im proud of this idc


happy birthday to our lovable bookworm, jeon wonwoo! ©
we, carats, miss you so much! we are patiently waiting for your comeback so eat good food, rest a lot and you’ll be healed in no time :^) can’t wait to see an ot13 performance soon!

#HappyWonwooDay #전원우_복덩어리_생일축하해

i’m getting the keys to my apartment tomorrow?? i’m actually moving out to live on my own?? it’s still february and i’m already achieving one of my main goals for 2017?? i cannot believe, who is this, it can’t be me??

Sephora inside jcp haull 😇 my first mini haul
💕35$ in nyx butter glosses
💕25$ liquid lipstick
💕urban decay brow box 30$
💕anastasia brow powder 37$
💕naked basics palette 30$
total is about id say 120 $ ??
i just started lifting a couple months ago so yeah im pretty proud of thiss its small but idc