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GREETINGS LOVED ONES! Dana (or as most of you know me, Dee) here — so after quite a bit of thought and a few requests I have decided to re-open commissions once again, and this time with a proper template, probably at least until I can find a real job (which may have to wait until I sort through some life issues), but for now, I would really like to use my time to make something out of my art and maybe make a little money on the side doing what I love most. 


  • Pricing is in USD, payment via paypal only.
  • These commissions are for personal use only.
  • If you are interested contact me at with the following information:
    • name / nickname
    • paypal email
    • commission type
    • number of characters
    • references (illustrated is preferable, though written is welcome and appreciated as well, please try to be as detailed as possible, including personality, kind of relationship *if more than one character*, style, tattoos, marks, etc.)
    • additional (preferred pose, important notes, etc.) 
  • Max. of 3 Characters per image.
  • I won’t draw: sexual content ( r18 ), animals (animal features such as dog / cat ears are acceptable however), mecha, robots, backgrounds, anything out of my comfort.
  • I will draw: mostly everything else (feel free to contact me if uncertain)
  • I will start working on the drawing when the full payment is received — don’t send the payment before my confirmation and we have agreed on the details.
  • I will email the drawing and post it on my art blog,​ unless requested not to.

I hope this covers most the important basics, you are more than welcome to contact me regarding any further details or questions you may have~ Thank you very much c: 

— Lots of love, Dee

Even if you’re not interested / can not buy, reblogs to spread the word would be greatly appreciated ♡ 

// Okay well now I know what Freed got so upset about here. I feel u Freed bby. Basically me @ the part of the fandom who describes the Raijinshuu as ‘fanboys/fangirls’ because that’s bullshit and here’s the proof how much Freed would disapprove of this notion, too. Because he really has pride as a team Captain, he has pride in the establishment of it, he promised Makarov to look after Laxus and the bond between Laxus and all three of them is so immensely strong, it’s so clear how much trust there is and how well they work together so being belittled to a ‘fanclub’ is more than shitty.