im proud of this one ahhh

i’m so happy for him oh my gosh like ahhh favorite breakout artist!!!! that’s huge!!! and all on his own!!!! and with just the one song!!!!!!!! he did it!!!!!! i’m!!!!!! so!!!!!!!!!! proud!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he’s been consistently done well on the itunes charts and i hear him on the radio all the time and i just!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S DOING IT!!!!!!!! HE’S SHINING SO BRIGHT AND I WANT EVERY BIT OF SUCCESS IN THE WORLD FOR HIM FROM LETNIALLSING TO A PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD FOR FAVE BREAKOUT ARTIST I JUST!!!!!!!!!!!

Borderline Backlash
A playlist for borderlines, about borderlines (listen here)

Versa Emerge- Burn | Twenty One Pilots- Doubt | Gotye- Easy Way Out | Mew- Cartoons & Macramé Wounds | Carpark North- The Beasts | TeddLoi- Me!Me!Me! | Apparitions- Burn Alive | Sia- Chandelier | Panic! at the Disco- Miss Jackson | The Offspring- A Lot Like Me | The Killers- Smile Like You Mean It | In This Moment- You’re gonna listen

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i have no one to talk abt sapphic things w so im taking it out on y'all: there's this girl in my class and while i was talking to my teacher with a couple other ppl she walked up and said the stupidest joke i've ever heard and no one else really laughed but i couldn't stop and i looked up at her and she was so proud and it was so cute and o h mygo d i just couldn't take it aah! i want to like hug her or something... :0

ahhh girls are so cute and charming? Sounds Gay -Mod S

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I'm so in love with the way you draw hair omfg especially on the jungkook with suspenders drawing and now because of you, i don't think I'm ever going to stop calling him mr jeon and i 1000% blame you

THANK YOU AHHH 💕 im really proud of that one tbh omg (even if it is a little unpolished oh well) and mr jeon is nice sounding isn’t it :‘DDD 1000% of the blame gladly taken 👍

AHHH OMG IM SO PROUD OF THIS ONE!! I’m finally starting to like my art, omg. Is this real? Anyways, I think this looks really good and I’m really happy about this one. My little angel looks so beautiful. By the way, this took me about 4 hours to do.


How does one even begin to describe Spencer J Smith? Perfection simply doesn’t do him justice. He is a piece of art, carved from rainbows and sunshine and lollipops and given to us as a gesture of peace from the higher powers. Spencer is what’s good on this planet and his smile makes even the biggest tears disappear. This year our boy got married! He’s growing up so fast. Who knows, by this time next year there could be little pitter patters of mini Spencers and Lindas! Spencer, another year has passed, another year you’ve kicked ass. My boy, happy birthday.


Ahhh our beautiful liars…it’s been less than a month since LR debuted, but promotions are already ending this week! Thank you Taekwoon and Wonshik for releasing an amazing album! Not only have you made this a fun era for Starlights and made us proud, but you’ve impressed us as musicians. Let’s come back again beautifully in the future!

I just wanna say, I’m truly proud and happy to be apart of such a friendly, loving fandom! The Nejiten fandom is just soo, soo lively and im glad us shippers stick together! Each and every single one of us contribute something, as a writer, artist, gif maker and the most important ones — The ones who reblog and comment and like all the fics and drawings. AHHH we’re all so connected and so loving towards one another, and its so nontoxic unlike the other fandom i was apart of (I’ll save that for another time). AND JUST UGH I LOVE YOU GUYS MHAN!! YALL ARE AWESOME!!!