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I was curious about the corn farm post. How do Botanists find or induce mutations in plants?

well, in the corn post, all those plants were plants that the corn breeders at the facility had found in the field. the facility i work at is interesting in that the plants that grow at the main “home” nursery - where the zoo corn lives- aren’t the corn varieties grown in farmer’s fields, but the parents of the corn varieties grown in farmer’s fields. this is a little sidetracked but ive been wanting to talk about it for a while bc i bugged the breeders about it until they told me: so like, all the varieties at the nursery crossing facility are inbreds. like, they’ve been bred with themselves down up to 13+ generations. this means that when you work in the nursery with the inbreds and then work in fields with commercial corn, you notice some distinct things about the stuff that has been inbred for years:

-the plants are stunted. like, they are physically smaller plants. they’ll go above your head, but not by much (im like 5 foot 5). corn in the field can be regularly be like, 7-8+ feet tall. 

right now, we’re doing data collection on our hybrid corn, which involves me and a team of four other people driving out to a test field each day with literal 144 inch tall folding yardsticks and a breeder’s assistant with an ipad or data collection device; our whole job, for the past week and a half (and for the next two weeks), has been to go from row to row in certain columns of the corn and shout out plant and ear heights as we measure the corn in certain areas. from here, the breeders can use the data to calculate an average plant hight and ear hight for each variety in testing (there can be thousands per field). usually, the corn we measure is between 100 inches and 120 inches. a couple days ago we visited a field that’s notorious for drought conditions, and this year was no different- the corn was stunted to about 80-90 inches. the corn in the nursery can be anywhere from 80-100 inches, usually, but stuff that has been inbred for more generations tends to be progressively smaller.

-the plants get mutated in really weird ways. the most common ones we see in the inbreds are things like whip tassels (where the flag leaf on top of the plant concealing and protecting the tassel tightly around it instead of opening it up for pollination, causing the whole top to curl up into a tight semi-circle shape), cases where corn will be growing out the top of the plant (the corn “ears” generally grow off the side of the plant, as the female flowers; the male flowers are the tassels on the top. in this case, the plant has no ears and instead has decided to fuze its ear into its tassel, so you get a weird, mutated tassel with random kernels everywhere and dying tassel strings hanging out), cases where the whole plant is just a mess (leaves dont furl out all the way and are misshapen, tops are mutated, ears dont grow, tassels dont grow, and the whole plant is stunted to knee height), etc. 

-the plants don’t germinate. like some varieties just dont germinate after so many inbreeds, for whatever reason; something along the line just got so mutated that the whole seed just decided to stop growth altogether. this is a really weird thing that happens because you’ll be walking through the varieties and suddenly there will be a completely bare section with like, one stunted and mutated plant sitting in the middle. thats all thats left because thats all that germinated

you may be like “why would you inbreed plants so much???” and the idea is to create a pair of purebred parents so you have a better cross. the plants are bred with themselves until they reach 100% genetic homogeny. so every. single. plant. in the variety. is genetically identical. you may be like, “whoa i didn’t know that was possible!!!” and thats because it is, but like. its illegal in humans. its the same genetic ideals, but…it doesn’t apply to humans well. for understandable reasons. 

anyway, so, the plants are crossed, and then the hybrid children are badass. they have all their genes recorded. they’ve been planned down to the nucleotide for the market. because their parents have the same genes in both their lines, every single plant is more or less dependable and reliable– you won’t have random secondary traits popping up. hybrids are stronger, more disease resilient, and generally bred specifically for farms– and that’s the corn that gets sent to production facilities. the production facilities grow them en mass and multiply them up, then sell the grain as seed to farmers, who then have hardy, reliable seed for their fields. 

so like, the mutations. all that stuff?? its kind of accidental, but when you work with plants that are explicitly cultivated for performance…like, all the stuff that naturally would stop mutations in the wild (for example, there’s not much of a chance that you’re gonna get bred with yourself 13+ times in a row) kind of gets thrown out the window, and weird stuff happens. that being said, bending the rules like that has allowed us to make huge strides in breeding. 

that being said…if you wanted to cause some plant mutations, it’s not hard. for example in the book ive been reading since it was recced to me yesterday (”Flower Confidential” by Amy Stewart, which talks about the ornamental cut flower industry) there are some techniques that get used for intentional mutations. like, they were talking about Plant Patent 165, one of the first patented plants (patented in the 1930s) by General Electric. In flower breeding for cut flowers, it’s undesirable to have plants that shed flower everywhere. #165 (a lily variety called “Regal Lily”) was one of the first patented plants ever, and didn’t shed pollen due to a treatment where the seeds were X-Rayed for 30 seconds, causing a sterile mutation. from the same book comes this example:

so mutations: sometimes they’re intentional, sometimes they’re bred into it, sometimes its accidental or caused by overbreeding as a side effect. thats completely excluding GMO manipulation btw

P.S. “corn” in this post means Maize specifically, for those wondering 


Hey everyone!!! MY BUDS

by the time u read this i’ll be in Puerto Rico visiting my fam and getting my tan fleekd!!! So basically what im trying to say is, I’m going 2 be M.I.A. for about a month & a half :( since i wont have my computer with me SIGH

& i WISH i was like those simmers that just build up like 2 years worth of a queue lmao (i wish) SADLY Im not gonna be posting for a bit!! DONT MISS ME TOO MUCH! i might be able to answers asks here and there though!!!

anyways ya thats it see yall on the flipside love u all u all mean the world to me ty for ur support !!!!!! ILL BE BACK

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Hi there! I don't know if you'll have anything to say aside from what you told that other person asking about building towns, but. I don't DM, but I have been interested in creating cities based off medieval history for D&D lately. However, I'm kinda at a roadblock when it comes to structuring that info. I tried to find a blank sheet or something but had no luck. How do you (or others) usually arrange information? Also, if I were to come up with something I liked, should I send it here?

Please feel free to send me ideas, your art, etc! I don’t post every idea I get, but I’ve gotten a lot of good ones I never would have thought of. 

I’m pretty unorganized tbh but this is what I do usually: [real vs example versions]


Large population, human with some dwarfs.

Strong guard presence.

Typical, but at night everyone hurries home. Everyone thinks their family is cursed to be werewolves, and others will kill them. No one knows everyone else is also a werewolf.

Not close to other towns, no allies. Enemies with the nearby Drow settlement.

Beer n Booty: typical. Run by Ava. Sells endlessly empty mugs.

Sleeping Ugly: Expensive. Run by Burt. Complimentary breakfast, but it’s all weird fancy stuff.

Mixer’s Elixirs: Potions shop run by Mixer. Yes, that is his name. No, you cannot buy anything deadly. He sells perfume but insists on calling it potions.

Luthur. 42. Very hairy. The townsfolk are worried about him, he seems to be acting strange. He’s salivating at the sight of meat, has fleas, and is growing hair on his legs at an alarming rate. He is the first werewolf, slowly transforming into a full wolf. The rest of the village is soon to follow.

[Town Name]

[General information about town that your players can figure out, or ask questions about]

[list of town shops, or noticeable places like a fountain]

[list of NPCs that you think are important]

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Are you going to make a list? Are you? :D

Bold is written and in queue, no matchups

S/o that hides their eyes behind big glasses. S/o has glowing blue eyes. With whoever you want?

How would Genji, Zenyatta, and Sombra deal with someone who has dissociative identity disorder?

Mercy, Zarya, and Pharah with male reader who has a height complex about being short.

McCree, Soldier 76, Junkrat with small, quiet, fragile and possibly blind reader

Reaper, McCree, Zarya, and Mercy who catches strangers giving reader a harsh glare for being FTM

Genji helping reader dye their hair

McCree comforting reader who’s afraid of him abandoning them

McCree helping reader overcome Bulimia

Lucio and McCree with reader performing for the first time as an ice skater.

McCree and Reaper with reader moaning in sleep.

Junkrat and Roadhog killing a small spider for reader

Mondatta finds reader had relapsed into self harm

Sombra helping reader who gets anxious to the point of nearly having a panic attack

Zenyatta, Pharah, and Widowmaker surprising reader with a trip to the ocean.

NSFW HC with Zenyatta, McCree, Reaper and Pharah with dominant reader who surprises them with submissive begging

Succubus Police asking reader to come out with their pants down.

Reaper, McCree, and Zenyatta with reader who gets exhausted from social interactions.

Genji and Mercy walking into readers room while they’re masturbating.

Genji comforting reader who’s suffering from depression

Zenyatta with normall reserved reader kissing them on the mouthplate after being away long

Pegging with Junkrat

Symmetra with reader whos usually neat unless suffering from a bout of depression

Roadhog saves reader from assailant and gets dinner from it.

Human Zenyatta having sex and is overwhelmed by how good it feels

Widowmaker, Symmetra, and Soldier 76 with reader who’s been abused by a past lover

Symmetra dominating over reader

Soulmate au with Junkrat

Albino reader is being tortured by Reaper while Genji is forced to watch

Psychic child reader bonds with McCree by mischieviously playing tricks

Hey! Can you write a really fluffy McCree x s/o headcanons? Maybe s/o comforting McCree when he’s feeling down? Thanks!

Psychic child reader is almost kidnapped by Deadlock again but Papa McCree kicks their sorry asses into next week.

Reinhardt reuniting with a lover from his youth? And they make reunion love✨❤️

Blackwatch Genji becoming very Yandere for a new recruit to Blackwatch, following them around, leaving nice gifts, and eventually locking them up in his room to ‘protect them from the dangerous outside world’.

Polygenyatta NSFW head canons?

The little story about the child who was in the Shimada prostitution ring was so sad! Can you write a little something where they are with Genji and snuggling up to him since Gabe is away doing work?

Futanari pharah with female s/o?

Zenyatta seeing his omnic friend that disguises as human get attacked and the attackers rip off their disguise?

Birthday Headcanons with McCree, Genji, and Hanzo.

Reaper x reader. When reaper and reader are having sex reader trying to keep quiet and that no no to reaper and he use his best of his skills to make them cried and oversimulated

Sombra, Junkrat, and Genji waking up to their s/o having an anxiety attack about their leg that they lost in battle, and comforting them in the best way they can.

Pharah,mercy and Ana with a s/o that is a cloaker from payday

Ana in a relationship with a younger Female S/O sfw and nsfw headcanons

How about Ana with an older female reader (like her wife maybe?) going on a date?

How about platonic fluff between Mei and the reader! Like Mei is info dumping about science and the reader is listening intently!

Reader afraid of doctors (idk the phobia) meeting mercy

Could I ask for some more sweet Reaper/Reyes with his fem!SO? I crave that gentle fluff. Thank you for all your amazing writing!!!

S/o singing “Fortune’s fool” by Hiatus & Shura to male overwatch characters of your choice

S/o that scratches the skin next to their nails off when stressed or anxious with Mercy, Symmetra, Zinyatta?

A scenario of Hanzo and Pirate! S/o having to summon the Kraken and the Dragons at the same time in battle?

S/o used to be an amazing pole dancer and decides to put on last show for Mercy, Pharah, Sombra, and (your choice)

prompt idea: junkrat finds a little girl in the middle of a desolate city and he’s just like “this is my kid now

Sombra, Widowmaker and Ana with a s/o who loves to cook gourmet meals for them.

76 and his female s/o find out they’re gonna have a baby but they’re surprised due to how old they both are?

Sombra coming home from a mission to find out that her wife made her dinner and everything to welcome her home, thanks so much, I also wanna say I really love the way you write sombra it’s perfect : )

S/o being sent on a mission that they know will kill them and on the way they call widow, Mercy, Ana, Symmetra to say their final goodbyes?

Hc about mercy and Dva finding out that their s/o pulls heists so they can support them?

Symmetra taking care of her s/o who’s a gentle giant and he’s scared of almost everything?

Widowmaker walking in on her F s/o trying to learn French on a computer program.

Zarya bench pressing beanpole s/o for an entire day just to prove that she can?

Psychic child reader McCree adopted finds out that their parents were killed by Deadlock, goes into an emotional breakdown with their powers going crazy before McCree calms them down

can i plEASE have lucio, mccree, reaper, jack, zarya, genji and daddy rein with your choice of angst! hdcns or write it out of relationship angst. "i said something and now you’re leaving pls dont” “i made a mistake im sorry” “FINE THEN LEAVE! *turns around* *turns back* *reader leaving* i… wait” “i know we just fought but reader is in tears and you wont let me touch you, please let me help” “im angry and i almost hit you im so sorry” JUST FUCK ME UP???? you start, ill finished them!! (I’ll probably just post this as it isn’t an actual prompt)

How about some pre-mission (or post) cuddles with Reinhardt, Winston and Zarya? Could be fluffy or NSFW

Hcs of Reaper, Zarya, and Sombra with an SO who has very bad visual schizophrenic episodes at night to the point of crying and screaming.

here’s a little embarassing thing about me: i am! so! obsessed! with! my! gadgets!

remember how i keep on telling you i’ve been really busy with my preps for CETs and how my parents imposed strict curfews and schedules to maximize the little time i have to study? yep, that’s not exactly how it’s been working out with my life right now. i do study but i occasionally check on my phone, respond on messages on tumblr, tweet things, watch 2 or 3 unrelated youtube videos after finishing like 3 or 4 academic ones and many many more! this is why as most of you might have noticed, despite being “busy,” i still regularly respond to your messages, check on my tag, reblog your stuff, despite running a queue. it’s equally embarassing as it is horrifying. and i feel terrible about it. although i must admit that i’ve had a pretty legitimate and respectable outcomes, at the end of the day, i know i can do better. and guess who’s the culprit who keeps on distracting me? yep, that’s right: my one and only treasured possesion- my cellphone.

two, three, or four years ago, my mother began noticing this quite destructive addiction of mine. she will often times call me out, saying things like: “hey, you should spend more time with your family.” or “i will definitely confiscate your phone if you still act like this in a week.” and of course i was threatened as heck because i dont want to lose my cellphone. so, i will pretend i don’t use it in the morning but later that night, when im all alone in my room, you will see my hiding under my blankets laughing all by myself because of dank memes™ or googling cute dog pictures. being the ‘milennial’ and 'god they’re just being lame because they’re obviously not from my generation’ am, i did not know then the extent of my obsession. not until recently!

there is nothing wrong with using technology or gadgets. if anything, they help us become more productive and practically make our lives way, way easier! however, like what they all say, a little much of something is not a good thing! and the same goes with my so-called gadget addiction.

while scrolling through my feed one time, i stumbled upon this article written by emma on messyheads entitled “cant call, im in cuba” published two months ago. and i was frankly baffled. she opened her article with a scientific study concluding that an average person spends right about 300 times a day checking on their phone. yep, you got that right: 300 freaking times of checking on my emails, my twitter, tumblr, responding to messages, et. and while that figure might seem surprising to you. i’ve read another article stating that an average person spends right about 5 hours per day just doing their thing on their mobile! yep, that’s right five freaking hours of looking on that lil bright screen! and just like what emma said on her article, there’s way too many things that you could do on the span of just endlessly scrolling through your dash like finishing an entire course for my CETs preps/reviews, cooking 10 different dishes, working on my painting, working on my embroidery skills, finishing a harry potter book, etc! and you know what this literally made me realize? technology defeated the purpose of helping me become productive because instead, i end up being even more unproductive. and did achieve anything from all the things that i’ve been? absolutely nothing. the even funnier part is: i have absolutely no idea what i do with those five freaking hours! i mean, time flies so fast when you’re enjoying something, that’s true but i dont even know if im exactly enjoying what im doing because if anything, it only makes me feel even more guilty and terrible about it!

i already have no idea where this text post is going but i guess while writing this i was able to realize a couple of things: my patience significantly declines and i tend to appreciate little things less once get too caught up with my phone.

1. patience: the thing about me is i am an incredibly, commendably patient person. i wait for my turn and i believe in its power and value that is fundamental in becoming an ethical person. however although this is very embarrasing to admit, i have realized that using my phone massively declined my patience. how did i know? well, it took me an entire day to write this post because when im done with like a sentence or two, i tend to get distracted with my notifications and wander off of my notepad and start interacting with people. i know there is nothing wrong with that because the world practically revolves around the internet right now. but unfortunately, when i became addicted with my mobile, i am no longer just using it because i have something important to accomplish; rather it became an itch that needs to be scratched and i use it just because i want to instead.

2. appreciation: this is quite frankly probably the saddest part about my cellphone addiction. you know how much i love the little things about people and the world, right? yep. however, due to this addiction, i tend to focus more on my cellphone screen and not the beautiful things around me. i mean, sure you can google #goals stuff or see even more aesthetic things on tumblr, but i think there is still nothing more beautiful than having the chance to see something magical first hand! furthermore, when im out with my family for dinner, i have realized an even more heartbreaking thing: we no longer converse the way we used to! because instead of communicating or asking for menu first, we ask for for the wifi password and live our social media life instead. i mean, sure we still talk but im not that stupid to not realize that it’s not like it used to be when my brother and i were 11 or 10. it’s an ugly realization that i hope would eventually change.

i have nothing against the usage of social media as a platform to express yourself or to get friends from all over the world. i believe, as a matter of fact, that it is one of the most revolutionary things that this planet was able to create and i frankly believe that it will be for a long, long time. however, i think it is also still very important to shut out of it once in a while, give yourself a break, a breather, and just enjoy your life the way our ancestors or grandparents would even without the internet.

try turning off your gadgets once in a while and i promise you will see a significant difference and feel more comfortable with your own skin! because although it feels good to live a life that’s filled with so many notifications, attention, and validation from all over the world, it feels even better to just have a little space outside the boundary with fresh air, lots of trees, and flowers, where you could be yourself.

so a lil note frm me .. again .. uhhhh cecy when u gon zip it .. i hav a few rly hectic weeks in front of me n i simply don’t have the time to b here much so i’m going on a semi-hiatus for the next 2 weeks or so ! i’ll still b around to answer ims n i’ll queue replies seeing as i’ll only prolly get on once every two days or so to do them n i dont wna spam the dash skdfmslfs but yeA im sry abt being so awol but i promise im still around n u can always hmu here or on discord !!

i didnt mean for the queue to stop at like 11 today lmao but the cliffhanger works. cashmere’s should be back tomorrow or the next day depending on my mood. also might get started on my animal crossing save soon. we’ll see. ive been hella depressed and into skyrim lately so yee

Pre-established relationships with my interpretation of Janna. A lot of these are heavily old lore based and are to be adjusted to fit the new lore as more story is released.

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!! maddie soulgems update !!

ahh hey everyone!! so recovery from my brain surgery has been fantastic and im almost fully back to 100% but!! something else has risen up.

when my sister was 4 years old, she had cancer that almost killed her and while she lived, the tumor behind her left eye caused her to go blind in the left side. now, after 17 years of being cancer free, there is a tumor behind her RIGHT eye and while we don’t know if its cancerous yet, there is a strong possibility and if she gets it removed it will most likely blind her completely.

please please keep your thoughts with my family, pray if you’re religious, bless us if you have that as an option, please just anything you can think. 

my blog posts might be very slow and i will try to set up a queue but there’s just so much going on that i dont know what will come right now!!

thank you so so so much for all your support and i guess its true that when it rains it really pours so im sorry you all get to see my current downpour///// i hope u all have umbrellas!!! ((that soudned better in my head oh m gosh)) 

i hope everyone’s day is fantastic!!!! bye for now!!!!

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If anyone wants to know how the conversations with yogs went!

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life update/psa/please help

ok so a bunch of shit went down with my mom and i got kicked out so if anyone has any advice or something can they help me
p.s. the cruise im going on is from sunday afternoon to next saturday and i have a queue set up for those days but posting afterward might be a little wonky for these reasons and this is what happened:
my was super mad all day for no reason and then kept getting angry over everything and then everything was like. fine. and then she asked me something irrelevant and i dont remember what i said back but then she called me an ungrateful bitch and i said “ok” bc i didnt want to start anything like this and then she went off on me about how i never do anything or appreciate her or talk and she says shes living with a “mute” and i didnt want to insult her back bc im, once again not trying to make her mad, so i just kept saying “ok” and then shes like “i pay for your meds and get you food and you dont even say thank you” and then im mad bc?? yes thats how u care for a child?? so i said “you shouldnt have had a child if you didnt want to provide for basic needs” and then she got rly mad and threw the milkshake in the car (and by now we’re just sitting outside my house in the car) and punched me and then my dad was outside and heard her screaming and everyone in the neighborhood that was outside was looking and she fucking jumped on me and my dad had to pull her off and then she screamed at me and threw her keys and bag at me and then was outside screaming at my dad for 20 minutes about how she cant live like this or with me anymore and i went in my room and she threw my dinner on the floor and then my dad was mad and came in my room and asked if i was ok and i was like LMAO NO and then he’s like “she cant kick you out” and i was like “i dont want to be here as much as she doesnt want me here” and he like kinda nodded so i got ahold of the friend i’m going on the cruise with and she’s going to get me soon; i’m gonna call my psychologist tomorrow for advice and then when i get back im just gonna house hop for a few days and just see what happens from there..if anyone has been in a similar situation with an abusive parent and been kicked out can you help because this hasn’t happened to me before and i’m extremely scared, but the cruise gives me the excuse to clear all my stuff out and just say i’m taking it with me to my dad so he doesn’t freak out and i’ll tell him i’m just staying with kayla (girl im going on the cruise with) for a few extra days while i figure out what to do..any advice would be extremely appreciated