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NCT 127 reaction to you putting your hands under their shirt as a habit


Anon: nct 127 reaction when you like putting your cold hands under their shirt?

Anon: Hello, nct 127+johnny reaction request, umm their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance

OMG I loved writing this skjdabhbd hkkdbfhishb I feel like I’d be the type of girlfriend to do this tbh awe obviously i wouldnt know because im -78 years old and just a feotus


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can we pls talk more about taeil’s arms and visuals????

Taeil is a pretty mature and sensible guy so wouldn’t be too fazed or bothered by this bait of yours. He’d like the fact that this was a habit of yours that you only did with him; it’d make him feel very loved and needed and in moments like these, he realised how much he loved you. “Y/N, you know how much you mean to me - please don’t leave me”, he’d whisper into your hair, wrapping his arms around your shoulders warmly.


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I can imagine Johnny being a very physically warm person and your cold fingertips would startle him at first. He’d soon relax into your touch and bring you closer to him, a wide smile playing on his face. This habit would quickly become a shared one, where Johnny would also place his hands under your shirt and rub your back or trace circle on your waist. Without even realising, sometimes you’d find each other’s hands rubbing each other’s bare skin innocently and subconsciously; it’d be one of your ways of showing affection.


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Taeyong was probably the first one who started doing this as a habit, and then you quickly catches up on it. Having his hands on your bare skin gave him a sense of belonging and possessiveness, knowing that no one else could do this with you too. You knew he was mad if he didn’t, at point during the day, put his hands on your bare waist or tummy or back. You started doing the same without realising, Taeyong pointing it out - and teasing you about it - after you had done it a couple of times.


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When you first started having this habit, he’d always think you were trying to imitate something like you wanted sex. You’d have to push him away and say that you were just innocently putting your hands on his chest because it calmed you down, and his heart would flutter whenever you did it. He definitely wouldn’t be one to complain and stop you from doing this, no matter where he was or who was around.


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Doyoung would find this habit of yours very comforting. He’d lean his head on you shoulder and enjoy your touch, sighing contently. He’d be embarrassed if you did it in front of the other members, more worried that you wouldn’t be able to put up with their teasing and so would stop doing it, rather than whether he got teased or not. Further into the relationship, this fear of his would slip and he wouldn’t care if you did it in front of them or not. In fact, he’d probably do it to you too - like some other members, it would become a shared habit.


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Jaehyun is probably such a romantic and this act of affection would melt his heart and he’d turn so sappy. Gently grabbing one of your hands that rested on his skin, he moved it up so both your hands were resting over this heart. You’d be able to feel his heart racing at the skin contact and would smile fondly at the boy staring lovingly down at you. “Gosh, Y/N, look at what you’re doing to me. My heart beats for you" fuck that was cringey to type im gonna be sick He’d love having the opportunity to say something cheesy and lovey-dovey.


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As well as this being one of your habits, you’d always do it whenever WinWin was stressed or upset himself. Just for a while, it would take him mind off things and calm him down. He’d hum in happiness, and bury his face in your neck, pressing some kisses to your neck as a thanks, a gesture which would make your heart flutter since he wasn’t usually this affectionate and confident. WinWin would always go to you for this and would like the way your hands felt on his skin.


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Mark, being the sympathetic and observant person he is, would notice how you only did this whenever you were stressed or upset. He wouldn’t say anything, letting you run your hands across his chest slowly and burying your face in his neck. Tracing circle on your back, he’d wait a while for you to calm down before attempting to continue soothing you through his words. He’d reassure you that everything would be okay and would be attentive to you and your feelings.


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I can imagine Haechan being a ticklish person so it would take a lot of turns before he could last just a minute with your hands his bare skin. He’d always get so shy and fluffy whenever you did it, feeling quite mature and loved up whenever you did it. A lot of the members would secretly hate his habit of yours, because Haechan would always gush about you afterwards and wouldn’t shut up for days. But Haechan wouldn’t care; he loved this habit of yours and wouldn’t change it for the world.


these are kind of old and kind of blurred but. 


(s) =smut  (f)=fluff  (a)= angst  (k)= kinky (y)= yaoi 

Monsta X


Jagiya, wake up~

Wonho the savior

Truth or Dare (Wonho X Reader X I.M) (s)

Playing with fire (I.M) (s)

Im trying to protect you (I.M) (s)

I own you (Shownu) (s)

Teasing Minhyuk (s)

Focus on meee (Jooheon) (s)

Work hard, play hard (Shownu) (s)

Its been a rough day (Jooheon) (s)

Long time no see (I.M) (f) (s)

No more nice guy (Minhyuk) (s)

Jealous I.M (f) 

Dominant Shownu after you put on make-up on him as a joke (s) (f)

Wonho’s shy and innocent gf that accidentally turns him on and he snaps (s)

Minhyuk and his gf arguing but she wont look at his eyes (f)

Play fighting with I.M (s)

Jooheon trying to make you feel better when you are sad (f)

Hyungwon faking his feelings? (f)

Kihyun and you as enemies but he likes you (s)

Shownu cuts your hair (f)

Minhyuk doesnt love you anymore? (f)

Minhyuk sits you on his lap and things get heated (s)

Dont play with me (Shownu) (s)

Call me oppa (I.M) (s)

Skip class for Jooheon (f)

Candles (Shownu) (s) (k)

First time with Jooheon (s)

Ramen Criminal (Wonho) (f)

You got it twisted (Hyungwon) (s)

Fooling around (Wonho X Reader X Shownu) (s)

Little push (Shownu) (f)

Chocolate covered strawberries (Wonho) (s)

Damn Right (Minhyuk) (s)

Take it (Shownu) (s)

Anything for Daddy (Jooheon) (s)(k)

Better (Jooheon) (s)

I promise (Shownu) (a)

Dont lie (I.M) (s)

Do you think this is funny? (Jooheon) (s)

Gone (Wonho) (a) (f)

You drive me crazy (Kihyun) (s)

Movie night (I.M X Reader X Minhyuk) (s)

Fake Feelings (Shownu) (a) (s) 

Perceptions (Minhyuk) (s)

Show me how much you want me (Jooheon X I.M) (s) (y)

Fake Feelings Pt.2 (a)

I cant have it both ways (Jooheon X Minhyuk X I.M) 

Make it feel better (Jooheon) (s)

We got married (Jooheon) (f)

Im okay going to hell, as long as im with you (Shownu) (s)

Fruit bowl (Minhyuk) (s)

Treat (Wonho) (s)

Flirting (I.M) (f)

Defy me and see (Jooheon) (s)

Are you mad bro? (Jooheon X Minhyuk)

Call me daddy (Minhyuk) (s)

Dinner? (Wonho) (s)

Baby Boy (Wonho) (f)

We dont have much time (I.M) (s)

Not the time nor place (Jooheon) (s)

Lost control (Jooheon) (s)

Lies (Hyungwon) (s)

Impatient (Jooheon) (s)

Lesson learned (Shownu) (s)

Let me make love to you (Shownu) (s)

Enough (Wonho) (s)

Mommy (Wonho) (s) (k)

Shower Sex (Minhyuk) (s)

Take your punishment (s) (k)


Jooheon when he wants to have sex with you for the first time in your relationship (s)

When you saw Wonho with another girl on his lap (f)

Jooheon is having a bad day at practice and you try to cheer him up (s)

I.M when hes “excited” to see you (s)

Jooheon is having a rough day and you want to cheer him up by showing his a cute lingerie (s)

I.M is “excited” to see you later on (s)

MX send a dirty word on accident because of auto correct (s) 

Kihyuk naughty texts (s)

Shownu naughty texts (s)

Jooheon meets you at MAMA’s and would like to get to know you

MX teases you when they heard you having hardcore sex with Changkyun (s)


MX reaction to you turning them on and trying to leave afterwards (s)

Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl 

You leaning in to kiss them but you get shy and pull away (f)

MX reaction to you trying to carry something heavy 

MX reacting to you getting mad at a game you lost and throw the controller at their crotch on accident slight (s)

You tuck them in but they fake it and have their laptops beside them

MX reacts to you jumping on them when you feel frisky

Most to Least (MtL):

MtL to dating an Asian girl that doesnt fit the k-beauty standards

MtL to mind their s/o smoking 

MtL to date a girl who is shy at first but gets more outgoing later on



Spicy Chicken (Mingyu) (f)


Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl (half of seventeen members) 



First times with Yugyeom (f)

Promise (Yugyeom) (f)

Am I a joke to you? (JB) (s)

Teen Top


Keep your eyes on me (CAP) (s)

Monsta x reaction to their s/o returning their sweater because it doesn't smell like them anymore

Hi can u do bts and monsta x reaction to gf giving back their sweater because it doesn’t smell like them anymore, thank you in advance 💓



“do you want to take the one im wearing” Shownu is a sweetheart and would offer up his sweaters in a heartbeat. The fact that you wanted them because they smelt like him make his heart skip a beat.

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“y/n ive thought Wonho took that sweater! i put salt in his coffee because of it!” He would exclaim feeling very guilty.

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He would find it adorable and as soon as you told him that you liked to have his sweaters that smelt like him. “awh y/n you can have as many sweaters as you want” Hed say pulling you into a cuddle

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He would be very confused when threw his sweater onto his lap. “y/n you’ve been begging for one of my sweaters for ages and now you’re giving it me back” When you told him it no longer smelt of him he would be even more confused “ah y/n..” he wouldnt be able to hold back his smile though, finding it adorable and would give you a new sweater before you went home or ‘accidentally’ leave one at your place.

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“take this one” He would smirk immediately taking his top off and pushing you back onto you’re bed smirking before giving you a sweet kiss on the nose.

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Would find it so cute. “y/n when did you even take that sweater?” he would ask with a flushed faced giggling to himself that you wanted to smell him even when he want with you.

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“y/n just cuddle with me, i can pretend to be the sweater and you can replace my teddy bear!” I,M if definitely the type of boyfriend to love giving you his sweaters but would much rather just cuddle with you whenever he could, always trying to find an excuse for it.

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Got7 Reacting To Their S/O Giggling While Playfully Spanked

Soz forgot to put in the group and reaction, could you please do got7 reaction to their gf giggling when they playfully spank her? Sorryyy of that’s not up your street 🙈 

I didn’t read the playfully part until and im sorry for that but here is what you’ve asked for :). Im also sorry for posting this like 4545643323 years after you asked. Tumblr kept on deleting it (idek whut i did like ???) (This was not made in a specific order)

Admin 🌹 


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Would smile from your adorableness


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“You’re so cute!”


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Would rapidly spank you until you’re a laughing fit


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“Your giggle is ugly” (You chase him as he runs trying to save his life)


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Would start laughing with you


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Would enjoy your giggling and legit jump on you and tickle you


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Would take his freakishly tall body and wrap it around you saying “My Y/N-ie is so cute~”

>Be me. 23 yrs old. coming home late night from work at 3am
>Living with Gf and 2 Lesbian roommates
>Gf is sleeping. I pass by roommates room. Hear some action
> hear soft moans
>put my ear to the door
>moans get progressively louder
> “fuck me. fuck me”
>start stroking
> I get scared Gf will wake up. Hide in the dark living room.
>start fapping in the darkness like a weirdo
>Loud moans
>Moans slow down
>Silence as im still fapping
>Lesbian roommate steps out of the room to grab water
>Smoking body. Double D tits. Milky skin. Messed up blond sex hair. Beautiful blue eyes
>still fapping.
>before going back to her room she looks into the darkness of the living room.
>I swear she knows I’m there
>lays at the door frame drinking her water and touching herself looking into the dark
> I silently cum buckets
> Other lesbian roommate calls her back
>She leaves
> I clean up and go to bed
> we think we know what happened. Never speak of it.

Jaemin Does Your Vlog’s Voiceover

Title: Jaemin’s My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge

Author: Admin Kay

Genre: Fluff

Artist: Jaemin (NCT)


A/N: I’m so sorry this is short! It’s just that Jaeminnie is so sweet I couldn’t make it outrageously funny..

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  • Your fans begged
  • begged
  • for Jaemin to do this
  • They love Jaemin so much
  • He was more than happy to tho
  • ok now the video   
  • “hi guys its Jaemin”
  • “ohmygosh she’s so cute how did i land her”
  • “okokokok she’s starting”
  • “shes spreading something on her face”
  • “the bottle says primer??”
  • “ok now that that’s all rubbed in, it’s time for bb cream?”
  • “we use the same kind”
  • “its so nice and thin”
  • “Ok she’s taking a big brush and spreading it all over her face”
  • “Ok now shes taking bronzer and putting it on her bones”
  • “So pretty”
  • “Some glow”
  • “So she’s taking two eyeshadows”
  • “the darker one looks like shes stabbing her eyeball”
  • “Baby did you STAB YOUR EYEBALL”
  • “im gonna tell Jeno how metal my girlfriend is later”
  • “sometimes i ask for y/n to put eyeliner on my so i too can have angel wings”
  • “shut up you do it for ‘couple selcas’ Jaemin”
  • “Ok youre right”
  • “oh my god eyeliner is art”
  • “my gf is an artist”
  • “But she’s also art?”
  • “lipgloss!!”
  • “she looks so kissable in lipgloss”
  • “baby come and give me a lil kiss”
  • “jaEMIN”
  • “pleaseee”
  • “…”
  • “fine”
  • “yaY”
  • “ohmygod look at her”
  • “her eyesmile is better than jeno’s”
  • he texted jeno later to tell him that he’s sorry
  • “Hey look it’s mee”
  • “We’re cute”
  • “Ok guys that’s all! Subscribe to y/n’s channel and if this video gets to 10,000 likes I’ll do her makeup and do ‘shy shy shy’”
  • “Jaemin did you plan this so you can be in more videos”
  • “…maybe”

A/N: I posted this on my personal on accident omg im screaming!!

unhappyhogan  asked:

i'm screaming pls i want more silly lil jealous eth hcs ccc:


•jealous eth wrapping his arms around you when you and tyler are giggling a little too loud

•eth always having his hand in yours when he sees someone he thinks is checking you out

•jealous eth telling you “mine” when he kisses you

•jealous eth who always makes sure everyone knows youre his gf

•"hello this (y/n) !! My beautiful girlfriend!! Yup!! Mine"

•ethan making sure all his friends know that you love HIM and only him

•eth giving you kisses on the cheek when someone looks you up and down

•eth loving when you wear his clothes bc then u smell like him

•"allll mine"

•eth putting pics of you on all his social media eveerrywhere

•thats his baaabyy

Jealous eth saved me

hey everyoneee sorry for not being too active on tumblr these days..
for those of you who didn’t hear the news yet because you don’t follow my twitter or smt, I’ve been working hard the past 3 months to study for the Jakarta round of World Scholar’s Cup.

at first I signed up just because it would look nice on my CV and for experience. yes. for the alpaca. I’m sorry. but sometime later I found out that the global rounds would be at Hanoi, a.k.a my gf’s hometown, lol, and that they will be back at Vietnam during the global round.     whoa

so, naturally i,  started to get serious about it ajknjksfnkdjn
my team (and practically most of the ppl in my school’s senior division teams) is all completely aware that I am very gay for @pistachiosoda so we worked together for it

anyway World Scholar’s cup’s Jakarta round ended yesterday!! I went through WSC trying to not expect so much, but after pretty much falling off my seat to the floor and crying like a dumbass (including my whole team wwww) during the announcement after the awards ceremony I can finally say that I was qualified for the global rounds!!! 

I didn’t think I worked hard enough to go but!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa y’all I can meet my gf!!! sorry for writing long paragraphs but what the heck!!!!! I’m going!!! to get a large alpaca and I can!!! physically poke sol!!!!!!! I’m so sorry for rambling but I’m so gay!!!!!!!!! for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I wanna thank @pekwekduck and @miru-chan-san for putting up with my bullshit and making u guys get dragged to hardwork and global rounds with me

sorry for the long ramble I’m done now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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One thing you often read on abusive traits lists is ‘they often put you down/criticize you/call you names/etc.’ and I know this part can be very confusing for many abuse victims because sometimes, our abusers do praise us. Actually, they are very likely to do both, especially if it’s a close relationship with only two people involved. My bullies in middle school never praised me, even if sometimes they tried to make me believe they were my friends so they could trap me afterwards.

My other abusers though, they did praise me from time to time. And it is very important to understand that the compliments they may give you do not cancel the times they put you down.  

My father would praise me sometimes – when I was doing what he wanted me to do or when I was meeting his expectances. This is bad of course, because you shouldn’t praise someone only when they meet your criteria. But it still fucked me up and every time he put me down and humiliated me, I thought ‘its not that bad, the other day he said something nice, im just too sensitive’. (and my mother, who allowed my father to emotionally abused me by not stopping him when she could have, also had that logic. ‘He’s not abusing you because once in a while hes good to you, so he cant be bad.’)

My abusive ex-gf complimented me a lot too. My writing, my fashion style, my appearance. She’d even tell me how helpful and patient I was whenever I helped her and how thankful she was for my love and time. But whenever I couldn’t live up to her expectances, whenever I would try to set boundaries, she’d harshly put me down. Then I would be the worst person in her life, the least reliable, and she would point out everything I had done wrong according to her before eventually asking me to change everything so I would be a better person (for her).

This kind of ‘hot and cold’ behaviour is very abusive. The praises are not always sincere (they can be manipulative and they will fuck you up, like what my father did). And even if they mean some of the compliments they give you, it doesn’t mean that the criticism you face from them is ‘not that bad’ or ‘your being too sensitive’. If it’s a recurrent issue, it’s definitely abusive and no amount of praise in the world can cancel this.

cute date idea: take your girlfriend to a cat cafe! take pictures of your trip there, take pictures of the cats, and of your gf petting the cats, of the soft smile on her face. buy a bag full of goodies and split them between you so you have a way to remember that day. print off the photos you took and hang them up in your room, and put the one of your girl above your bed.

BANGTAN reacting to a guy flirting with his s/o.

Heey! I love your reaction *_* can you do one about BTS getting jealous about some guy that flirt with his gf? Pleaase. Thanks

a/n: im just doing it s/o, because there r fanboys.

JIN: “Here you are, sweetie. How about we get some matching sneakers, because we’re a couple,” he’d put emphasis on couple. While the cashier was flirting with you he’d walk up to you, and kept hinting him that you were taken.

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SUGA: “Dude, (s)he has a boyfriend, plus he’s much more awesome than you,” you and Yoongi were at a party and the bartender wrote his name and phone number on a pad, Yoongi called the bartender back and flicked the pad at him.

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JHOPE: “You, my friend, are seriously not good enough for y/n,” he’d be looking at the guy very judgmental and confused like ‘wow you try so hard’ when a guy started to flirt with you on a festival.

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RAP MONSTER: “Who are you?” Namjoon suddenly stood next to you and was clearly taller than the guy, “(s)he’s mine.”

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JIMIN: “Honey, who’s this?” Jimin threw his arm around your shoulders, showing the guy you were his. When you told him you didn’t know Jimin replied with, “well then, let’s go.

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V: Seeing you were uncomfortable Taehyung came to the rescue, he ran to you and the waiter when he returned from the bathroom, “y/n, have you seen the tiles in the bathroom here? Maybe that’s something for our new home?”

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JUNGKOOK: “Do you watch anime? No, I thought so, then y/n isn’t interested in you,” he say straight in the guy his face, afterwards Jungkook turned around and got all red. He didn’t even know how he could say that in his face.

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the last time i got a mcchicken without chicken on it i was ready to just accept it but my gf was like “no! you go back there and you ask for a real mcchicken! this is like the fourth time! throw a fit!”

and i was like you know what youre right its time to put my foot down and demand politely for my $1 sandwich to be done right, so i drove all the way back to the mcodnalds and said “hey, im really sorry, but my order was wrong”. the lady was like “oh! im sorry about that, pull right up and ill fix it”, so i pulled around and she said “whats the matter with it?”

and i told her, “my mchicken didnt come with chicken on it.”

you ever tell someone some shit their coworker did and you watch the life fade out of their eyes because they believe you?

she said, very quietly, “can i see the mcchicken?”, so i handed it to her and watched her unwrap it, and the minute she saw what wasn’t under the bun she turned around like 

and honestly i wouldve paid for 1000 mcNothings to see that