im proud of this uwu

Ey ! My first Amino #aurora Challange uwu Im so proud .. :D Im glad to be a part of the Aurora :’)

I know how unoriginal of me to have Yoosung as the Famous Youtuber PewdiePie .. But it just fits him so well and I both love Yoo and Poods so I dont really wanna pass this opportunity ;u;

lol the things here are 2012 references from the old poods :’D .. Im a big Pewds fan but I never really watched him in his 2012 days so I decided adding a little twist to the challange ..

If youre confused :

Barrel 707 : Barrels the Poods hate lol
Rock / Jaehee : The female rock xD
Golden Statue / Zen : Stephano cause hes fabulous
Monster / Jumin : I run out of place for Juju so he gets to be the monster lol


Kirishima my boy!
I just had to draw him in his new Hero costume! The gauntlets make it like 12457655 time hotter hnnng
I kinda mixed the old and the new cos at the coloring tho cause i had no good reff of the new one uwu

Tbh im very proud of this one! I tried a lot of new things here and they turned out good! As always i lack creativity at the bg but imma improve that too

Don't Throw Me Overboard, Baby

Wincest, super hella nc17, bottom Sam. For Suze. A first time fic dealing with the fallout of their feelings for each other. It’s pretty angsty but ends up downright fluffy, touch-starved Sam and barebacking galore. I hope you like it!!

Sam’s head was fucking spinning.

He felt like an old, archaic computer with too much data to process at once. He simply couldn’t keep up. He could almost hear the strained groans and dial up beeps coming from inside his head, coupled with this panicked message, repeated in ones and zeroes:

What the fuck?

Too much had happened in too little a span of time. First, he’d gotten his brother back from demonhood or whatever, thank god, and second, they were hunting again, which he had mixed feelings about, and third, his brother had woken him up in the middle of the night and kissed him.

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