im ready for that


okay now i know i’ve already giffed this scene like 3000 times and already done this exact rant but it’s come to my attention that maybe people aren’t aware of my feelings re: the greatest kiss of all time? This kiss changed my goddamn LIFE. My acne? gone. My crops? watered. My gpa? raised. My depression? cured. My suicide? postponed. this is my rant about this kiss from a year ago but here I am, still screaming about it!!! The tenderness?? The way they lean it???? That look of total bliss as they pull apart?????????? The soft hand in her hair??????? i am so upset okay okay okay anyway this is the most iconiquè kiss of all time. know this

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Did you get in Wellesley and Barnard?

ahhhHH ok so ive gotten a lot of asks abt this and i feel bad not answering since i talked abt it so much through my application but i didnt :( and im. not taking it Well,, like At All,,, its been Rough,,,, and its like super embarrassing bc my whole family was expecting me to get in and like my Thing is that like im ‘the smart family member’ like my extended family thought i was like on track to harvard and this is rly like hurting my brand name,, but applications this year were rough and also i took like the entirety of junior year off due to my ed so that . rly fucked things up i think

Me: *is exhausted from my day and should probably go to bed*

Also me: * decides to read multi chap fanfics till the wee hours of the morning*

Me the next day: “gosh why the hell am I so tired?”

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I am not ready to let this dumbass show go. THIS IS ALL MAKING ME SO EMOTIONAL. PLEASE GIVE US ONE MORE SEASON! THEY'RE all hugging and I AM crying!!!!!

yeah im far from ready, abc really needs to say something

y'know im still proud of myself for getting this far?? every time i sneak out even if i dont make it past the fence i feel more free in general and more confident! i know i’ll truly make it out one day and with every failure im getting closer to an eventual success!!! also fine i’ll go back to my normal blog content bUT IM READY TO MAKE THIS A TURNING POINT OF BRAVERY TO CHASE TRUE FREEDOM IN MY LIFE so i gotta express it somehow

also update on the overwatch crush situation

friday night the guy was trying to flirt with me again and i was drunk and wasnt having it so i got super blunt and basically told him to stop. after the con things were awkward and he was beating around the bush and eventually sends me this LONG ass message saying how he wants to be my friend, but he was also trying to like, guilt me into being with him? hes like “as much as i want you to see me as the one to mend your heart i undertsand if you dont. but if you were with me id treat you like a queen” and shit and it just made me so fucking uncomforatble like. i dotn want to be treated like a queen i want to be treated like a fucking equal. i dont want someone to fix me or my broken heart like??? 

and then he insisted he just wanted to be my friend and i just was so uncomfortable. i just. eugh.