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Let’s talk about 2x15

Okay, so I know a lot (if not all) of us are freaking out with those 2x15 stills, me included, and like a lot of you pointed out looks like they are wearing the same outfit from 1x12, meaning this could be a flashback. 

BUT, I’m a piece of shit and I had to be 100% sure those were the same outfits and here is what I noticed:

Magnus is wearing the same robe, but in 1x12, he was also wearing another shirt under it. The necklaces and rings are different too. Plus on the new still he has a white streak on his hair that he didn’t have in 1x12. (Also in the other stills that he’s with the red shirt he’s wearing the same necklace and the make up is the same from the blue robe still.)

Now Alec. His shirt has the same color, but the collar of them are different, so it’s not the exact same shirt. 

My conclusion is: I have more reasons to believe this is not a flashback scene and just a coincidence than the opposite. Yes, Todd said we would have a Magnus flashback from season 1 and that would involve Alec, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Alec will be in the flashback. He could be talking about him. Also, I don’t believe they would be this sloppy and make such a stupid continuity mistake. 

Another thing to point out is that by 1x12 they didn’t have the intimacy that they’re showing on the stills. I think it’s also worth mentioning that last episode (2x13) Alec was wearing the same shirt he wore in 1x04, so they could be doing the same thing with Magnus. And, if you think about it, Alec is always wearing the same type of clothes *3 different green sweaters this season*, so it only makes sense he has 5 different shirts with the same color. 

Anyways this is all speculation and I could be 100% right or 100% wrong. Let’s just calm down with the theories and see what happens. Be safe people! :)

Land Next to Me: Chapter 3

A/N: Woah this was longer than I planned-way over. This is almost twice the amount of chapter one lmao but anyways, here you guys go!! We’re back to Lucy’s POV now and things are escalating quickly!! 

Thanks @canasexual for being a lovely beta for this!! Honestly made this chapter so much better! <3 

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 4369

Pairings: Nalu, eventual Gajevy and Jerza

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits and each other. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive.

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Chapter 3: Revenge Isn’t Justice

“Levy, I don’t know what to do,” Lucy cried as she kicked her bed, frustrated. “Don’t the people deserve to know they’re going to die in three months?”

Lucy was fucking terrified. Old memories ate at her, her stomach in knots while the rest of her body felt numb. If she had just kept her mouth shut, then maybe Levy…


Broken. Bleeding. Dying.

Her breathing was haggard and heavy, her mind a jumbled mess with her thoughts disconnected and running rampant. They had somehow made it back to the camp, she surmised after looking up and seeing the dropship. She stumbled forward a few steps with tears freely flowing down her face, distorting her vision. She moved her hand to wipe the tears from her face and grimly realized that she was shaking.

A broken cry ripped from her throat as she hunched over as she felt her chest constrict. Her hands moved to grip her hair in an unsuccessful attempt to regain her composure, her thoughts and emotions completely overwhelmed by guilt and fear.

It was all her fault.

Levy was only on the ground because of her. Lucy had confided in her and told her about her mother’s plan to let the people of the Ark know that it was dying. She never even thought to consider the possibility someone could overhear them.

Lucy clutched the bracelet on her wrist, thoughts of her mother and her pointless death running through her mind as her stomach lurched up to her throat. Maybe if she tried to stop her mother, tried to convince her that she had been wrong, maybe she’d still be alive, maybe Levy and Lucy would still be in space where it was safe. At least, safer than the ground.

But her mom wasn’t wrong. The people did deserve to know.

And they never would.

She could hear voices getting closer, her body still bent over with her hands on her knees as she  tried to catch her breath. She had to stay strong.

Or, at least, look it.

With great amount effort and the little energy she had left, Lucy stood up, back straight, wiping away the tears that still fell from her face.

“What the hell happened?”


She wanted to laugh. Of course Jellal would be the one doing the questioning. It was only natural for the kids to look up to him after all; he was technically an adult and they were just a bunch of adolescent criminals who were sent down to save the lives of the innocent.

“We’re not alone,” she breathed out, staring him dead on. She saw his eyes widen, shock and confusion appearing on his face. There were mutters coming from all around her at her words, and she could hear them try to figure out what she was talking about. “There are survivors. Levy, she…” she trailed off. She couldn’t say it. It would only make it too real—too painful.

“She got hit.” She heard Loke finish and she gave him a half smile out of thanks. Her breath hitched at the look on his face—eyes red and jaw tense. He was trying to be strong, but she could tell that he was breaking down just like the rest of them.  

Her ears picked up the sounds of whimpering and her heart broke as she turned her head to see Jet and Droy with tears running down their cheeks, staring at the ground with an arm wrapped around each other. She felt her tears come back—though she doubted they even stopped in the first place—at the sight. They loved Levy just as much as she did, maybe even more.

“We need to go back for her. She could still be alive.” It wasn’t a question—Lucy needed backup. It was true they didn’t know what was out there, but there was no way was she leaving Levy for dead. “You have to come with us, Jellal. You have to help us.” Her voice cracked at the end, her words filled with pleading and desperation.

Lucy hated to ask him, she really did.

But he had a gun, and Levy was more important than her personal feelings.

She could see the pain, the conflict, in his eyes. He didn’t know Levy, hell, he didn’t even really know her. There was no reason for him to help her. More importantly, they now had more life-threatening issues to worry about, like the fact that there are survivors who potentially wanted to kill them all. The crowd started to raise their voices and she could tell panic was starting to settle in with everyone and she was slightly surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

“No,” Jellal stated, voice firm, “it’s a bad idea. We’d only get ourselves hurt—killed. We need a plan; you need to think this through, princess.” His eyes we’re focused on her as he crossed his arms in resolve.

It’s not like she expected him to say yes.

But it still hurt.

“We need to build a wall,” he shouted as he turned to the crowd of teens surrounding them, “make a defence to keep them out.” She wanted to yell, to scream at him to stop being such an idiot, but he wasn’t. A wall was a good idea. She could admit that. It would hopefully keep the grounders at bay, make it known they weren’t welcome. But right now, to her, it didn’t matter.

Nothing mattered except saving her friend, and she’d be damned if she stayed to build a wall when she could be saving a life.

“What if it was Wendy?” she demanded, hands moving to her hips as she took a few determined steps forward, mustering up a look she hoped was intimidating. She had to look in control. His face contorted to one of complete shock and she saw his jaw clench, his hands curl into balls. His features changed to one of anger as he strode towards her, and for a moment, she was scared. She stood her ground, however, not backing down from his towering frame. She knew she made him think twice, that he might change his mind, because the reality of the situation started to sink in, she could see it in his expression, the way his body was tense.

She could only hope to God that he did, because she needed him.

“But it’s not,” his voice was low, tall frame looming over hers, “it’s not Wendy. I don’t know Levy, she’s not my only responsibility. And if I can save ninety-nine lives over one, I’m going to.” She crumpled at his words, shoulders shaking as she held back her tears.

Her teeth chewed the inside of her cheek, not knowing what to say. Because he was right, Levy was one life out of a hundred. She didn’t matter to him.

But Lucy couldn’t help but hate him for it anyway.

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my aesthetic

is the dream boys in their school uniforms, at school, like wowowowow damn, u an idol but u still learning n u gon’ graduate, hell yeah, u do! but im still not informed as to whether renjun and chenle are in fact finishing their education bc pls, i just want these kids to graduate


What can you say about this? And now Im quite worried. 

I did see he went home yesterday, I saw his story on the plane and actually thought everyone had gone home till the rest of the cast started showing snaps still in Mexico. 

Honestly until reading some of this I never even noticed the banana photo was gone i hadn’t looked. But if you think Cole never deletes photos and posts you haven’t been paying attention, he does it a lot actually so I’m not worried on that front, especially as the picture he took of KJ is still there, if anything he wanted to have his thing of only three plant pictures there to keep them in one neat row for all we know. 

As for CW sending him home I don’t think so, They have finished doing press, KJ probably just had other things to do, the rest of the cast are now basically on a holiday not doing work so no i don’t think he was sent home. 

                                           handrot  /  ❤‘d

              ❛   hey,  you  doing  OK?   you  dont   too  well,  i  think.  

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hi sorry to bother you! i want to buy 2 of your prints but was wondering what country you're from? just so i know if i'm going to be hit with custom charges! thanks! :D (your art's gorgeous btw! ❤)

I’m in the US! but you dont need to worry about that! shipping fees are all through me, and my international shipping fee is a flat $8.00 USD (free shipping on orders >$20.00), and domestic is $3.00 USD (free shipping on orders >$16.00). and aw thank you so much ^^ 💜

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any HCs on mo guan shan helping hetian to quit smoking? im worried for him :(

this reply is so late, and im really REALLY sorry about it, i can only hope you’re still around to see this!! i understand how you feel, anon, sometimes i remember that he tian is smoking, living alone, and eating mostly takeouts at age 15 and i get the sudden urge to somehow enter the manhua and take care of him (which is embarrassing, but let’s not go there). i really want he tian to quit smoking in the future, and i love the thought of guan shan helping him doing it, so here are my headcanons about it!! (they ended up being very fluffy?? but hopefully they’re still in character and you’ll enjoy them anyway!!)

  • okay, so, the two of them have been together for a couple of years by now, and guan shan has always been lowkey concerned about he tian smoking, but he never said anything because the risks for his health seemed only a distant and remote possibility
  • after a couple of particularly stressful weeks, though, during which he tian ends up smoking more than usual and starts coughing pretty often, those risks suddenly become way more real and guan shan becomes really worried
  • and he has admitted to himself a long time ago that he’s in love with he tian, but now he gets hit by the realisation that he actually wants to spend the rest of his life with him
  • so guan shan starts to drop hints here and there (stuff like ‘i heard on the news that taxes on cigarettes might go up soon. sounds expensive, don’t you think?’), trying to create some sort of opening for a conversation
  • he knows he should just talk about it with he tian, but he’s way too embarrassed to say ‘im worried about your health and i don’t want to lose you’
  • of course after a couple of times that guan shan brings up the topic like that he tian understands what he’s doing, so he asks guan shan if it bothers him that he smokes

[continuing under the cut because this got long…….as usual………]

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AHHHHHHHHHH OKAY i dont know if many heard the news but there’s going to be two new but closely related Pokemon manga starting in CoroCoro’s November issue (released on October 15th) and i think this is an image from the prologue in the October issue!!! now we have to hope it gets scanned

I saved my old URL on a sideblog to go back to when Halloween is over and people??? Are following it???? There’s eighteen people following the sideblog,???

So I looked at the followers thing and????? I got followed by a brony blog I’m?????? I have only seen one episode of MLP in my life what is this

Ok but imagine what it’ll be like if ray plays a new song on the radio too
We’ve heard practically nothing from ray, whereas frank and gerard tweet all the time about their music
There will probably be deaths and all this stored love for ray toro will exolode everywhere and it will be terrifying and honestly, im quite worried ray knows this and is waiting