im really angry now tbh why is this guy commenting on my post who is he even and

Okay so, if you have ever had the misfortune of being in chat with me on the topic of Assassination Classroom you would know I have a very strong belief of gay Karma and demi/pan Nagisa.

Now I was ecstatic to learn they were making the KorosenseQ spin off an actual series (Which is very likely the story Korosensei mentions in passing in the main series he wants to write in which he wouldn’t have to die and therefore is more than likely written by the octopus himself) anyway back on track, while the series seems to have diverged a bit from the comic now (tbh I think they made it better especially pope Gakuho omfg) but with the episodes being so short it means they emphasize certain things while cut other things out.

Trying to stop rambling now the thing that’s really caught my attention is the relationship between Karma and Nagisa (this is 100% a ship post if this is your notp then please stop reading now, if you do ship it or at least tolerate feel free to continue) and since @serenity0220 likes my analysis of these dumb boys so much figured eh what the hell lets post what I noticed in this episode.

Spoilers blow the cut turn back if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Excuse the lack of spell check I’m literally copy pasting this from my skype chat.

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A/N: Hi. As promised, here’s chapter 3. This is a work of fiction and all names here are products of my imagination. Previous parts can be found here and here. It’s a bit longer than usual but I hope you like it!


the_laurax69 is online.
pippilawrence08 is online.

pippilawrence08: hey laura
Sent at 11:07 pm on Wednesday

the_laurax69: well hello there my dear patient. how can i be of service to you at this very late hour?

pippilawrence08: ha ha very funny

pippilawrence08: but the patient thing, not true

the_laurax69: uh huh yes it is

pippilawrence08: no it’s not

the_laurax69: oh please! you messaged me because you have a problem and you need my advice

pippilawrence08: oh please! am i not allowed to say hi to my best friend?

pippilawrence08: and no i don’t have a problem

the_laurax69: haha yes you do

the_laurax69: i knew it the moment your name popped on my screen shining like a giant SOS in the sky

pippilawrence08: keep talkin rihanna keep talkin

the_laurax69: admit it jen. you have a problem

the_laurax69: a JOSH problem

the_laurax69: and as usual, you don’t know what to do
Sent at 11:10 pm on Wednesday

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