im really bored can u tell

im not even in art college yet but i already can tell theres gonna be a bunch of boring white students who draw vaginas and dicks all the time because its “edgy” esp in like crayons pastel or pen/ink when really its the most uncreative thing u can do

hshfjdhs when ppl tell me they like my art style I die….like its so nice to hear bc??
When my older drawings got a lot of notes I always told myself “oh its only bc people found my post funny not bc the art is any good” bc I was reeally insecure about my art. I mean I was really glad I could make people laugh!! but I was stressing out bc i wanted to draw better,,,I cant even rly “see” my art style right now tbh so i used to think it was plain/boring but lately a lot of people have been telling me they like my style and it makes me so haPPY it gives me a feeling of improvement??? ID K runs awya

Here's a list of my favourite reactions pics/gifs

For when the other person is discussing what they’re eating/gonna eat etc. (Something along those lines)

When someone takes forever to respond and then they finally do…

Not really one I use in a friendly conversation but it’s always good to have. Never know when you might need it

When the other person is crying or telling you something sad

when you suck at being inspirational/motivational

When you suck at cheering people up

I think 99.9% of fandoms say this so…yeah…

None of these are mine so feel free to steal :)