im really good at photoshop

This is my boyfriend, Bertholdt. This is Bertholdt’s boyfriend, Reiner. 

I-i don’t understand whats the situation here?

Bertholdt is gay but he’s straight for me but he’s gay for Reiner and Reiner’s really gay for Bertholdt..and I hate Reiner…


Eric’s “good song”

Okay, everyone has been talking about them dying at the end of dlc 4, but… what if they survive and at the very end have to say goodbye to each other? After such a long journey, after all and everything they’ve been through.

Just imagine them not being able to let each other go… because no one ever will understand the things they’ve seen or they’ve shared

… but yet, it’s time to say goodbye


yeah i can use photoshop

yeah im really good at it

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I’m not afraid of stopping / This end could be my start / I wanna live a life / And not just play a part / I’ll walk into the sunset / I’ll sail across the sea / The final word, the last you’ll hear of me / Is goodbye, goodbye to every night alone / Goodbye to lives I don’t own / I’m tired of living on the stage / A life that’s only on the page / The empty lives are in the past / I’ve tried before, but here’s the last / Goodbye


Maze Runner Summary with Young Justice quotes

aka I thought of this at 3AM and thought it would be funny also idk what the hell I’m doing forgive me for the poor quality.


“You know, it was rude of Rossi to show up at your place after work hours. Maybe I should have a talk with him. Straighten him out.”

Life goal: to one day be as simultaneously intimidating and seductive as Penelope Garcia.

Sorry to ask for help again

But it’s been a month since we’ve been evicted and haven’t quite been able to come back up from it. Weve got a place now but i paid 1,5x rent two weeks ago because we moved in mid month, and now after two weeks of groceries ive got about 10$ left for food until the next welfare cheque comes in at the begining of december.

Ive been on a dangerously high dose of blockers for the last 8 months (400g/day at 140 lbs), and i need to get on Estradiol fast before too much of me gets deteriorated (afaik you Need either testosterone or estrogen or else bad shit happens). Its 90$ for the referral (you need a letter from a psych, it’s private or a year long waiting list and i cant), 137$ for the name change in ontario (i pass most days, things get dangerously awkard when im carded) and ~60$ (i think) for the sex designation change. If i cant get up on my feet soon im genuinely scared that im going to put my body in real physical danger.

My paypal’s im really good with photoshop if anyone wants to exchange for favours/themes/memes. I want to go back into camming, so uhhh hmu maybe? We’re getting pretty short on cash here.