im rather proud

happy birthday you wonderful kid, thanks for being amazing all the time. hope u have a great bday!! sending lots of love and hugs your way ❤️❤️❤️ @danielhowell


i kinda had an adorable outfit the other day

stucksim shitposting entry no. 8: PERPETUAL H8FUL MODE!!!!!!!!

let’s see how many recurrences i can put in one post.

and that’s that.

you dont want to click read more. trust me. it kills the joke.

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you put on quite a show; a freddy newandyke mix

i. devil’s back bone the civil wars ii. you’re gonna go far, kid the offspring iii. satin in a coffin modest mouse iv. d is for dangerous arctic monkeys v. smoke and mirrors gotye vi. all my own stunts arctic monkeys vii. slow show the national viii. the driver bastille ix. oh death noah gundersen



New Vid!! Bellamy & Clarke | Looking Too Closely

HD is your BFF

Theme: fearful vulnerability, dedication, and affection
Fandom: The 100
Ship: Bellarke
Song: Fink - Looking Too Closely
Vidders Note: welp i did this in a day really. im rather proud of it despite some parts that i think could be better. anyway let me know whatcha think! Also i should stop using this coloring for all my the 100 vids but honestly…i love it

no copyright infringement intended

Vid Rec:
gss42x( @gentlesleaze) - Runnin’ | Emma & Hook (6.20).

Callista Remembers Her Uncle
Callista Curnow
Callista Remembers Her Uncle

Remember Miriam’s wedding, Uncle? Even the cousins were there, in from the farms. Yours was the only house big enough for all of us. The baker used two carts to bring all the bread and sweets! Two carts! Full to the brim. 

I blamed Bradley for stealing the icing blooms on top of the cake, but you were right, of course, it was me. How did you know? But didn’t we look fine? So many of us then. 

(pause) And, remember when the streamers caught fire? They burned so fast! We all ran screaming. But not you, Uncle. Remember? You found each little fire, and put them all out, one by one. I thought you were the bravest man alive. We all did. Uncle Curnow. (cries)