much more interesting than it would have been w/o u so uh let me love u ok.

      as school will start up soon i won’t have a chance to be here as often, and just wanted to tell every single one of my followers that i wouldn’t have had so much fun without your help, whether that’s through interacting with me, shitposting ooc or simply taking a look through my writing. i’ve learned a lot and there are not enough words to say thanks, and i hope to continue for a long time 😁😁

    while i say thank you to all of my friends and followers for being here i have a few people to hug especially:

admiration and aspirations.
       you’ve been on my dash and my Watchlist of Wowie, That’s A Cool Mutual!! we might not talk very often or even threaded but i will always enjoy your posts on my dash - thank you for sticking around! <3

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fallenroyal  asked:

what resources are you using for learning japanese? im also learning japanese so im curious! sorry if you have already posted about it and i just havent seen it rip

Nah that’s good!

I mean, for starters, when it comes to learning pronunciation and hiragana, tofugu! 

For beginner stuff in kanji (like learning radicals and basic words), wanikani offers some levels for free, and I really like the way they teach it.

I also use Lang-8 for making friends with native Japanese speakers. You write a post in the language you’re learning, then a native speaker comes by and corrects your grammar/spelling/vocab. And then you look at posts written in English by non-English speakers, and go all grammar teacher on that! It’s a great way to meet tons of nice people!

Then, I would not recommend this for beginners, like myself, but I have tried it out before, and it is super cool.. it’s more like, a goal for what I want to be able to do soon, and that is use the phone app called Hello Talk. It’s a chat application designed for people trying to learn new languages where you can talk to native speakers of the language you want to learn. There’s tons of features to make it easier and to correct each other, as well.

Beyond that, what I do is I watch things in Japanese that do not have English subtitles. If it has Japanese subtitles, however, that’s pretty metal and it helps a lot. Things like Japanese Lets Plays, or Japanese songs with typography as a sort of music video. These things are pretty helpful, too!