im proud of him for going after what he wants

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I know your not an ask blog and I'm really sorry about sending this to you, but I really have no one else to go to for advice. I have a friend who really needs some support. He's my age 14 and is at the point where he's making important decisions about himself and what he believes in, but his parents are trying to control him. Hes tried to talk to them sincerely about church and such, but theyre saying hes worthless shouldnt participate in his hobbies. I don't know how to help him. Any ideas?

ok i cant even tell you how many times ive dealt with people in the same situation. and you know what? fuck what they say, tell him to do what he wants, even if they don’t agree. since he’s 14, it’s really hard to take absolute control over the situation, but what he’s gonna need to do is prepare. most likely, his parents aren’t going to support what he does financially if he disobeys them, so later he will have to support himself. he is going to need to apply for financial aid and scholarships, loans if he really needs to (not recommended buts its ok if he does!!). it really sucks to have parents that dont support you, but he has to just push his way through it. just because his parents dont agree, it shouldnt deter him from his dreams. he’s obviously got supportive friends that believe in him, but most importantly, he believes in himself. and thats all it takes. it may take time, and plenty of effort and hard times, but he needs to know that it’ll all be worth it in the end when he finally reaches his goal. do what makes you happy!!

i know i say this every time zayn does something.,,.,but i am so fucking proud of him he’s come so far and he’s proven so many people wrong and he’s become so much more confident like i finally feel like we’re getting the /real zayn/ and after all these years its so beautiful to watch it happen, he’s so independent and intelligent and he knows what he wants and he’s out here making himself happy and doing things for HIM and not giving a fuck and im so happy and proud my heart is literally going to burst