im really emotional bye

tbh even if these four are no longer part of seventeen, they still trained with them in the past and will always hold a special place in our hearts. They all went through the same experiences, hardships, and laughters as the members who have successfully debuted. Though they have left the group, they are always going to be a part of the group and even after ten years later, our minds will still remember the past members. Their departure wasn’t inevitable―it took us all by surprise. But things happen, right? I guess what I’m trying to say is that since seventeen successfully debuted and beginning their journey, we should never forget Samuel, Dongjin, Doyoon, and Mingming. A lot of us probably misses these four and perhaps the other members as well but there’s nothing we can do than wish for the best, support seventeen, and love these four boys as well! Years later, when seventeen becomes one of the biggest boy-bands out there, we’ll still be reminded of these four and smile.

i’m gonna….. write a book

remember how when jirard is giving you a tour of the school he holds doors open for you

or how he holds your hand at the convention and talks to you about all the stuff you don’t understand

or how he makes a normal boots jacket in your size before youre even in the club

or how concerned he is for you when youre not sitting at the lunch table for a few days

remember how literally everything jirard does is for either you or a normal boots/hidden block member

remember how much jirard loves his friends

remember how much jirard loves you

i forgot where this post was going but i really love jirard okay bye

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Angsty fics that made you cry, like with real tears and sobbing if possible. Sad or happy beautiful endings are welcome. And last but not the least, fics that make you wanna punch either c or b because of their relationship and their attitudes.

heyyoo! these are the few fics that literally made me tear up/bawl/hadsnotrundown:

  • Hanamuke (after more than a year of waiting, authornim finally updated this fic and im glad i didn’t give up on it albeit knowing how they would end. this is one of the saddest fic i’ve read and i felt heartbroken along with baekhyun. :(( their decisions are extremely selfless which made my heart go out to both yeol and baek and i’m really getting emotional remembering this again IM BYE)
  • Fix You (who didn’t cry over this fic!! this is really beautiful! :<)
  • Hand In Hand We Swim In Our Sins (because the ending is bittersweet T__T)
  • The Switch Effect (it’s sad seeing baekhyun struggle T_T)
  • Lovers And Enemies (im prolly the only one who cried over this fic and it’s not because of chanbaek but because of baek and luhan’s friendship. lol)

and some fics that make you wanna punch c or b lol mostly fics with relationships on the rocks, and some with the cliched hate-love going on, or just c or b in denial lol:

- Admin Rose