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and if it was just how you wanted, you’d be glued to his bones


the gc were making imagines so i wrote one

“one time she met tom holland on a plane and he told her she was pretty”

pairing: tom x reader

Word Count: 467

(heyo shoot me an ask im always bored)

“Okay,” you say to your best friend. “I really have to board now.”

She looks at you and frowns. “I know, but you could always like…stay.”

You laugh and give her one last hug before wishing her goodbye and walking over to your line. You have no idea when you’ll get to see her again, but you hope it’ll be relatively soon.

You hand your ticket over to be scanned and smile at the lady, thanking her before continuing on your walk to the plane. You’d waited until last call, deciding on spending as much time as you could with your friend, so the plane is mostly already full.

You walk up the steps and into the plane, showing the lady there your ticket. “Yep, to the right,” she says happily, a bright—yet obviously fake—smile set on her face.

You hug your bag as close to you as possible to avoid hitting any seats, and when you finally get to yours, you curse as you realise you have a middle seat.

Calmly moving into your seat, you ignore the boy next to you and pull out some earphones. Your bag gets shoved under your seat and you click play on your music, turning it right up so there’s less noise from the plane when it takes off.

After ten or so minutes, the plane is in the air and everybody is mostly silent and minding their own business. Except for the boy next to you, who decides it’d be fun to tap you on the shoulder.

Not wanting to be rude, you take your earbuds out and give him a small smile. You study his features, noticing he looks slightly familiar.


He clears his throat awkwardly, eyes closing in what seems like instant regret. “Uh, sorry. I—uh, just thought I’d tell you you’re—uh—really…pretty?”

You bring your hand up to try and mute the small chuckle that leaves your lips. How awkward. Sweet.

“Thank you. You’re really pretty, too,” you joke. He laughs, obviously trying to be quiet on the flight. “I like your accent.”

He grins and nods. “Yeah, a lot of people do.” You raise your eyebrows and a small smirk grows. “I mean, not to sound like that person. Sorry. A lot of people know me, I guess? I’m Spider-Man.”

You laugh at his words, not at the fact that he’s Spider-Man (you knew him from somewhere) but at how awkward he sounds.

“I am! I swear! I’m literally Spider-Man. Tom Holland, the new one…”

“I know,” you assure him. “Do you tell a lot of people you’re Spider-Man like that? You sound like a little boy trying to convince his mother that you really are Spider-Man. No offence.”

Tom laughs and nods. “I’ve definitely been told that before.”

fake tv/film meme : the black sisters (tv show)

BLACK ; the story of the three Black sisters through trials with the oncoming darkness, upholding their pureblood lifestyle and holding together their family. THE FIRST; Bellatrix Black (Katie McGrath). The eldest Black sister and the one to bring the family honor. She has already, as it seems, fallen to the darkness; she worships the so-called Dark Lord. THE SECOND; Andromeda Black (Tatiana Maslany). She was never the favorite child. Perhaps it was because she made friends with the muggle borns at school or snuck Muggle Studies classes behind her parents back. Or perhaps it was because Bellatrix caught her snogging Ted Tonks- a mudblood. Or perhaps it was because she was still seing him behind her family’s back. THE THIRD; Narcissa Black (Natalie Dormer). A recent graduate of Hogwarts, she is caught- caught between the man she loves and the uncertainty of following him in his path to serve the Dark Lord. 

The three sisters battle the world around them while battling each other- all to make sure their name stays unburned on the family tree.

Hi, my names Victoria. I’m doing an introduction thing because I’m bored.
I’m 22, Melbourne based, single and straight edge. I like science and will be spending the next 5-6 years studying to become an Aerospace Engineer.
My inspirations are Bill Nye and Carl Sagan.
When I bake I tend to play pop punk or ke$ha quite loudly.
I usually sing 70% of the day.
I work at a stationary store, mostly because my company decided I look nerdy and people will want to buy stationary from a dorky looking individual.