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i seem to be late to the party whO ARE THE BRIDGES??? their designs are amazing an d i love them and want to know more about them?? please?

thank you for the interest!
they are some of the main characters in the comic im slowly making called twaintense
theres an album of it with the same name
though right now, the only comic with them is “what is scary?” which you can read here
(theres a link in the description to the version with sound)

more about them:
bridgefall: chill
bridgecross: stressed
bridgeburn: sweet

more about comic:
the album was started as something low stress that i wouldnt think about making into an album… it became an album and a story formed as i was making it

i got a notebook from a friend like 80 years ago and i only used it finally when i started working on twaintense and now its full of garbage thats mostly unintelligible to everyone except for me 

somehow this is gonna turn into a comic full of characters like him

and her

just add water!
(and time… and money… and food… and confidence… etc.)

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Ye I could read it when it first came out on my computer but every time since then Ive been on my phone & now I cant read it! I can't read a lot of stuff, tho, my visions just bad. Plus I thought that I should ask if u could do descriptions while I was at it because I kno blind folks love when pages do that because then their apps still read what happened 2 them. I dont need that 2 or anything I just wanted 2 be able to read your comic and thought might as well include people who cant see at all

oh okay! absolutely! transcriptions might have to be something i implement later because im super super overworked right now… (im really sorry about that!)  but when things cool down over here i would definitely love to start making them. thanks for saying something!


Eyyooo so my friends asked me to do ship reactions which I doubt anyone will read but I thought, why ever not? So as per the title I’m going to do KuroKen reaction…okay here goeesss.

Okay so, deep down I have this really great love for KuroKen. I don’t know why but I guess it’s because of their deep-rooted friendship, you know? (kinda like IwaOi but I’ll probs get to that later). So okay, I rlly love KuroKen because of the fact that they kind of depend on themselves and their closeness in the anime/manga really speak to me. 

I kind of think that Kuroo is the person who tends to give Kenma the support he needs especially during times when he feels anxious or feels worthless because it was implied in the anime/manga that Kenma had anxiety tendencies and it could be seen how Kuroo may or may not have brought him out of his shell since childhood. He did it, not too forceful to make him feel uncomfortable but just enough to give that slight push that he needs. He mentions Kenma a lot and spends much time with him too which is a plus for the canon-ness of this ship.

Kenma on the other hand is sort of the one who gives Kuroo strength? I don’t know. He seems like a person who cares a lot about Kuroo but does it in a very discreet and nonchalant way. The ‘Kuro’ nickname is a great example of how huge his fondness of Kuroo is. We all know that names are things in Japan and nicknames are almost equally so, except like ‘dadchi, sugamoma, pudding-head and so on’ srsly our fandom’s getting out of hand.

 I’m straying from the point here sorry, as I said earlier, they’re (Kuroo and Kenma) together almost all the time and they keep mentioning each other during times when they’re not. And again, they’ve always depended on each other ever since they were children up until now. 

Damn this sounds more like a brotp in my description but I think it’d be nice if their ship were to lean more to the intimate and beyond friendship type of relationship because come on they’re super cute nekos and two cute nekos together are better than one 

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sasosaku fic recs? :3

[SOUNDS OF ME SLAMMING STACKS OF PAPER ON THE DESK] alright kids buckle up because it’s about to get wild 

Porcelain by Shoujo Junkie - this is legitimately my favourite sasosaku fic……im a huge sucker for fairytails and this one BROKE me so hard i was crying tears and dribbling snot at the end of it……’s probably the only sasosaku fic i still think about regularily four years later (it also has a pretty writing style it’s so good please read it + the urges i have to illustrate this fic are Unreal)

strings by Cracker-Nin - the best assortment of sasosaku drabbles there is if you try to fight me on this you’ve already lost i lay awake at night angry at how little reviews this thing has

(while you’re at it check out their other drabbles here and here thirrin’s friend is truly a genius beyond our time) 

Carnation by aksdlhfklsd - THIS ONE’S SHORT AND SWEET basically sasori fawning over how rad sakura is i loved it a lot when i read it for the first time 

By a Picture by NushiKasai - this one’s really good because it allowed sakura to have more insight on sasori and that was ;-;;;; ALSO THE END destroyed my tiny frail body

Against All Odds by koobabear - I didn’t actually like this one back when I read it for the first time because platonic sasosaku was boring to me so basically I was WRONG and WEAK please read this one…. part 2 (but pre-shippuuden) sakura and sasori on a mission of self-discovery and friendship (also unfortunately this one isn’t finished)

Das Puppengesicht by VesperChan - this one’s a bit older but the ending’s so good………also i really like german used for aesthetic i am 1000% DOWN with that (you should check vesper out in general if you havent because they are a really really good!! writer!!!)

These Days by StormDragon666 - 30k fic about sasori thinking he’s in the friendzone but that’s okay because his fedora isnt that glaringly obvious okay i was joking it’s a fic about sasori and sakura growing up together with lots of pining and sweetness and they’re really cute… please read this one (this is like..the only fic i like despite it having some tropes and aspects i normally dont find that appealing in (sasosaku) fic thats how great it is thirrin’s friends are truly a blessing to the community)

Chronicles by SunRises6 - another childhood growing up together friendship turned romance fic because i am a Real Sucker for those things

Lost Year by OmgItsPocky - shoutout to this fic for making me become obsessed with same-age ninjaverse AUs I don’t think any fic of that type wrecked me as hard as this one I REALLY REALLY dig how sasori and sakura interact so for that alone you should go and take a peak (they also kick orochimaru’s ass and change history this fic is a service to the community) (general shoutout to this author too i still reread all of their stuff on the regular ;-;;;;)

The Lost Empire by Nheala -  y’all should know this one but I still need to remind you that this fic had the best use of the fight (AND KANKURO AND INO AS SIDE CHARACTERS) I’ve ever seen and I’m so!!! excited!!! so see where it goes I get really giddy every time I see that it updated……i love it sm………..

ANOTHER ONE ID REC IF ID FIND IT IS Wind Me Up Baby by yourturntowatchmyback&her friend(??) ITS A REALLY REALLY GOOD MODERN AU FIC they also wrote another one with edo sasori where sakura brings him flowers which I unfortunately cant find right now but if you happen to explore and find fics with this description read them asap I beg you I love them sm


If you love yourself you should go and indulge in shannon’s drabbles (here on her new blog) because she is not only lovely but also incredibly talented HONESTLY i could trust her with my worst ideas and she’d turn them into gold…. (shannon also has a very good grasp on characters and interaction and her writing style is so lively and!!! im gay)

last but not least if you have ignored my constant advertisements (fck y-) here is the friendly reminder to read Shannon’s and Mine’s child fic Colorblind we have Sasori and Sakura as the TOKEN HETS BUT NOT REALLY BECAUSE NO ONE IN THIS FIC IS HETEROSTRAIGHT who learn to appreciate each other befriend and then fall in love and it’s basically our go to verse for everything LOVE YOURSELF and read it (please) 


tl;dr sooo while I seem very uptight when it comes to my ship I’m actually a lot more tolerant when it comes to fic?? probably because I’ve read all of them at some point

I guess the general gist is that I like fics that have a good interaction between them… I enjoy darkfic (as long as the dark aspects arent romanticized) as much as fluff (idrc if it’s ooc id still read it because im WEAK) so I’m not that picky. I hope I could help you there!!

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MISHKAAAAA if it makes you feel any better i’ve already started writing the last chapter and after that it’s just an epilogue and my hope is that it’ll be finished in a week or two?? SO DON’T BE AFRAID 

but jesus what a compliment i am literally melting in a pool of like happy death right now i love you so much how dare you come into my house and make me feel these feelings of joy ??!?!

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hey Flo!! it's me again (do you recognize me??). I'm so tiredddd because I did this absolutely ImPoSsIbLe nct's limitless choreo for my audition and now all I want is to die ahaha Flo, do u believe in astrology?? I'm sorry if my question is too personalorstrangeorstupididk buuut im really curious about it

i do recognise you, your name’s chanyeong right? if i spelt it wrong (which i probably have lol), do tell me! so you’ve had your audition???! how did it go? and hmmmm partially yes! not the stuff you read in magazines and stuff, but the actual descriptions from astrology sites aha. do you believe in it? don’t worry, it’s not too personal or strange :)

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DashBored isn't on sale right now

Just looked it up. What the… heck… is this….

Do people understand that the trailer of a game is a vital selling point… I didn’t see anything really appealing in that trailer?? The description of the game does have some interesting info, but not everyone reads the description.

But what’s exciting about this game??? What makes someone want to play it??? Why would y-

I’m in